March 2013

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In this edition of Shin(e)-news we look at the business benefits of an engaged workforce; how to figure out the Top 3 Things  you could do differently that matter to your people (at home & work!) and some ERA outcomes on trial periods.

On the back of the workplace bullying blogs i've been posting, I've been asked by people to develop a list of the types of bullying behaviours to look out for.  Click here to read the handout.  Do remember, as I suggested in this blog post, not everybody who demonstrates these behaviours may be consciously bullying.  It's important to make the distinction before deciding how best to proceed.

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Denise Hartley-Wilkins
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Changing behaviours -  What will you do differently?

New Year - usually a time for personal goal setting and what you need to do differently to meet those goals. A starting point is to understand how others  see you.  What do the people around you need from you?... as a leader, manager, partner, parent?  Time to find out.   Read more

Engaging your people for success

The business case for a focus on employee engagement is compelling and, importantly,  achievable : 94% of the world’s most admired companies believe that their efforts to engage their employees have created a competitive advantage (Hay). As well as performance and productivity, employee engagement impacts positively on levels of absenteeism, on retention, on levels of innovation, on customer service, on positive outcomes in public services and on staff advocacy of their organisations.  Read more

Trial Periods v. Work Tests

What is the difference between a trial period and a work test?  Two recent ERA cases highlight that employers are still confused by the application of trial periods and are unsure about how to use a pre-employment work test.   Read on

Upskill your Staff

The Art of Deliberate Success  is a life changing personal development  programme - find out more about it here

Check out the range of Skills Training Workshops we offer here.

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