June 2013

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Welcome to the June 2013 newsletter.  It’s been a  busy  year, a good indicator that things are picking up economically.  Employers are recruiting new staff and are looking at what they need to do differently around their people  to lift performance and productivity. 

Judging from the requests for change management support I’ve been getting organisational change is still on the agenda.  Leading and managing change requires new ways of thinking;  to step outside of the ‘business as usual’ mentality to a well thought out and executed strategy that takes your people with you. 

In this edition of Shin(e)-news we look at the challenges employers face in hiring young people along with some tips around how to adapt your practices so they are more youth-friendly;  we take a look at whether traditional pay and reward actually works; finally we give some guidance around things to think about around return to work strategies and support for employees with mental health problems.  I’m surfacing the last one because the research shows that it remains a hidden workplace  issue that does not get the air time in needs. 

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Denise Hartley-Wilkins
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Employers are from Mars, young people are from Venus

Recent research details  the challenges that both young people and employers face in bringing on board young talent into the workforce.  The research suggests a mismatch between employers and young people.  Employers need to adapt their recruitment practices to better engage with young people.  Young people, on the other hand,  need to increase their employability skills and understanding of what is expected of them during the recruitment process.  Read more

The puzzle of Motivation

Carrot and  stick v. employment experience?  Intrinsic or Extrinsic rewards?  Which approach achieves bigger bang for buck? Traditional reward is extrinsically focused.  It's about cause and effect.  Achieve X and we'll pay  you $$$, and if you're at the top of the pile mucho bucks!  Works right?  Apparantly not.   Read on

Mental Health:  Return to Work Guidelines

When employees return to work following depression, anxiety or a related mental health problem, they need support from their workplace.  New guidelines are out which assist employers in how to support employees returning to work after experiencing common mental health issues. The guidelines consist of actions rated as important or essential by expert panels of consumers, employers and health professionals.     Read more

Upskill your Staff

Giving and Receiving Feedback.  What’s your organisation like in addressing delicate issues and conflict situations?  Is it more like ‘let sleeping dogs lie’?  Unaddressed conflict can seriously impact on  teams and individuals leading to reduced productivity, staff turnover, and bullying allegations.  Nipping  these issues in the bud early on in a respectful way results in  improved professional and personal relationships, as well as improved individual and organisational performance.  Our Giving and Receiving Feedback workshop upskills your people to have those delicate conversations in a fair and respectful way.  Find out more  here

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