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Following up Our Land Symposium, News from Agrarian Trust
Agrarian Trust’s mission is to support land access for next generation farmers.
May 2014 Newsletter from Agrarian Trust,
a project of the Schumacher Center for New Economics.

Happy to report a roaring success, and a full house for last weekend's OUR LAND Symposium. To our delight, Sunday's event was totally sold out 2 weeks in advance.

Thank you to all who came out to discuss Farmland Access in the 21st Century and special thanks to our wonderful speakers: Joel Salatin, Kathy Ruhf, Gary Nabhan, Gloria Robinson, Wes Jackson, Raj Patel, Gayle Mclaughlin, Anuradha Mittal, Elizabeth Henderson, Eric Holt Gimenez, Reggie Knox and Severine v T Fleming. 

Many of you were not able to attend in person for agricultural or geographic reasons. Here are the PODCASTS we promised! 

The conversation about Our Land is far from over. For those on the east coast, we hope you can attend this fall's Symposium in Connecticut. More details on that soon, but we know that Professor Eric Freyfogle will be speaking. Tell your friends be they landseekers or "impact investors:"  join the conversation, don't miss out on the next symposium, join our mailing list.

Meanwhile, we've created a variety of land access resources for farmers, landowners, farm service providers, and more. These include a digital resource map, guidebooks, and a webfilm series on 'the land question.'

The Serve Your Country Food Map

FREE Guidebooks 

Web TV Series!

We also invite you, especially those of you looking for 
land, to spend some time with our compilation of 
LAND ACCESS STORIES. Agrarian Trust has been cataloguing these stories, along with revising the scholarship on land reform efforts across the world and across history. 

These stories and our LAND ACCESS STRATEGIES
may help inform your own land strategy, and for service providers, help broaden your repertoire.

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SAVE THE DATES to hear our co-founder
Severine v T Fleming, speak about Agrarian Trust:

JUNE 11-13, 2014 at the 12th Annual 
Business Alliance 
for Local Living Economies Conference  

OCTOBER 17-19, 2014 at the 25th Annual Bioneers Conference

We would love to hear your feedback and reflections on our newly released "Agrarian Trust Principles." We intend this list for entering farmers, retiring farmers, investors and service providers, to serve as a metric for evaluating partnerships, lease agreements, and land transfers.
We think these principles can support decision making in the best interest of our land, now and in the future. By pointing our efforts at the long term, we can ensure that our communities and families may experience food security, democratic self-determination, and regional resilience. Given the importance of understanding, articulating, and sharing core values, we would especially love your comments. Please view and comment on these principles here
We are all living on the same land, for the sake of our children, may it sing with health.


                                                 Severine v T Fleming
                                                 Brooke Werley
                                                 Ann Marie Rubin
                                                 (Agrarian Trust startup team)


Agrarian Trust is a project of the
Schumacher Center for New Economics

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PODCASTS from OUR LAND Symposium!

VIDEO: Wes Jackson speaking at OUR LAND Symposium:
VIDEO: Discussion of Farmland Access with Sjoerd Wartena and Veronique Rioufol 
"While there is no one-size-fits-all solution, this weekend it became clear to many of us that the question of sustainable land tenure has finally gained enough traction within the larger food movement that we might begin to see more real solutions soon. And–if we want to continue growing food in this country–it’s not a moment too late."

Read the rest of Agrarian Trust: Investing in the Future of Young Farmers By Paula Crossfield 
"In San Francisco, from April 25-28, 400 people from across the country and around the world gathered to discuss an awkward problem – land reform in America ... "

Read the rest of Raj Patel's Thoughts on Land Reform Summits in San Francisco
LAND ACCESS Stories /// Read more stories here.

Broken Arrow Ranch:
Jessica Schley was 10 years-old when she first realized the future of her family's California Ranch was not secure. Her grandmother, Viola Hansen, had settled there in the late 1930s and was one of the pioneering ranchers who brought the Charolais cattle breed to the United States. Read the whole story.

Versaland Farm:
"We're really in the belly of the beast here," said Suzan Erem when I talked to her about the Iowa land she purchased with her husband, Paul Durrenberger. The couple was looking to invest some of their retirement money, when they heard about the difficulties facing young farmers looking to access land, through Practical Farmers of Iowa. "We decided we wanted to both preserve some land and put a young farmer on it." Read this story.
Stay tuned for more information about Land Access Training!

Land Access Negotiation
Saturday May 3, 2014

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