May 2012

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Welcome to the May  2012  Shin(e)-news.    

It's been a busy start to the year.  I've been working on a range of interesting and challenging assignments, topped up with some equally challenging professional development.  All good stuff.

In this edition of Shin(e)-news we look at easy ways to keep your company vision alive and kicking; and the 5 W's of effective communication.  We also take a look at some interesting assignments we've been working on.  

I recently became a Certified MBTI®  Step I and Step II practitioner, licensed  to use the MBTI®  suite of tools in a range of ways.  Read on to find out more.

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Denise Hartley-Wilkins
Shine People Consulting Ltd.


Keeping Vision Alive and Kicking..

Is no easy feat.  It normally takes centre stage in a change initiative.  The difficulty can be around ensuring it is sustainable and embedded post-change activity.  Successful organisations embed vision communication as BAU (business as usual) and not confine it to a point in time initiative. Find ways to embed it into everyday thinking....  read more...

The 5 W's of Communication..

Ensuring communications are effective - that is reach their target and hit the mark in terms of what you want people to understand and remember - is a skill.  Here  are some tihings for you to think about the next time you’re nominated as the spokesperson, or you need to craft up a communications plan.  I call them the 5 W’s... read more

Shine becomes MBTI® Certified

I recently became a Certified MBTI®  Step I and Step II practitioner, licensed  to use the MBTI® suite of tools in a range of ways:  personal development, professional development and coaching, leadership development, team building and conflict resolution.  So why use MBTI®?   Well, we’re all unique and gifted in different ways.  The magic of an MBTI® assessment is knowing how we are different and how we can use those differences constructively in our everyday life.  Assessment results can help  highlight our blind spots and suggest other areas we can work on to help us achieve our personal and professional goals. To find out more about   the MBTI® tools and how they can help you in  your every day life click here.  Give me a call if you are interested in tapping into this service.

Some stuff we've been working on...

We've been working on some interesting assignments recently; including:

Team building and development.   Got a team who aren’t playing nicely together or want to arrange a team planning or  ‘away day’?.  We customise our Team Building workshops,  to achieve the outcomes you’re looking for.  Bottom line is they have to be fun and interactive with  take out actions for all participants.  We have designed and facilitated workshops to include;
  • Getting to know each other better
  • Setting team values and vision;
  • Upskilling your people to raise delicate issues in a non-confrontational way
  • How  give and receive quality feedback;  
  • Building for the Future - Helping your people to identify  what they need to do differently to achieve the business unit goals, get them involved in making that change happen
Workplace bullying.  Where there has been a bullying complaint we work with the alleged bully  to help them to understand the behaviours that are getting them into trouble; how these  behaviours  impact on others and finally targeted coaching to help them to modify the  behaviours.  We go onto give the line manager advice on how they can help the employee embed the changes and keep them on track.  Client feedback is that the process has worked.

Resolving Workplace conflict.  Working with the parties to understand the cause of the conflict, then bringing them together in a safe, facilitated meeting to help them  to iron  out their differences with the goal of them  working together collaboratively and professionally.

Upskill your Staff

Check out the range of Skills Training Workshops we offer here. 

To have a further discussion about anything in this newsletter, or for a general chat about anything HR please feel free to contact  us at  Shine People.  We love to hear from you.

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