July 2014
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New Workshops on Workplace Bullying and Harassment

We offer  a broad suite of training workshops that are practical, high quality and suitable for people at all levels of the organisation.  In response to requests from employers around managing workplace bullying issues, we've added two new workshops. Did you know that workplace bullying is identified as a significant hazard in NZ?1  Do you have it noted as a hazard on your hazard register, if not you need to.  We specialise in the area of understanding and dealing with workplace bullying & harassment – conducting investigations, carrying out coaching to affected people and workplace training.

My experience is that a lot of employers don't know how to identify if bullying is occurring or how to deal with it.  Yet we know from research that over 90% of surveyed people report that they have experienced bullying, either directly or indirectly as an observer.  So ask yourself these questions in respect of your workplace:
  • Do you/your people understand the difference between workplace bullying & harassment?
  • Do you/your people understand what workplace bullying is and isn’t?
  • Do your managers/people leaders know how to recognise the signs that workplace bullying may be occurring and what to do about it?
  • Do your managers know how to manage and respond to a complaint of workplace bullying?
If you answered No to any of these questions you may want to consider training your people and line managers in understanding and dealing with workplace bullying & harassment.  Don't put your head in the sand on this one, it could put you in breach of  health & safety legislation.

Running an in-house course is cost effective.  If you have a small team you can buddy up with another company to share the cost.

Workshop participants consistently rate our training as ‘Excellent’. 

Contact us for more information.

1Understanding stress and bullying in New Zealand workplaces. (2009)  Auckland.  New Zealand.  Massey University

Quarter of Kiwis are looking for work abroad

You win some you lose some – or so it appears when we look at NZ jobseekers.  A survey by global research institute Indeed Hiring Lab showed that 19.5% of New Zealand’s job searches on their website originated from  abroad.  The same research showed that 24% of Kiwis were searching for jobs outside the country, compared with a global average of about one in 10 workers globally.  Australia had an even higher number, with 24.9% of workers looking for roles elsewhere.  It’s suggested that Kiwi businesses were likely to look overseas when recruiting for major roles.

Happy Employees : a look at the top career motivators

On the back of reading about the numbers of kiwis looking for work abroad I came across this great infographic.  If you're hiring the Top 3 Motivators to accept a job are:
  • Better pay and benefits
  • Work/life balance
  • Opportunities for advancement
Interestingly, whilst pay is an attractor & motivator at the attraction/recruitment stage, it's not when it comes to retaining your people.  The motivator to stay shifts to the quality of the work experience with the main driver (to stay or go) being the line manager.

The Silver Tsunami - are you ready?
Thursday 4 September 2014, Nelson

Tag this date for a stimulating one day symposium with high calibre local and national speakers.  Learn about the make-up of our region’s workforce, the impact of the ageing population, and how to enable this ‘silver tsunami’ of workers for high productivity while maintaining health and wellbeing. 
‘Organisational adaption will be a key element in achieving the human resource needs for a world with fewer younger workers and greater numbers of older workers’ World Economic Forum 2012

This is a local event organised by Health Action Trust, Optimise Limited and the Nelson Regional Economic Development Agency. Looks to be a really informative day and I, for one, am going.     Click here for more details and to register. 

Thought for the day.... a lighthearted look

Q:  CFO asks CEO   "What happens if we invest in developing our people and then they leave us?"
Q:  CEO answers   "What happens if we don't and they stay ?"

... hmmm ‘nuff said.

NZ HR Conference 2014. Auckland 17 - 19 September

New Zealand’s premier event for HR professionals and people leaders.  This year’s conference takes place in Auckland 17 – 19 September.  Themed ‘The Business Architect’ the conference has a line up of international and NZ speakers & thought leaders.  Check out the programme here.

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