May 2014
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Preventing and Responding to Workplace Bullying

The recent release by Worksafe NZ and MBIE of the workplace bullying guidelines ‘Preventing and Responding to Workplace Bullying'  resulted in a flurry of calls and enquiries asking me  “what do these mean for us as an employer?”. 

For the first time NZ now has a definition of workplace bullying.  WorkSafeNZ and MBIE have adopted the Safe Work Australia definition.  Read more....

Loving your work?

Engagement surveys, pulse checks, culture surveys.  All benchmark measures of how engaged, or not, are your employees. 

There’s a simpler measure – how did you feel about coming to work this morning?  How do you think your people feel about coming to work this morning?

There are a number of factors that influence how we feel about our work.  Read more ...

Paying it forward - donating days off

The French have done it again!  France’s parliament has passed a law allowing workers to anonymously donate their days off to a colleague with a seriously sick child.  The idea came from the case of a man whose colleagues donated 170 days while his son was battling cancer.

Critics of the bill voiced concerns around the law creating injustice between those who can collect days off and those who can’t.  There were also concerns about  impact on the donaters, in  that rest days are needed for the protection of employees health.   read more ...

Future proof your workforce

Over the next few years companies will start to experience a steady flow of retirees leaving the workforce.  They are also finding that the millennial workforce does not have the same values around loyalty and longevity of employment with their employer.  A Future Workforce study in 2012 showed that 91% of people born between 1977 and 1997 said they anticipated staying in a job for less than three years.  This then raises a question around how a company can future proof their workforce for further growth.  read more ...

The Silver Tsunami - are we ready?

Thursday 4 September 2014, Nelson
Tag this date for a stimulating one day symposium with high calibre local and national speakers.  Learn about the make-up of our region’s workforce, the impact of the ageing population, and how to enable this ‘silver tsunami’ of workers for high productivity while maintaining health and wellbeing.
‘Organisational adaption will be a key element in achieving the human resource needs for a world with fewer younger workers and greater numbers of older workers’ World Economic Forum 2012
This is a local event organised by Health Action Trust, Optimise Limited and the Nelson Regional Economic Development Agency.  The event has support and sponsorship from the Nelson Regional Economic Development Agency, the AUT Work Research Institute, and Business NZ.  There will be a small charge for this event.  Registration details will be posted soon.

Upskill your People

Shine People designs and delivers practical courses and workshops that are aligned to your business needs.  We work with you to understand the business outcomes you are looking for and then customise our  courses to suit.  Designed specifically for the busy first line, middle and senior managers, sessions are practical, fun and participative, drawing on real life examples and participants own experiences. . 

We offer a range of full and half days courses to upskill your people in key areas.  Check them out here.

Here’s what some of our satisfied customers say about our training

"Denise has proven to be a very capable and professional facilitator and educator for our business. She has helped our staff become proficient in concepts and skills that they were unfamiliar with and they now utilise these to add significant value to our business" .  Lees Seymour, Managing Director, Nelson Forests Ltd.

This course helped me to understand that I am more negative than positive about change. I also learnt that it is not the change that affects me but my personal transition.  By changing my thinking I can change how I respond to change". (Working with Change workshop)

“wonderful content.. knowledgeable presenter .. excellent session, would love to do more!" (customised Team Development workshop)

“Excellent workshop.  I will pin the flowcharts up at my workspace to help keep me on track." (Time Management workshop)

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