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Food Book Fair
April 25-27
Brooklyn, NY
Greenhorns Screening
May 1, 6:00-8:00pm
Athol, MA


Ballymaloe Literary Festival
May 16-18 
Cork, Ireland


The Age of Limits
May 22-26
Artemas, PA


Balle Conference 
June 11-13


Soil in the City
June 29-July 2
Chicago, IL


NOFA Summer Conference
August 8-10
Amherst, MA


National Land Conservation Conference
September 17-20
Providence, RI


Organic World Congress
October 13-15
Istanbul, Turkey


25th Annual Bioneers Conference
October 17-19
San Rafael, CA
It's the mad dash of spring!
So we'll keep it short and sweet.

1. Our Land Symposium!
April 16, Wheeler Hall, UC Berkeley 6:30 pm
Saturday Evening SEATS AVAILABLE!

Speakers include:
Anuradha Mittal, director The Oakland Institute
Gayle McLaughlin, mayor of Richmond, CA
Doria Robinson, director of Urban Tilth
Wes Jackson, director of the Land Institute

Through the lenses of history, ecology, political economy and direct experience, our speakers will address both practical and philosophical aspects of transition. We'll talk about regulation and reform, entrepreneurship and social movements. We'll talk about regulation and reform, entrepreneurship and social movements. We'll talk about the long-term best interest of the land itself. As a nation we face a landmark decision; we can lose our land to commodification, toxic monoculture and corporate concentration, or we can move this land into sustainable, regional food production with more farmers, more owners, more regional resilience. 

This event is presented in partnership with Chelsea Green Publishing, The David Brower Center, Berkeley Food Institute, California FarmLink and Roots of Change. 

Sunday's event is totally and utterly SOLD OUT. 

Sign up to the Agrarian Trust list serve to get the podcasts, free!

2. Negotiation Training, Agrarian Trust
May 3rd, in Rensselaerville New York.
Sign up here.

3. Maine Sail Freight
June 22nd, in Lincolnville Maine at the Tranquility Grange.
For more information or to volunteer with setup please email

Lu Yoder, boat builder, sailor, metal worker and consultant to Sail Vessel Kwai and Mast Brothers Chocolate Sail Project
Cipperly Good, Penobscot Marine Museum on the history of Maine Sail Freight
Patrick Kiley, Tianna Kennedy, and Severine Fleming, from the Vermont Sail Freight Project and the Greenhorns giving testimony of their experience delivering cargo from Vermont to Manhattan last fall.

Silent film: The Sam Levitt, a Maine sail freight project of the 1970's

Perhaps you've been following the several Sail Freight Projects, besides the recent maiden voyage of the Vermont Sail Freight Projects, there's New Dawn Traders in England, Sailing Vessel Kwai out of the Cook Islands, and a Tres Hombres, a project from the Netherlands!

Here's a great video:

We expect a lively discussion and airing of views during the moderated community brainstorming session which follows the panel. Under the mast of sail freight, this diverse set of stakeholders have quite a rich collaborative potential-- and for strongly held opinions. Please, join us for this first potluck discussion, bring a dish to share and your ideas. May we use the full surface area of Maine, and its long, navigable coast, as the medium to express pro-actively and poetically some of our highest aspirations for the future we'll build together. 

This event is presented by The Greenhorns, Penobscot Marine Museum, MOFGA, Maine Farmland Trust, Windjammers Association, the Boothbay Farmers Market, and Tranquility Grange of Lincolnville, ME.

Happy Spring everyone, tell us how it goes!

Love Severine + TEAM

Hannah Aitken, office manager, UP UP Films outreach

Ines Chapela, Database, Library, misc.

Brooke Werley, Agrarian Trust profile coordinator

Anne Dailey, Eliza Greenman,  Blog

Faith Gilbert, Cooperation Guidebook outreach ( SARE)

Tyler Christie Jeff Hylton Simmons, Our Land editor+ Soundman

Veronika Vackova, "Art Version", Our Land

Audrey Berman, Intergalactic mix-tape

Zoe Brent, Young Farmers Worldwide

Brian Dewan+ Jeremy Fleishman, Grange Song recordings

Evan Driscoll, Radio!

Ann Marie Rubin, Agrarian Trust workshops, mapping

Jen Griffeth+ Christian Ripley+ Paula Brooks Grange Future project

Kristen Loria, Agrarian Trust events coordination and Guidebook

Brooke Budner, Illustrations for guidebooks

Louella Hill, Henry Tarmy, Bruce Forrester, New Farmers Almanac 2015 ( Thanks to Flora Foundation)

James Most, Chestnut Agroforestry project ( Thanks to Nutiva)

Tim Humphrey, Chris Roddy, Pete Land, tech team!

Tracy Lerman, research and writing

Erik Burg, Social media coordinator


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