April 2017
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What inspires you in your work? 

As we go about our 'business as usual' day jobs, we can sometimes lose sight of what inspires us in our work.  When things get difficult it takes resilience to cut through the negative stuff and remind ourselves of why we do what we do.  I asked this question to a team of leaders recently.  It got them thinking and for many positively re-framed their purpose.

What inspires me is working with leaders at every level and their people to help create workplaces where people shine ('scuse the pun), want to give their best and say “I love my work”.   I am grateful for the opportunity to work with so many organisations across New Zealand doing just that.

As we ease into the Easter break, from my desk to yours, here are some thoughts on how to take a team from ‘blah’ to ‘yeah baby!’; an intro to the AskYourTeam feedback tool that takes listening to and involving your people in the business to a new level. 

Have a great long weekend.  I'm doing a West Coast tiki tour in our '66 VW Kombi. Fingers crossed we have blue skies with not a cyclone in sight!  



Re-setting Teams

What do I mean by ‘re-set’?   Well you know when your device freezes, gets stuck, doesn’t do what it’s supposed to do.  You hit re-set.  All being well you get a clean, bug free, program re-install.  The device does what it’s supposed to do.  Cue sigh of relief as you get back to business.  It’s the same for teams.  I do a lot of work in this area.  Working with teams who are not playing nicely together and need a bit of course correction to get them back on track.  I also work with the Line Manager/Team Leader to upskill them in how to keep the team on track.  You can read more about our approach here

Ask Your Team (& why not we reckon!)

I’m often asked for suggestions for an employee feedback tool.  There’s a number of tools out there that measure employee engagement along with traditional culture or staff satisfaction surveys.  Then I came across AskYourTeam
The AYT team  have flipped the engagement model on it’s head.  Focusing on performance first.  Performance drives engagement, which in turns impacts performance. 
The AYT model has been independently validated by New Zealand’s leading business school the Institute for Business Research at the University of Waikato.
I liked this tool so much I’ve partnered with them to provide this to clients.   What I really love is it’s NZ designed, it’s based on leading performance and productivity research, it’s easy to use, the scoreboard gives a breadth and depth of information that is way out there and easy to understand.  Importantly, it’s not a once a year system.  You can run as many pulse checks as  you want in a year.  In practice this means you can do an annual snapshot, quickly put in place targeted action plans and follow up as quickly as you want to measure progress.  It’s all about continuous improvement.  No more having to wait twelve months to see if the stuff you’re doing is working.   Information on the press of a  button!
If you want to find out more about AskYourTeam and how it could benefit your business give me a call.

Updated Bullying and Harassment guidelines released

WorkSafe New Zealand has released a revised version of the guidelines for Preventing and Responding to Bullying at Work. This is a great resource with practical tips for managers and HR people.

If this is an area of interest for your organisation, we run a range of workshops ranging from awareness raising to how to recognise and manage issues.  We can customise these to suit your needs from short, sharp refresher sessions to more in-depth skills & knowledge building.  Find out more here

HR Foundations Course - Auckland in May

I'm presenting the next HR Foundations course in Auckland on 8-10 May.  Developed by some of NZ's leading academics and HR practitioners it is  tailored to people wanting to develop HR and people management expertise.  For developing HR practitioners this course is a building block  on your journey to professional Chartered status.  Click here to get more information on the course.


Shine People Workshops

We also have a range of other workshops that we can tailor to suit your business.  From team building to people management skills development, we have a broad range of topics to choose from.  Check out our 2017 courses here.  You can contact us on 021 1371 589 for more information or email at 

To have a further discussion about anything in this newsletter, or for a general chat about anything HR please feel free to contact  us at  Shine People.   We love to hear from you.
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