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Funding newsletter July 2014

Welcome to the tenth newsletter, where you’ll find the latest developments in research funding, specifically for ERIM researchers. Every few months we’ll send you an update of open calls for proposals from national and European funding schemes, plus new developments and changes in schemes and procedures. Finally, we’ll suggest interesting funding seminars and workshops you can attend.

In this issue: 

Monika Lisjak and Jan Stoop both receive a VENI grant

The Veni round 2014 has certainly been successful  with two ERIM researchers receiving the grant, namely RSM marketing researcher Monika Lisjak and ESE applied economics researcher Jan Stoop.

Monika Lisjak’s research focuses on compensatory consumption and tries understand the effectiveness of distinct compensatory behaviours which may result in unhealthy levels of consumption different.

Jan Stoop’s research project addresses the need to improve laboratory experiments to better predict field behaviour. By means of the bridge building methodology Stoop will to test external validity from the laboratory to the field and then back again.

We wish both ERIM researchers good luck with their research.

Barkema and Van Tulder both receive a NWO WOTRO grant

Prof. Harry Barkema and Prof. Rob van Tulder both succeeded in obtaining a NWO grant in the WOTRO programme for global development. 

Prof. Barkema submitted his proposal in the call Productive Employment. In his project he will generate new evidence-based knowledge on key mechanisms for successful business model innovation of IT companies and related incubators in Kenya. By means of targeted workshops he will share this knowledge with key stakeholders, such as entrepreneurs and African and Dutch policy-makers.

Prof. van Tulder submitted his proposal in the call Strategic Actors “Research for inclusive development”. In his project consisting of 30 Dutch and African partners he will explore and analyse the characteristics of inclusive business models and the critical success factors for effectively implementing a sustainable and inclusive business strategy through public-private partnerships.

Aurelien Baillon obtains prestigious VIDI grant

ERIM fellow Aurélien Baillon succeeded in obtaining the prestigious NWO VIDI grant for his research project ‘Beyond rational expectations’.  In his project he will research what people expect about their economic future (pension and insurance for instance) and how these expectations may be rather irrational and in contrast with the rational expectations paradigm.

Baillon receives an amount of 800,000 euro to carry out his research in a period of 5 years. This year NWO Social Sciences received a total of 540 applications and decided to award a Vidi grant to 88 excellent researchers.

Congratulations Aurélien and good luck with your research.

NWO changes Research talent procedures again

NWO has again decided to change its procedures for the funding scheme Research Talent.

There will be no more preselection at university level, but instead NWO will introduce a two-step procedure, open for all masters students from inside and outside the Netherlands.

To be eligible for submission master students must have an average bachelor grade of 7,5 and an average masters grade of 8,0.

In the first stage candidates are required to provide a list of their grades, a CV, a motivation letter as well as a short description of their proposal. Applications are submitted by the envisaged supervisor.

In the second stage of submission selected candidates are invited for an interview. There will be no referee evaluation in the new Research Talent scheme.

The deadline for first stage proposals is expected to be in Mid October 2014.

Changes in NWO Social Sciences funding schemes

The NWO Board of Social Sciences has decided to restructure its funding schemes with as a result that the TOP scheme will be abolished.

The ORA scheme on the other hand, a scheme for bottom-up research in social sciences for consortia of Dutch, German, French, British and or American researchers, will continue to exist.

By abolishing TOP NWO hopes to increase the success rate of ORA proposals.

In 2014 there will be no call for medium investments in social sciences.

NWO Rubicon scheme open for proposals

Rubicon offers talented researchers who have completed their doctorates in the past year the chance to gain experience at a top research institution outside the Netherlands, as international research experience is likely to be an advantage at a later stage in the applicant's academic career. By means of a Rubicon grant NWO encourages talented researchers to dedicate themselves to a career in postdoctoral research.

Applicants can apply for a period of up to two years at an excellent research institution outside the Netherlands. The minimum duration is twelve months. The eligible costs are your salary including fringe benefits, travel costs and a limited amount for research costs.

Deadline for submission of proposals is 3 September 2014.

Horizon 2020 call for ERC advanced grants open for proposals

The ERC call for advanced grants is open for proposals and closes on 21 October 2014.

The call targets excellent researchers who are already established leaders with a recognised track record of outstanding research achievements.

Applications may be made in any field of research; however, ERC puts particular emphasis on the frontiers of science. Approximately 44 per cent of funding is awarded to physical sciences and engineering disciplines, 39 per cent to life sciences and 17 per cent to social sciences and humanities.

Applicants may be of any age and nationality and based anywhere in the world, although the research must be carried out in a host institution in an EU member state or associated country.

They should have produced at least 10 publications as senior author or three research monographs, at least one of which must have been translated into another language.

Detailed information on the all and the exact requirements can be found on the ERC funding page.

The maximum funding for ERC advanced grants is 2.5 million euro for a period of five years.

The budget available for this call is 450 million euro.

Open calls for proposals

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National/EU: H2020        
Programme: Grand societal challenges 
Category: Secure societies          
Theme: feasibility study into capacity building in case of large scale pandemics  
Target group: research organisations together with industry and relevant public organisations   
Deadline: 28-08-2014
National/EU: H2020        
Programme: Grand societal challenges 
Category: Secure societies
Theme: operationalising resilience concepts      
Target group: research organisations together with industry and relevant public organisations   
Deadline: 28-08-2014
National/EU: NWO         
Programme: Rubicon    
Category: Research experience abroad
Theme: post-doc researchers max. 1 year after PhD completion               
Target group: max. 24 months funding of salary and travel costs               
Deadline: 03-09-2014
National/EU: H2020        
Programme: Grand societal challenges 
Category: Secure, clean and efficient energy     
Theme: The human factor in the energy system               
Target group: consortia of researchers and industrial partners in at least 3 MS    
Deadline: 10-09-2014
National/EU: H2020        
Programme: Excellent science  
Category: Marie Sklodowska Curie          
Theme: Individual fellowships   
Target group: post-docs coming to the EUR or going abroad        
Deadline: 11-09-2014
National/EU: NWO         
Programme: Responsible Innovation     
Category: Research into the ethical and societal aspects of new innovations
Theme: Multidisciplinary research
Target group: consortia of researchers and private partners: max. 375.000 euro
Deadline: 12-09-2014 (second stage)
National/EU: NWO         
Programme: Wotro        
Category: Inclusive development in Sub-Saharan Africa
Theme: Social protection             
Target group: research into cost effectiveness of social protection interventions              
Deadline: 01-10-2014
National/EU: H2020        
Programme: Science with and for society            
Category: Promoting gender equality    
Theme: impact of gender diversity on research and innovation 
Target group: research organisations together with relevant public organisations             
Deadline: 02-10-2014
National/EU: H2020        
Programme: Excellent science  
Category: ERC   
Theme: advanced grant               
Target group: excellent researcher >12 years after PhD completion        
Deadline: 21-10-2014
National/EU: KNAW       
Programme: Conference grants               
Category: international scientific conference in NL          
Theme: conference to take place after the 1st of February 2015               
Target group: max. 8,500 euro and max. one third of conference costs  
Deadline: 01-11-2014
National/EU: H2020        
Programme: Spreading excellence and widening participation   
Category: Twinning        
Theme: Strengthen the research capacity of lower performing EU member states           
Target group: at least two leading EU MS and one low performing MS   
Deadline: 02-12-2014
National/EU: H2020        
Programme: Grand societal challenges 
Category: Inclusive societies      
Theme: Lifelong learning for young adults           
Target group: better policies for growth and inclusion    
Deadline: 07-01-2015


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