March 2016
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I hope your year has got off to a flying start, mine has.  What a glorious summer we've had; I've been making the most of heading to the beach at the end of a working day.  Happy days!

I was in Auckland last week for the annual NZ HR Awards where  New Zealand’s top HR professionals and initiatives were revealed.  I was blown away by the amazing work going on around the country.  You can check out the winners here.

In this newsletter I profile the new e-learning system recently launched by the Human Resources Institute of New Zealand.  It offers affordable and accessible learning modules in a range of HR/people related topics.  



Health and Safety at Work Act - What does it mean for Employers?

I know you've likely been bombarded with information about the new Health and Safety at Work Act which comes into effect on 4 April 2016.  You do need to ensure that your people are aware of this and that, in particular, Directors, Senior Leaders and People Leaders are bang up to date with what this means for your organisation.  Here are some tips to help your organisation to prepare.

If you're looking for top notch health & safety expertise I can recommend Guard Safety .  I recently met with Darren Guard (H&S expert) and we are exploring ways in which we can work together.  They're about safe, healthy workplaces, we're all about creating healthy, high performing, workplaces so there's a good professional and philosophical overlay.

Training of  your people.  There's a range of solutions to choose from; workshop participative learning and there's also e-learning.  The Human Resources Institute has just launched a range of Workplace Health and Safety modules.   At a minimum I'd be looking at having key people do the following modules:

Team Development

High performing teams share  a range of characteristics; a shared sense of purpose, strong relationships, understanding of individual styles and work preferences, an understanding of collective and individual strengths and weaknesses.   We run a range of different team building interventions, customised to achieve the outcomes you are looking for.    Bottom line is they have to be fun and interactive with take out actions for all participants.  We have designed and facilitated workshops to include;
  • Improving individual and team effectiveness and performance
  • Setting team values and vision
  • Reduce team conflict
  • How  to give and receive quality feedback;  
  • Building for the Future - Helping your people to identify  what they need to do differently to achieve the business unit goals, get them involved in making that change happen
  • Creating a culture of enhanced, respectful and clear communication
We use a range of tools to support this work - MBTI®  and coming on line Extended DISC®
Give me a call or email if  you want to find out more.

HRINZ e-Learning system

I recently test drove the HRINZ e-Learning System and was really impressed with how easy it is to use.  The average module takes about 30 minutes max. to complete.  Costs are reasonable: $69.00 for a non-member and $57.50 for a HRINZ member (gst inclusive prices).   This flexible, accessible and affordable option gives  you the freedom to manage your development (and that of your people) and gain new skills anytime, anywhere.  I've recommended it to clients for short, sharp targeted development  interventions.

The breadth of programs means you can find courses to meet your personal requirements as a HR practitioner or people manager, as well as more general skills for your staff.

Check out the range of courses here.


Upskill your staff

Face to face development brings expanded learning benefits.  Shine People designs and delivers practical courses and workshops that are aligned to your business strategy.  We work with you to understand the business outcomes you are looking for and then customise our courses to suit.  Designed specifically for the busy first line, middle and senior managers, sessions are practical, fun and participative, drawing on real life examples and participants own experiences.  Every participant comes away with their own personal manual of course notes.  We can also build in one-to-one coaching to ensure that the learnings are quickly put into practice, and, as importantly, are sustained.

Check out our range of  courses here

I'm also presenting two courses for the Human Resources Institute of New Zealand.
  • HR Foundations - 3 day course focusing on technical HR skills development - great for the developing HR practitioner
  • HR101 Managing People Performance - 1 day course focusing on essential HR skills & knowledge for non-HR people; generally we get supervisors, managers and professionals such as accountants & marketers attending

From the Shine Blog

From time to time we post information, tips, tools, advice & guidance on our blog page.  Click here to read more.  Check out this post on 10 Management Tips for Great Leaders

To have a further discussion about anything in this newsletter, or for a general chat about anything HR please feel free to contact  us at  Shine People.   We love to hear from you.


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