December 2019 Capital Wisdom #12
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Cambridge Has The Lending Power Of Many Institutions Under One Roof


Why choose a small boutique firm like Cambridge when there are so many big banks out there with so much cash at their disposal? It’s a question that Cambridge Realty Capital staff hears regularly. Cambridge President Jeffrey Davis addresses it: “Why would you go to a single bank for a loan when you could have access to dozens of lenders through Cambridge?”

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Today's Senior Living "Wellness Programs" More Than Just Exercise Gyms And Spas

The definition of "wellness" continues to evolve in society-at-large and senior living facilities across the US are following suit, a prospect that Cambridge Realty Capital Companies Chairman Jeffrey Davis is enthusiastic about. "The old view of integrating wellness into a senior living facility was to offer a few weekly exercise classes in a common room or to build a fitness gym or spa." This antiquated theory of wellness during the senior years is being replaced with a more holistic approach. While diet, exercise, and regular medical attention have always been, and are still, crucial, the idea of wellness in the 21st century also includes social, mental, emotional and even spiritual management. Health care professionals of all disciplines now recognize that all of these facets are intertwined. If one area is functioning poorly, it can negatively affect the rest and thus decrease the overall quality of life.

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Is Your Lender The Nosy Type?

Is this necessarily a BAD thing?

Cambridge Realty Capital Companies Chairman Jeffrey Davis says borrowers are sometimes surprised when they learn how forthcoming their lender expects them to be.

Get over it, he advises.

Davis says lenders expect borrowers to be knowledgeable experts when describing their business.  If the borrower hopes to get anywhere, they must be prepared to share pertinent operational details.

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