June 2019 Capital Wisdom #6
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Four Of Cambridge’s Greatest Strengths As Identified By Cambridge Clients

An accurate measure of any company’s strengths is best told by its customers. Consumers trust other consumers, and it’s a fact that Cambridge Realty Capital’s Founder and President Jeffrey Davis doesn’t take lightly. “We are serious about doing right by our clients,” he stated, although that commitment goes deeper than merely a desire to get positive consumer reviews. It comes from an authentic ambition to serve the client and the senior care industry as a whole."

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Yes Men Wanted Here!

Like commercial real estate brokers everywhere, Chris Hyldahl hates to play the waiting game.  All too often, he says, deals can languish in limbo while awaiting decisions from on high.

“In the brokerage industry, it’s not easy to find accessible decision-makers. More typically, contacts are not able to say yes to anything but must get the approval of others before they’re able to act,” he points out.

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Low Rates And Skyrocketing Demand For HUD Loans A Highlight Of Obama Presidency

Future senior housing/healthcare industry historians will look back on the Obama years as a period highlighted by record low interest rates and skyrocketing demand for popular HUD Lean funding programs.

“During the Obama administration’s middle years, HUD was doing record numbers of loans, as lenders refinanced deals two and sometimes three times in order to take advantage of low interest rates,” says Cambridge Realty Capital Vice President Anthony Marino.

During this period, HUD dramatically increased staffing to handle the increase in volume, he points out.

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Veteran's Benefits and Options Matter to Cambridge

Cambridge Realty Capital staff members spend a great deal of their time working on various aspects related to the financing of assisted living facilities for seniors. While this business is ultimately all about the seniors who benefit from the care they receive in those facilities, Cambridge doesn’t often get to see that side of the senior living business. So when the opportunity arose to draw attention to one of the human aspects of senior living, Cambridge Chairman Jeffrey Davis didn’t hesitate to say “yes.”

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