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Breaking the Barrier


Epsilon Gamma's Founding Weekend was not just a celebration of the rebirth of Pike in Lubbock, but a promise for the future. On April 19th, the rebuilding of the Pike Dynasty continued as the official ground breaking brought Pike Alumni and active members alike together where they celebrated the start of a hopeful future. The Henthorn Construction Company, started by Pike Alumni Mike Henthorn, began work on the house everyone will soon be talking about. It has been stated as "The Tahj Mahal" of Pi Kappa Alpha chapter houses and serves as a great symbol as we look to rebuild the dynasty.

Digging of the basement has begun and expected completion of the house looks to be in the Spring of 2015. Clay Powell, the current chapter advisor, as well as the rest of the Housing Board have worked adamantly to see this project come to life and the active chapter has been grateful for their leadership. If you would like to assist in any way or are looking to get updates please contact the active chapter at


Rushing to the Top

This semester we had the opportunity to build on our D1 athlete pledging program. Immediately after formal recruitment on campus we met a Texas Tech track team member named Cameron Knight. After having several meetings with him, I was able to quickly see that he was someone who had the ability to do good things for the chapter. Due to his busy track schedule, he would not be able to participate in a traditional pledgeship, so we originally thought that he would not be able to join. However, we were able to communicate effectively and place him in the D1 program, which will give us time to make our program the best that it can be, and open up new avenues for us to recruit in the future.
While going through our greenbook names, we stumbled across one who may have been one of the best recruits on paper that we have ever received. He was a former college basketball player, leader in multiple organizations, held a very high GPA, and an obvious gentleman. Interestingly enough, we had no idea how he had found our greenbook as he was a transfer from a small school in California. After setting up a meeting with him and talking with him in depth we found out that a sorority woman on campus spoke very highly of us and how he would love the SLAG values that PIKE embodies. As the week went on we were able to reach out to him more and more, and finally were able to sign him, bolstering an already very strong spring pledge class.



Sports Center

The 2013-2014 School year has been fantastic for Pike Athletics. We have been competitive in every sport including a 3rd place finish in football and a silver in tennis. Hope to build upon this success and win the championship is in every members' mind for next year.  For this year, intramural sports were different as the Texas Tech University Recreation Center did not hold an all-Greek “Blanket Championship”. They have however spoke about bringing the competition back for the 2014-2015 school year.

One of our setbacks was that our Intramural quarterback made the spring roster for the Texas Tech University Football Team which caused him to become ineligible to play intramurals, luckily we signed his high school backup who happens to be just as skilled under center. Our Basketball team also did well this season; thanks to the help of our two new members Arren Wells (New Mexico's HS Player of the Year) and Cameron Knight (member of the Texas Tech University Track team; High Jump). With these two additions we hope to be dominant in basketball for years to come. 


Chaplain Excited to Spread the Love of Jesus

As the Chaplain of the Pi Kappa Alpha Epsilon Gamma chapter, Andy's focus has been to leave seeds and nurture the spiritual needs among the members by short devotions at chapter meetings and offering resources for them to stay equipped and connected with other believers. Though he only has a month left with the chapter, he continues to make known and grow the loving kindness that our founding fathers saw and shared with each other. He also wants to help pave the path for future chaplains to continue to get the gentlemen of Pi Kappa Alpha excited about Jesus.

Special Events Bring a Pike Social Resurgence

This year was a great success for Special Events. Epsilon Gamma members enjoyed a variety of different events and had the opportunity to grow in brotherly love. In the fall the chapter hosted the annual "Pike Patrol" which was the largest concert on the Greek social calendar last fall. Approximately 150 brothers from our chapter and a few other Texas Pike chapters attended in addition to over 100 fraternity men from other Texas Tech University chapters. If that was not enough, the fraternity also hosted over 400 of the finest women Texas Tech has to offer, who all enjoyed performances by Riff Raff and Dorrough. The spring was quite busy as well, in late February Epsilon Gamma sent around 22 members to attend Pike University in Dallas. This event allowed members to participate in valuable seminars on recruitment, risk management, and branding, all while networking with countless Pikes from the Lone Star region.  Upon returning back to West Texas, the External Cabinet began working on Founder's Day hosted at an Alumni owned music venue The Backstage. The chapter enjoyed a country music band performance as well as BBQ and a number of different casino games. As the semester came to a close, the chapter was able to bring back the Dream Girl formal for the first time since re-chartering. The destination was set for Austin, Texas and was held in late April. Despite trouble planning such a large event for the first time, many members were able to enjoy a day on the river while also attending and awarding Bryn Wall of the Zeta Tau Alpha chapter with the honor of Dream Girl. 

