August 2016
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Welcome to the August issue of Shin(e) News.  

The 2016 Rio Olympics are nearly upon us.  That magic combination of passion, skill, hard work, pushing to the limit, focus and determination coming together to win for your country.  Success. Celebration. Pride.  We can apply the same principles to our people and teams.  What happens when they win Gold, go the extra mile, hit a milestone?  Do we always take the time to recognise that work, or does it get lost in the 'busyness as usual'.  

I was reminded yesterday of the power of praise and recognition.  I emailed somebody to thank them for an awesome piece of work.  It wasn't much.  Just a simple 'thank you'.  I went on to say what it was I'd noticed they'd done well.  They came back to me with "Wow, thanks for that.  You made my Monday".  I smiled.  Now I felt good!  So tip for the day.  Find a reason to thank somebody for the work they've done.  Now multiply this for every working day.  How many feel good smiles is that for people around you?

 In this issue of Shin(e) News I thought I’d cover off some of the recent organisation development interventions I’ve been working on.  Common denominators have been ‘how to get the best out of our people’.  There is no one size fits all, instead customised solutions that reflect the culture and goals of the organisation, team and it’s people.

In case you try to contact me over the next month, I will be away in the States.  I'm back on board on 12 September – by which time Spring should be here.  In the meantime, stay warm!



On track for Success

When a team isn’t performing; is in conflict and working against each other rather than together, you have to figure out ‘what’s blocking the energy?’.  Is it unaddressed conflict, lack of trust, unclear vision or team purpose, systems and processes that hinder not help, fear of change or making a mistake, burnout?  This was the case with a team I was asked to work with.

I worked with the team to understand what was getting in the way of them working together positively and productively.  With this feedback  I designed and facilitated a team development intervention that focused on what high performing looked like, identified their team values and purpose, what they needed from each other and how they would work together.  We wrapped in some feedback skills training, so they felt more comfortable in  having the courageous conversations.
It’s early days but the signs are good.  They have a blueprint for what high performing looks like, have a clear team purpose and future focus of what great  looks like for them.  They’re also on the same page around how to get there.   


Gen Z: How to Recruit, Lead and Manage

We have five generations in the workforce.  This can cause confusion and frustration as different generations with different needs, values and motivators need to come together to deliver against common goals. 

I was working with a range of people leaders to upskill them in recruiting, leading and managing the emerging Gen Z workforce; how they are wired and how to get the best out of them.  What emerged was a mismatch between employer and young person expectations.  Most hiring managers were between 40 & 50 yrs and more traditional in their recruitment and management practices.  This doesn’t work for young people.  Young people are intimidated by interviews, have limited experience to draw on and find the whole process confusing.   Managers said they didn't  know how to assess someone with limited work experience and came away 'disappointed' by the young persons' 'performance' in interview. Once in the workplace managers said they found young people challenging to manage; they would contribute without being asked, would openly challenge the status quo, skip heirarchy and go straight to the top . Takouts for people leaders was to review their processes and make then 'youth friendly'.  Change the language  and questions in interviewing.  Once in the job give clear direction and instruction, check understanding and offer frequent feedback in how the person is doing.   Finally developing career pathways gives a  ‘brightness of future’ in their next steps learning and development.

Team Development:  How are they wired?


I recently worked with a team, including leaders and their reportees, as part of their ongoing development.  Already a strong, connected  team with clear sense of purpose they wanted to go a step further in understanding each other better, how they were wired and how to better work to individual strengths and preferences. 

Using the Myers Briggs Type Indicator  tool as a platform I stepped them through their individual type preferences, building understanding of why they might gel better with one person than another, the value of tapping into opposite balancers, explained how opposing preferences can cause conflict and confusion and how to overcome that (they’re not trying to be difficult it’s just how they are wired!).  We extended the learnings to thinking about customer engagement, how to build customer rapport.  The outcome?  An appreciation of the value of difference and how to positively leverage those differences. As one person said “It has helped  me to be a better manager and adapt to the needs of my staff as well as understand the decision making processes of our management team.  It brought the team closer together and facilitated better working together.”

Upskill your staff

Shine People designs and delivers practical courses and workshops that are aligned to your business strategy.  We work with you to understand the business outcomes you are looking for and then customise our courses to suit.   Every participant comes away with their own personal manual of course notes.  We can also build in one-to-one coaching to ensure that the learnings are quickly put into practice, and you get ROI.

Check out our range of  courses here.  


Go New Zealand in Rio!


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