Xmas 2012

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Welcome to the Xmas  2012  Shin(e)-news.    

It seems only a few months ago that we were heralding in the New Year.  I hope 2012 was a good year for you, your family and your business.

I’ve seen an upward trend in the number of people & companies contacting me for support and interventions around workplace bullying.  Whether this is a result of increased media coverage and heightened awareness in the workplace, or whether there has been a physical increase I’m not sure.   I’ve been putting up a range of blog posts around this subject.   You can check them out at my blog page.

More recently I’ve also come across businesses who are again starting to experience difficulties in recruiting skilled staff.   If you haven’t already done a scan of your high risk positions and put in place succession plans I suggest you make it a priority.  Feedback in the recruitment  community is that there could be an upsurge in people looking to shift jobs in 2013.  Checkout the blog post below.

Finishing the year on a high, I was excited to be asked to join David Keane’s team of trainers delivering his Art of Deliberate Success’  programme.  Click here to find out more about this life changing programme.

In this edition of Shin(e)-news we look at the unseen team, why bullies target  and projected trends for kiwis on the move in 2013.

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Have a peaceful, safe and relaxing holiday with your loved ones.

Denise Hartley-Wilkins
Shine People Consulting Ltd.


The Unseen Team

The workplace and how people do work is changing fast.   Technological advancement has meant that we are seeing a shift from people who are physically located together to more ‘remote’ ways of working.... read more...

Workplace Bullying - Why Me?

Why me?”   I’m often asked when I’m coaching someone around how to handle someone they think is bullying them.  I come across people who are often competent performers, who have been worn down, are tearful, anxious and unable to cope with seemingly simple tasks. Read more

Kiwis off to pastures new?

2012 is nearly at and end with 2013 just around the corner.  For many people the new year heralds the ‘what next’ question for employees.  For many this will mean changed work horizons... read more

Upskill your Staff

Check out the range of Skills Training Workshops we offer here.

and finally.... A lighthearted look at the recruiter / candidate relationship

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