Relay for Life Success Continues

 It has been an exciting year for the gentlemen of Pi Kappa Alpha-Epsilon Gamma chapter. Our continued persistence in striving for community service and philanthropic endeavors has lead to an excellent relationship with the American Cancer Society High Planes Region. Earlier this spring semester, brothers from the Epsilon Gamma chapter graciously volunteered with the American Cancer Society’s Hope Lodge moving 64 donated mattress and bed frames up 3 flights of stairs to their respective rooms earning attention from a local Lubbock news station. The chapter has also been involved with the American Cancer Society’s Relay for Life fundraising campaign. This is the 3rd consecutive year running the organization with brother Sterling Sanders serving as the Event Coordinator Chair. Several other brothers held positions on Texas Tech University's Relay for Life executive committee; brother Matt Perez served as Special Events chair, Irvin Garza served as Entertainment chair, Ryan Chanon served as Logistics chair, Logan Murphy served as Accounting chair, Christian Knebel served as Sports/Activities chair, Harrison Hawkins served as Sponsorship/Underwriting, and Evan Billings served as Fall Fundraising chair. Several Relay for Life fundraising events were ran throughout the year where brothers of the Epsilon Gamma chapter volunteered including Relay for Life Tailgate Texas Tech vs. OU at Melt Lounge, Relay for Life Paint the Campus Purple 5k Glow Run, and Relay for Life 2014 at Urbanovsky Park. As well as donating Epsilon Gamma’s stages for other American Cancer Society events throughout the year. The final grand total achieved in fundraising for the 2014 Relay for Life Texas Tech University was $55,450.53. We will continue to strive for excellence in community service and continue our partnership with the American Cancer Society with hopes of finally ending cancer and “Making more Birthdays a Reality”.

Pike's Return to Homecoming

This year was our first homecoming since the recolonization and it went well as the active chapter partnered with the ladies of Delta Delta Delta. The chapter participated in all aspects of the homecoming traditions which includes; homecoming king nomination, spirit board, spirit banner as well as so-sing. Being that Luke Cotton is the Texas Tech student body president, he was our nomination for king. Luke represented the chapter well as he made it to the finals for king. We also took place in both the spirit board and banner competition. The spirit board and banner were painted to represent the theme of Texas Tech pride and the 90's as each were judging points on the projects. The banner was placed inside the student union building and the chapter received 3rd place and the banner was on display at Jones AT&T Stadium during the  homecoming game. The final portion consists of a dance and the potential new members did a tremendous job of representing the active chapter. Despite not placing, the fraternity built lasting relationships with the sorority and each other throughout the event.


Stride to go Campus Wide


Pike has always and looks to continue to excel on the Texas Tech University campus. All of the members of the Epsilon Gamma chapter are heavily encouraged to be involved in two organizations on campus and most members hold executive or leadership roles within their organizations showing the leadership that Pi Kappa Alpha produces. Some notable positions that are held by Pike on campus include prestigious organizations such as President’s Select and Student Government Association. Aside from having leadership roles on campus, Pike is the only Greek Life member that partners up with Tech Activities Board. Each year they sponsor a campus wide event called the Drive-In, which is a free movie event for all students to enjoy. The event and participation campus wide has helped to build the chapter's awareness to the campus and community in general.

8/16 - Fall 2014 Rush
   8/25 - First Day of Class
    8/30 -  TTU Fball Begins

9/05 - Flag Football   
11/09 - Soccer Season



Leading the Way

Over the past semester the chapter has become heavily involved as leaders on campus. Brothers Luke Cotton, Holton Westbrook, and Taylor Shackelford made a visit to Capitol Hill to lobby for the students of Texas Tech University as well as the resolution that favors tax exemption on donation toward building a house for on-campus organizations. Epsilon Gamma was represented well and hopes to see progress in the coming semesters.

Other individuals who were heavily involved on campus as leaders include John Michael Getz who was the Freshman Council President, Sterling Sanders who served as the Relay for Life Chairman, Ryan Chanon who currently serves as the Hillel Chair, and Patrick Evanson who was selected as the Rugby club President. These are just a few of the many members who hold on-campus positions. Pi Kappa Alpha is currently the number one fraternity with involvement on campus and look to keep the trend going in semesters to come.


Featured Alumni Letter of the Semester

Epsilon Gamma Brothers:
It's too bad more of you aren't here more often to see firsthand how well the chapter is doing. The successes of the re-chartering continue to grow and the chapter is better than I have ever seen it. I say that, without apology, to all of you guys for forty years I can say that yes, some of you were very, very good as a group. Some were, well not so good, but regardless of the standard, we all shared a common bond of kind feeling about our Fraternity. The present undergraduate chapter has taken operations to a new level.
 •They have 120 very good, competitive young men.
•Their dues collection rate exceeds 100% (some are paid ahead)
•The chapter GPA is the highest it has ever been.
The members held more leadership positions in student government than any other fraternity.
Their recruitment was the best on campus this semester.
Their philanthropic efforts are the best of any student organization where others raise thousands we raise tens of thousands.
They are competitive in athletics. I will be surprised if they do not win the fraternity intramural brackets in football and basketball next year.
You can be proud of the chapter here. They are interested in hearing from you. Commencement of construction on the new lodge is imminent. Make plans now to come to a football game and meet the chapter members. Check out the progress on the lodge while you are here.
In the bonds,
Brother Tommy Turner



Brotherhood Builds

In the 2013-2014  school year the Epsilon Gamma chapter of Pi Kappa Alpha has held many different brotherhood events. Our first and largest event we have all semester as it is a way for many members to step away from school to relax and be together.  The tailgates were set up for football and baseball games as other sports tend to be rather cold throughout the duration of their seasons. The weekends each sport was out of town also brought an opportunity that will soon be a tradition as the chapter took a day hike to Palo Duro Canyon north of Lubbock, which also included a bible study and helped foster a closer relationship with God. As we got closer to the end of the semester we put together a "Beer Olympics" event to celebrate the chapter's hard work throughout the semester. The event was very popular and will more than likely occur annually. The chapter saw a tremendous amount of improvement in terms of brotherly involvement and will serve as a great start to future memories made together.

If you would like to add any news to the Alumni Newsletter please send your information to by November 1st in the fall and April 1st in the spring in order for your information to be published. We thank you very much for supporting our chapter.

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