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Research Funding Newsletter

Goals funding newsletter August 2012

Welcome to the third newsletter from the ERIM Director of grants development. Here, you’ll find the latest developments in research funding, specifically for ERIM (Erasmus Research Institute of Management) researchers. Every two months we’ll send you an update of open calls for proposals from national and European funding schemes, plus new developments and changes in schemes and procedures. Finally, we’ll suggest interesting funding seminars and workshops you can attend.




Two ERIM researchers receive prestigious VENI grant

Two ERIM researchers have succeeded in obtaining the prestigious NWO VENI grant this year. Dion Bongaerts (Finance) and David Veenman (Accounting) each receive 250.000 euro to carry out their research project. Dion’s research focuses on effective regulation of Credit Rating Agencies and David Veenman carries out research into the quality of external financial reporting and its relationship with inside debt ownership.
Out of 939 applicants in all scientific domains NWO has awarded 147 applications which corresponds with a success rate of 15,7 %. This way NWO invests 37 million in talented young researchers. In social sciences EUR Woudestein succeeded to obtain 4 VENI grants, two of which have been given to ERIM researchers. The other two VENI awards went to Uitermark (sociology) and van der Wolf (criminal law).

NWO TOP grants open for proposals

The NWO funding scheme Top Grants is now open for proposals. The main objective of the scheme is to offer researchers with a superb track record the opportunity to strengthen their research team with excellent researchers. The intention is to create scope for groundbreaking, top-quality science. Applicants are free to pursue a research subject of their choice.
The grant can be used to fund scientific staff and material costs for a period of several years. With this approach a new line of research can be given a significant boost in the form of several related subprojects.
The 2012 call is only open for proposals that fall within the scope of one of the following three NWO priorities:
  • the Social Infrastructure Agenda
  • the top sector Logistic
  • the top sector Creative Industry (theme Business Innovation)
Research groups should establish a consortium with one or more external partners from the public or private domain. The requested budget for TOP Grants should range between € 600,000 and € 750,000. The external consortium partner should make a contribution that corresponds with at least 25% of the requested NWO funding. More information can be found on the following NWO webpage
The deadline for submission of proposals is the 2nd of October 2012. 

Changed procedures and time schedule NWO Research talent

As announced in the first Funding Newsletter NWO has changed its procedures and time schedule for the Research Talent scheme.  From 2013 onwards the number of applications will be limited per university; this in order to increase the success rate. Erasmus University is allowed to submit 9 applications within social sciences.  Faculties and research institutes are asked to make an internal selection first and submit their nominations to the central OO&S office of the EUR with a clear indication of prioritisation.
Nominations need to consist of a project summary, a CV of the research master student and a supporting letter of the main applicant (professor or associate professor).
If the total number of nominations does not exceed 9, all applications can be submitted. If the number of nominations exceeds 9, a selection will be made based on the prioritisation of the faculty.
From 2013 onwards the deadline for submission of Research Talent proposals will be moved to the beginning of the calendar year. The deadline for 2013 will be the 5th of February. Nominations for the 2013 call need to be submitted to the EUR central office on the 8th of January 2013 the latest.
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Become an expert evaluator for the European Commission

The European Commission evaluates proposals with the assistance of independent experts to ensure that only those of the highest quality are selected for funding. Because of the breadth and diversity of research domains covered by the Framework Programmes, these experts are external to the Commission.
Being an expert evaluator for Research Activities of FP7 is a useful experience to understand the EC evaluation system. Your international network will increase and also your track record will benefit from this international managerial expertise.
The expert is contacted directly by the EU Committee if he/she is selected to take part in any particular activity. The selection of experts depends on each Directorate General of the European Commission who calls the experts according to its needs.

Evaluations usually take place in the context of short sessions lasting a maximum of around 10 days a year. These may be in Brussels - or Luxembourg for some innovation actions - or carried out remotely. The number of proposals which an expert deals with depends very much on each area and can vary from to up to 10 proposals. This may involve travel 2 or 3 times to Brussels or Luxembourg.

