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It seems the consensus these days is that winter needs to be over -- way over! I know I feel that way (especially as I write this on the eve of yet another storm). I'm ready for warm sunshine, light jackets, and sandals! Until then, I will enjoy encouraging spring thru the store.
Spring has definitely sprung here -- new apparel is arriving daily. We gave an early preview to those who stopped by our Spring Style and Wellness event. What a great time we had! The good news for those who missed it is that there is plenty more apparel and accessories to go around! Uno de 50 was welcomed with open arms and Ginny's health tips were just what we needed to get our minds (and bodies) ready for spring.
Now that my buying season is winding down, I am happy to be back at the store full time. I'm so excited about all the new lines we found on our trips and I'm happy to say that we have so many great "made in the USA" brands joining us including many emerging artisans from Vermont to the Carolinas and from Maine to Oregon. On the apparel front, fans of Prairie Underground will be happy to know we are bringing in that fantastic line, along with Label and Thread, les 100 ciels (a French cashmere line at an affordable price!), Odd Molly (Sweden), Mystree, Hazel and our old faves like CP Shades, Sanctuary, Johnny Was, Weston and Michael Stars and Muse.
In the meantime, think spring -- our calendars say its only a week away! We know that the warm weather won't flip on with a switch on March 20, but it will be here soon. Until then, use these next couple of cooler, inclement weather days to get those procrastinated jobs like taking down the holiday wreaths and decorations, closet clean-outs and general spring cleaning done.
On a side note, thanks to all who voted for Anne during the Big Leap. She may not have won the contest but she certainly won our hearts -- from her daily posts on Facebook and just the fact that she kept such a positive attitude during such a stressful, busy time for her (she basically worked around the clock for about five weeks straight!). She will always be a winner in our book. Congrats Anne!
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Bella Cucina


Bella Cucina

Bella Cucina is back and we are so excited to share their tasty flavors with you! From tomato relish to their famous lemon / artichoke dip and delicious seasoned salts, we have something to take the stress out of "what should I make for dinner?" Their "dressed" artichoke dip comes with a beautiful olive wood spreader tied on the top and makes a great hostess gift.
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Tokyo Milk


Tokyo Milk

We are beyond excited to introduce Tokyo Milk by Margo Elena to all of you. I have wanted to bring this line in since the day I opened the store! Think Lollia (the beautifully scented and wrapped hand cremes and bath products) with a little funky vibe to it. The products make great gifts for all ages and the hand cremes and perfumes will knock your socks off -- our staff favorite is Eden. There are some awesome lip balms added into the mix ... come check them out!
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Green Tree Home Candles


Green Tree Home

These gorgeous bees wax candles will be the crowning touch to your holidays this spring. These chunky tapers are a cool way to add a little flare to a more traditional table. The colors are beautiful and the fact that they are bees wax make them burn clean. They are hand-made in Vermont and we are thrilled to have them in Pine Straw.
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Anne's Amazing Pizza

PizzaThank you Anne Tochka for this amazing pizza recipe! She vows that the crust recipe from What Katie Ate is the only recipe she will use now and the Garlic Artichoke creme sauce and pizza stone are both available in our store now!


Shift 1 2/3 cup flour into bowl. Make a well and add into it:
  • a pinch of salt
  • a pinch of sugar
  • 1 1/4 tsp instant dry yeast
  • 2 tbs extra virgin olive oil
  • 1/2 c water
Mix these ingredients in the center and slowly incorporate the flour until everything is combined. On a well floured board knead for a full five minutes, punching and stretching dough. Cover bowl with a damp kitchen towel and let sit in a warm place for an hour, or until dough ball doubles in size.

Set oven to 425 degrees. Place pizza stone in oven to warm for a bit. Carefully remove stone from oven with thick oven mitts and roll dough onto stone, over edges. Carefully pinch edges into a crust, avoiding touching the hot stone!

Spread French Farm garlic and artichoke cream sauce over entire pizza.

Toppings are up to you! I change them up every time, but my favorites are as follows:
  • grated good quality Fontina cheese (a little less than 1/2 lb)
  • carmalized or sautéed Vidalia onion with garlic
  • sliced Bosc pears
  • genoa salami or prosciutto
Sometimes I'll drizzle balsamic vinegar over the pizza before cooking, or finely grate a second hard cheese over the toppings.

Let the pizza cook for 15 minutes, then check it. It may need another 5 minutes or so. The crust should be a golden brown but not too dark.

The thing I love about this pizza is that I make it up as I go every time. Sometimes I'll add apples instead of pears, basil leaves, artichoke hearts, etc. The crust is thin, but dense enough to hold up to several toppings. It's a good ratio if you don't like thick chewy pizza but want a lot on top. Like Live, Give, Celebrate in March '14 on Facebook

Featured Item: Herban Essentials

Lemon Towelette
These towelettes are the perfect thing to keep in your purse at all times (and make a great gift!). They are moistened with Original Essential Oils and are simply "pure and fresh." They come scented in Lemon, Orange and Lavender.
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