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Welcome to the March 2012  Shin(e)-news.    

The first hints of autumn are here and I'm still waiting for summer to really come out and play.  Just as we get into a run of hot, sunny days ... in comes the rain and cloud again.  Over promise and under deliver I reckon. 

This over promise and under deliver experience makes me think of how this can happen in workplaces.  The promise of things to come.... that don't get delivered on.  It leaves people feeling shortchanged, let down and over time erodes trust.  Take the new employee who has been tempted by the offer of great things .. that don't materialise.  Or conversely, the employee who suggests great promise .. and fails to deliver.   What about our customer experience?  How effectively do we deliver on our promise and exceed customer's  expectations.  

When expectations aren't met what impact does it have on reputation and brand?  It's common knowledge when we're happy with something we tell, say,  three people.  When we're unhappy about something we use a loud hailer to publicise the fact.  So if you can do one thing today and everyday,  think about what  you can do exceed expectation, as an employer, a boss, an employee or a service provider. 

In this edition of Shin(e)-news we look at the thorny subject of workplace bullying; what it is and isn't; how to spot bullying in the workplace.  Finally, we look at how to give effective feedback.  If you have any questions on the stuff covered give me a call.

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Denise Hartley-Wilkins
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Workplace Bullying.  What it is ... and isn't

For anyone who has been on the end of bullying it is a toxic and insidious experience.  It can take over your life and leave you unable to cope with the most simple of tasks.   However, bullying is a very real workplace experience for many employees...  read more...

How to spot Bullying at Work

Identifying bullying is a difficult skill.  The problem with bullying is that it isn’t always easily spotted. Here's some tips to help identify if you have a problem in the workplace… read more...

How to give Quality Feedback

Feedback.  The cornerstone of performance management, but usually not executed well, or at all.  Employee surveys are consistently telling us  that  employees are not getting the feedback and direction they need and that many managers lack good feedback skills.  Read on… to get some pointers that will help your feedback skills.

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