January 2015
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Happy New Year.  I hope you had a restful break and are now easing into 2015.  Much of my time was spent chilling on the beach with side a side trip to Golden Bay.  Happy days! 

Over the past few weeks I’ve had the time and space to read and listen to some interesting business and HR related articles.  I thought I would share some of them with you.

Happy 2015, and if you're still at the beach, bach or wherever... enjoy!


CIPD Podcast : Look Ahead to 2015  

This podcast reveals what four notable thinkers have to say about:
  • the science of human behaviour
  • aligning talent within the business with opportunity
  • how technology can optimise HR and predictions for what will happen in this space
  • why we should stop focusing on sustaining a competitive advantage
Click here to listen to the podcast  or go to: 

Workforce shortages will increase

Herman Trends Alert reported the following.

Employers' previous reluctance to invest in training and development has resulted in severe shortages of trained, experienced workers in many fields. Now, realizing they must grow their own, some employers are re-investing in internal training. An increasing number of employers now understand the importance of creating talent pipelines. More employers are beginning to work with local schools, colleges, and universities to create internships and mentor young people.

2015 : It will be a hell of a ride!

Chris Till, CEO of the Human Resources Institute of New Zealand, gives the lowdown on 2015 from a people angle.  Chris suggests that New Zealand, as small and remote, as it is, will be buffeted by some significant and unavoidable ‘mega trends’ including:
  1. Much more volatile and less predictable economies, nation states and movements
  2. A continued shift towards value in “intangibles”
  3. Work which is much more networked, collaborative and flexible
  4. Workplaces which are a complex mix of formal structures and informal social systems
  5. Diverse, aware and demanding workforces
  6. A marked shift in what defines a successful, contemporary leadership style.
You can read Chris's blog post here


New Year’s Revolution in HR Policies and Practices

A good article in the New Zealand Herald:  Advice for employers on keeping on the right side of upcoming changes to the laws governing the workplace.   My advice to employers is to do a stocktake of your people practices and policies.  Click here to read it.

Workplace Bullying : The Silent Epidemic

I was asked to pen an article for Human Resources magazine on workplace bullying.  You can read it here.  Apologies for the poor copy; if you know someone who is a HRINZ member you can read a better copy in their December 2014/January 2015 edition.

and finally, Positive Communication Tips for 2015

Susan and Peter Glaser  are highly regarded international  communication experts and, I'm honoured to say, great friends.   With over 40 years experience, they offer some practical tips  around how to handle those gnarly conflict moments with respect and grace.   
  • Listen when your impulse is to argue
  • Edit accusations that might make someone feel put down, and instead describe your feelings
  • If you have a grievance, pinpoint details and specific examples
  • Acknowledge your role in any problem
  • Reach explicit, collaborative solutions that specify what each person will do differently in the future.
You can read more at  Susan and Peter will be in New Zealand in the first quarter of 2015.  If you’re interested in speaking with them about their work you can contact them at


Upskill your staff in 2015

We are already getting booked up for 2015 skills training workshops.  Check out our 2015 courses here

In 2015, I'm also presenting two courses for the Human Resources Institute of New Zealand.  

From the Shine Blog

From time to time we post information, tips, tools, advice & guidance on our blog page.  Click here to read more.  I've recently posted a blog on the learnings for employers from the CERA/Roger Sutton case - take a closer look here

To have a further discussion about anything in this newsletter, or for a general chat about anything HR please feel free to contact  us at  Shine People.   We love to hear from you.
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