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The Greenhorns

Farm Hack Colorado

Triangle Hitch Build

Farm Hack has a branding iron!

Farm Hack South Dakota

Farm Hack Davis

Farm Hack South Dakota

Maker Faire 2013

Farm Hack Davis

iFarm 2013 (Public Labs meetup at Tuckaway Farm)

Maker Faire 2013 ribbons

Maker Faire 2013

Farm Hack Davis

Farm Hack Davis

Dear Farm Hackers,
It's been a very busy year for Farm Hack.
Our exciting new video is up on our exciting relaunched homepage. is officially a 501c(3) registered in New Hampshire. 
This means your end-of-year donations are tax-deductible and can be made by check or click of a button.
Site updates:
New Feature: Open Shops
Open Shops is a way for individuals, non profits, open-source committed companies, and university research groups to organize and present their Farm hack activities, and showcase their open source contributions.  Open Shops bundle together relevant tools, forums, wikis, events and the track updates to the projects most interesting to the organization's users in one place.  Organizations can also embed their open shop to their own web site or link and bookmark it as their personalized entry into the Farm Hack community. 
Featured Farm Shop #1: Open Source Ecology

 Open Source Ecology will be using the Farm Hack Open Shop platform to share progress and documentation on collaborative projects, some of which have already been started by the Farm hack community including a Pellet mill, oat huller, combine, mini round baler, layflat trailer, fab-wagon, oilseed press, rocket boiler, quick attaches, seed cleaner, modular tool bar, and a Universal Tool Bar, and  universal Seeder. The first OSE and Farm Hack collaborations started with the mini combine and Fab-wagon design to support on-farm build days! "

Featured Farm Shop #2: NCAT

NCAT hosted a very successful Farm Hack:Davis this past fall, and has a homemade no-till seed drill and vacuum materials handler documented in their Shop Tools section. More generally, NCAT is 
committed to providing high value information and technical assistance to farmers, ranchers, Extension agents, educators, and others involved in sustainable agriculture in the United States.

2013 Stats!

We've been doing some website analytics review this week, and here are some quick numbers on growth of the Farm Hack community in 2013:
  • We had 71,228 unique visitors for the entire year.
  • We typically had about 2,500 visitors per week, 1,000 visitors per week when you exclude the front page and the blog
  • 700 new users registered in 2013 for a total of 1,160 registered users.
  • 63 Tools were added in 2013 for a total of 114 Tools
  • 14 Open Shops registered

Update from Pedal Power
We've successfully finished our Kickstarter campaign and raised $30k which was 300% of our goal! We will be completing build instructions and technical drawings of two pedal machines which will be released as open source plans on our website and Farm Hack's website. Looking forward to a great 2014!

Update from Apitronics
Apitronics is gearing up its production to deliver on a successful Kickstarter. Hundreds of Bees and Weather Plugs are currently being manufactured. Our open-hardware farm monitoring and automation platform will be available to hundreds of users within just a few months. We're excited to see what our hardware can do out in the hands of all our users!

Events report:
Build-day at Lu Yoder's shop.
 A group of nine US engineers and fabricators gathered to recreate ( and de-metrify) the Ada Bio Three point hitch system, useful ! You may have heard us raving about the French Open Source Hackers, Ada-Bio Autoconstruction, and their highly useful triangle, or ' universal' hitch. Basically by attaching this hitch fitting to all the tractor implements farmers can streamline the ' on/off' between tools much faster, or even delegate a young apprentice to do it in the dark and rain. With greater flexibility of implements, you often get more precise use of the tool, and the right tool for the job-- the winner is soil health! So the little posse formed to use the frenchman's specs.  
Discussion from Triangle Build Day at Lu Yoder's are on the triangle tool wiki forums.
Farm Hack Davis, California
At the gorgeous Slide Ranch in Davis, California, a group of farmers, engineers, mechanical geeks, tool shop coffee clatchers, designers, artists workshopped for 2 days. They came out with some vacuum powered maltier equipment, and the guidelines for an open source version of good eggs/distribution logistics company. Here is a blog post about it! Details on follow up actions to come on the forum.
Farm Hack Colorado
The event included a farm tour and Hack. These focused on solutions-based management practices and technology to increase farm resilience in the face of political and climatic drought. 
The event drew in about 20 farmers and local water experts from Colorado’s west slope. Farm Hack co-founder Dorn Cox joined the event as well as Quivira Coalition’s founder and Creative Director Courtney White. Outcomes of the event included an online wiki to share drought responses, greater farmer-to-farmer sharing of technology and best practices and recognition of the need for more resources offering narrative and statistical profiles of farmers who are successfully responding to the pressures of water scarcity.  

Event recap by Courtney White.
Farm Hack South Dakota
Dakota Rural Action hosted a Farm Hack meetup as part of their Annual Celebration, which included a tour of Cycle Farm and demos. 
Public Labs meet-up at Tuckaway

IFarm 2013 was a great success! iFarm is a (hopefully annual!) meetup in Lee, New Hampshire, drawing the Public Lab, Green Start, and Farm Hack communities. It stands for: Imaging For Agricultural Research and Management and is hosted by Dorn Cox of Green Start and Farm Hack. Here are some links to research notes posted on Public Labs so far:

Farm Hack at Maker Faire
Farm Hack board members presented on the mainstage at Maker Faire. 
Farm Hack had a great location at the top of the hill at NY Hall of Science for world Maker Faire, 2013. We were pleased to bring even more tools, drones, sensors, bike-powered root vegetable washers and micro turbines and to meet and talk with the mob of thousands of enthusiasts.
Recap on the 
Maker Faire Forum page.
Events Upcoming!
The new year will see many more workshops, meet-up groups, build events and in-person collaborations. Our experience thus far has shown us just how much human connections can support long-term open source collaborations, particularly between busy farmers and busy non-farmers . The friendships and collegial hack-alongsiders that give rise to real progress on these tools is best kindled with beer, a roaring fire, and belly full of wheat berries and pastured pork. As an organizer, its been gratifying to see how many of these non-farming engineers and programmer types have become a bit more farmy themselves. 

Farm Hack / Apitronics 
JAN 15, 2014 @ 6:00 PM
Community Teamwork – Board Room
155 Merrimack St, 2nd Floor  Lowell, Massachusetts 01852
The New Entry Sustainable Farming Project, Farm Hack/Apitronics, and Lowell Makes invite you to an interactive dialog between farmers and those who want to help level the playing field for them so as to help support access to fresh, nutritious and sustainable local food. If you are the in the area, We'd love to see you there! Register here.

Farm Hack and DAPNet ( Draft Animal Power Network)
Will be sharing tables at the NOFA-NY and NOFA-VT conferences this winter. 
Come talk to us!
Farm Hack Quebec
The Frenchmen are coming! These 2, week-long courses are taught in French, subsidized as they are by the Canadian government technical school. Afterwards, the ADA-Bio Autocontruction leaders will be visiting Farm Hacky farms around the northeast, if you'd like them to come to you, or want to join us for dinner one night please email
Farm Hack Yolo
Farm Shop Visit, Date TBA
Farm Hack Oregon
Details soon 
Thank you all for being a part of this community, for aligning your interests with farmers, to make progress on tools for resilient agriculture, and helping to develop a thriving and productive rural economy.
Open Source, local control, food first. 
May the force be with you. 

Team Farm Hack:
Dorn Cox, President
Rob Rock, Treasurer
Severine Fleming, Secretary
Chris Yoder, RJ Steiner, Louis Thiery, Dan Paluska, Andy Wekin, Ben Shute.

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