July 2011

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Welcome to the July 2011  Shin(e)-news.   This time we take a look at how people respond to change; then we do the 'timewarp' as we take a peek at what the Future 2060 Workplace might look like; finally we look at the business case for investing in a mentally healthy workplace.

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A Change Story : The Hare and the Tortoise...

It’s all change in Animal Land.  The Hare has been nominated as the internal change champion.  The boss, the Lion, has plans - BIG plans.  You’re a pretty action orientated kinda’ guy”  says the Lion,   “I know you can make it happen”.  That’s it, the Hare is off and  running.  Consultation, focus groups, change T-shirts proclaiming  ‘Just Nike It’.  While most of the animals are working to keep up, putting in extra training, finding solutions to the problems on the change journey,  the Tortoise is a different case all together.  read more...

2060 : The Future of Work.  "It's life Jim, but not as we know it..."

Recently I took part in a ‘Frame the Future’ workshop run by Nelson City Council (NCC) about what the region in which I live, Nelson/Tasman in New Zealand, would look like in 2060.   It was interesting, and challenging, to try and step into the shoes of people who would be living and working here.  For some people thinking 50 years out  doesn’t register on their radar… they won’t be here, why think about it, not my problem?   For others  it is legacy thinking,  purposeful thinking around the world that we build for  generations to come;  children, grand-children, great grand-children.  The same challenge and questions exist for business leaders.  They too have legacy roles .  How will what I do now impact on the business that I leave behind?  read more...

Mental Health in the Workplace...

Investing in a mentally healthy workplace has been shown to contribute to effective cost management of absenteeism, grievances, disability, retraining, and turnover, and improved productivity, retention, recruitment, and engagement.   Experts say good communication in the workplace is essential if people are to open up about problems before spiralling into depression and anxiety.    read more…

Raising the Bar - Skills Training

Change Management, Building Engaged Teams, Time Management, Recruitment and Selection.  Check out the range of Skills Training we offer. 

Legal roundup

It’s been a busy few months for employers with some significant employment law changes coming into force.  The Employment Relations Amendment Act 2010 and Holidays Amendment Act 2010 introduced a wide range of legislative amendments which came into force on 1 April, 2011 and 1 July, 2011.  Changes include: extending the 90 day trial period to all employees, changes to personal grievance provisions, union access to the workplace, requirement for employers to retain employment agreements, giving employees the right to cash in a week of annual holidays, transfer of public holidays. 

Employers were given until until 1 July to meet a new requirement to retain a signed copy of each employee’s individual employment agreement – or a current signed copy of their terms and conditions. A copy will still need to be held even if the employee has not signed the document.  Employers face fines of up to $20,000 for not complying.

To ensure you are up to speed with these changes go to the Dept. of Labour website, or give me a call.

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