Remuneration is in the form of a payment per day worked, plus travel and subsistence expenses. A daily payment of € 450 on your private budget may be claimed, if required. If selected to serve as an expert, the person will be sent an appointment letter with all the terms and conditions before he/she is allowed to start work.
As a scientist you can enrol yourself as an expert evaluator for Research Activities of FP7 or ESL can register and recommend you as an expert.
To apply, check the web-site (option New Expert):


EUR fellowship call now open for proposals

The EUR fellowship call 2012 is now open for proposals. The fellowship is intended for researchers who have submitted an admissible proposal in the NWO VENI scheme, but did not receive the grant for budgetary reasons in spite of receiving a good evaluation.
The fellowship amounts to 135.000 euro for a period of two years.
Candidates should have received good comments by all referees (A+,A or B). If more than 10 candidates received a rating of A+ or A as a total score, then researchers with a B rating will not qualify for a EUR fellowship.
A total amount of 810.000 euro is available and candidates should submit their application no later than Monday the 12th of November 2012.
Candidates should be nominated by a professor associated with the EUR and the application should be submitted with the approval of the Dean to the Executive Board of the EUR.
For more information about the fellowship please contact Veerle van Laere.

FP7 call Science in Society open for proposals

The small and relatively unknown FP7 programme “Science in Society” is now open for proposals. The main objective of this programme is to encourage a harmonious integration of scientific research in society and to stimulate a Europe-wide reflection and debate on science and its influence on society and culture.
The programme has several priorities including research on ethics and strengthening the role of women in scientific research.
The current call includes amongst others the following topics:

  1. Production and use of a toolkit on responsible research
  2. Tools and instruments for a better societal engagement in Horizon 2020
  3. Supporting changes in the organisation to promote gender equality
Detailed information on the different topics and the desired research can be found in the 2013 work programme that can be downloaded from the following site
The deadline for submission is the 16th of January 2013.


For assistance with funding information, or for more details about items in this newsletter, please contact:

Veerle van Laere

 Veerle Van Laere
 ERIM Director of Grants 
 Office T6-11
 T: +31 10 4082596

Roel van den Berg Roel van den Berg
 ESE Programme Manager 
 Office H06-22
 T: +31 10 4081306

 ERIM funding webpage


National/EU Programme Categorie Theme Target group Deadline
FP7 People Marie Curie IOF Outgoing fellowship outside EU 16-08-2012
FP7 People Marie Curie IIF Incoming fellowship from outside EU 16-08-2012
FP7 People Marie Curie IEF Intra-European fellowship inside EU 16-08-2012
NWO VICI second round only if selected in first round max. 15 years after PhD 28-08-2012
NWO Rubicon Individual grant post-doc research outside NL max. 1 year after PhD 30-08-2012
University of Oxford Visiting fellowships any research area 1,2 or 3 terms of academic year 2013-2014 Post-doc and senior researchers 01-09-2012
NWO Research Talent Individual grant PhD research Research master students 12-09-2012
NWO VICI 2nd round senior researcher max. 15 years after PhD 18-09-2012
NWO Top Grants Research groups Social Innovation Agenda, Logistics and Creative Industries cooperation with industry required 02-10-2012
NWO VIDI Individual grant Any research topic within social sciences 3 to 8 years since PhD 02-10-2012
NWO Topsectors Creative Industry Business Innovation max. 250.000 euro funding 16-10-2012
FP7 Ideas ERC Starting grant 2 to 7 years after PhD 17-10-2012
FP7 Cooperation Transport Sustainable surface transport cooperation with other universities and industry 14-11-2012
FP7 Ideas ERC Advanced grant >12 years after PhD 22-11-2012
FP7 Capacities Science in Society Responsible Research; Sociteal engagement in H2020 cooperation with other universities and industry 16-01-2013
FP7 Cooperation Energy Smart Energy networks; Knowledge for policy making cooperation with other universities and industry 24-01-2013
FP7 Cooperation Social Sciences and Humanities Economic underpinnings of social innovations cooperation with other universities and industry 31-01-2013
FP7 Cooperation Social Sciences and Humanities Intangibles in the public sector cooperation with other universities and industry 31-01-2013
FP7 Cooperation Social Sciences and Humanities Better integrating financial markets into macro models  cooperation with other universities and industry 31-01-2013
FP7 Cooperation Social Sciences and Humanities Obstacles and prospects for sustainable lifestyles and green economy cooperation with other universities and industry 31-01-2013
FP7 Cooperation Social Sciences and Humanities Social entrepreneurship for innovative societies cooperation with other universities and industry 31-01-2013
NWO Research Talent Individual grant PhD research Research Master students 05-02-2013
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