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The Greenhorns

Farm Hack @ Bioneers Conference
Representing Farm Hack: Severine vt Fleming
Oct 17-19
Marin Center | San Rafeal, CA

"The Greenhorns: 50 Dispatches from the New Farmers' Movement" in the Author's spotlight at Terra Madre

October 23-27th
Turin, Italy
Representing the Greenhorns: Paula Manalo Gaska

Connecting for Change Conference

New Bedford, MA
October 24-25th
Farm Hack @ International Forum on Globalization Teach-In: Techno-Utopianism and the fate of the Earth
Representing Farm Hack : Severine vt Fleming
Oct 25-26
Cooper Union | 7 E. 7th St | New York, NY
Farmer to Farmer Conference

November 1st - 3rd
Northport, ME

Fall Harvest Gathering for Women in Agriculture

Cedar Valley Resort, Minnesota
November 7-9
Slow Money National Gathering
Louisville, KY
November 10-12

29th Annual Sustainable Ag Conference

Greenville, SC
November 10-12th

Farm Hack @ Quiviera Coalition, Back to the Future Conference
Representing Farm Hack: Dorn Cox
Nov 12-14
Albuquerque, New Mexico

Farm Hack @ Bio4Climate: Restoring Ecosystems to Reverse Global Warming
Representing Farm Hack: Dorn Cox
Nov 21-23
Medford, MA


Farm Hack Mendocino w/ focus on Grain Alcohol
at the Little Lake Grange and the w/ a tour of the 40 year old Ridgewood Ranch Distillery
Dec 6


"It takes a Region" Conference 

November 11 - 12th

Hello and happy fall, Farm Hackers

Farm Hack supports an open source, farmer-driven community to develop, document, and build tools for resilient agriculture.

We do this in-person and on-line, through events and our web platform which facilitates free sharing of ideas between farmers and farm collaborators.

Thank you for being a Farm Hack user, farmer, follower, or community member. We believe strongly in only pushing content to our community that is requested. So, please, CLICK HERE to opt-in to the quarterly E-newsletter to hear about upcoming events, community activities, and website and platform development as we push this thing farther and make it do more for you.


We put on our thinking brains and came up with some DESIGN PRINCIPLES and COMMUNITY PRINCIPLES to guide our work. Chime in to let us know if they fit your vision of open sourcing agriculture.

Web Development

We're actively working to improve the platform. This fall, we've started to use some new tools to do that. We're using HackPads for collaborative workspaces, Trello for kanban boards/project management, and every week, we're holding organizer's calls. The goal is to hold a weekly space for community members to share their work and contribute regularly. Once a month, these calls are web-focused, a mini-monthly-hackathon to keep the momentum moving on the site.

There are lots of things that we can make better that we're aware of and probably also lots that we're not. If you see something that could work better for the Farm Hack community, please let us know @ We also welcome you to join in the calls just to see what's going on and how you might contribute--they're every week on Thursdays @ 7:00 pm eastern.

We're looking for drupal developers to help fix up the user experience on the site and add some back end functionality as well! If you're interested in joining an organizers call or helping out with code, content management, or blogging, email our new Network Facilitator, Daniel Grover

We're working to build out the Open Shops concept and functionality as part of our Farm Hack 2.0 development. These shops will serve as a collaboratively built and held work space to encourage the kinds of overlap that make a community like ours thrive. It's a work in progress, and one that we're excited to keep improving. 



Farm Hack is busy this fall seeding the open source agriculture idea far and wide. Please come join us at one of the upcoming events. In case you missed these talks on Open Source agriculture from Dorn and Mike, check them out and share widely: 

Dorn @ NOFA VT 2014

Mike @ NOFA CT

We're helping organize a Farm Hack event in California early this December. To get an idea of what's going on Farm Hack-wise out in Mendocino County, listen to Severine's Greenhorns Radio interview with Ruthie King of the Grange Farm School and organizer of the Mendocino event. See you there!

We hosted our first Open Hour at the beginning of September. Open Hours are modeled after a virtual meeting that our open source friends, Public Laboratory for Open Technology and Science organize regularly. Longtime Farm Hack community member, RJ Steinert, presented on the progress that's been being made on Fido, an open-hardware based greenhouse monitoring and alert system. In case you missed it, check out the recorded video here. We'll have more Open Hours upcoming so keep an eye out on the blog for those. 

Farm Hack @ Internet Festival in Pisa and Open Food Collaboration!

This past week, Daniel has been representing Farm Hack in Italy. At the invitation of Rural Hub, an emerging rural research and action group, sharing ideas of open source agriculture at the #openfoodacademy of Internet Festival, Pisa and talking about global open food collaborations with the Australian Open Food Network, and the Open Source Beehives project out of Denver! 

Thank you for being a part of the community , we farm better together than alone
Farm Hack Team:
Dorn Cox, Board President
Louis Thiery, Board Treasurer
Severine vt Fleming, Board Secretary
BR Shute, Dan Paluska, RJ Steinert, Rob Rock, Chris Yoder, Andy Wekin, Board
and Daniel Grover, Network Facilitator
Copyright © *|2012|* *|THE GREENHORNS|*, All rights reserved.

Our mailing address is:
Farm Hack
11 Randall Road
Lee, NH 03861

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