Upcoming Learning Opportunities
Exploring Public Participation in Scientific Research Under Western Skies: a Citizen Science Conference
September 9 & 10, 2014, Calgary, AB
Miistakis is hosting a Western Canadian conference on public participation in scientific research (PPSR). The goal of the conference is to stimulate communication, collaboration and innovation in the blossoming field of PPSR (also known as citizen science). The conference will explore the diverse and growing field of PPSR with sessions on program design, evaluation, policy implications, technology and applications in parks and protected areas. We have an excellent slate of speakers hailing from across North America. To learn more about the conference and to register, please visit: www.rockies.ca/citizenscience
Applying the Ecosystem Services Approach in Alberta: a Panel Discussion
September 10, 2014, Calgary, AB
As part of the Under Western Skies conference at Mount Royal University, the Miistakis Institute is hosting a panel discussion on “Ecosystem Services.” Panelists will comment on how the Ecosystem Services approach is being applied to land and resource management in Alberta, and then collectively explore how we can better employ the Ecosystem Services approach in conserving Alberta’s natural capital and supporting human well-being.
Four Ecosystem Services experts will comment on this question from their unique vantage point:
  • Geneva Claessen, Deloitte;
  • Gillian Kerr, Government of Alberta;
  • Marian Weber, Alberta Innovates Technology Futures; and
  • Mark Anielski, Genuine Wealth Inc.
For more information, contact Guy Greenaway or Kim Good at Miistakis. To register for the Under Western Skies conference, visit: www.skies.mtroyal.ca
Private Land Conservation Webinar Series
September 24th, October 8th, and October 22nd, Online
In partnership with Mount Royal University’s Faculty of Continuing Education and Extension, Miistakis is offering a Private Land Conservation: Fundamentals certificate program. This three-part, webinar-based program will provide conservation practitioners and interested stakeholders with a foundational understanding of the opportunities and challenges for private land conservation in Alberta.
Webinars can be taken separately, or register in all three for the certificate:
  • Conservation Easements in Alberta: Latest Policy and Tools (September 24th)
  • Municipalities and Private Land Conservation (October 8th)
  • Using GIS in Private Land Conservation (October 22nd)
To learn more or register, click here.

Staff Profile: Rachelle Haddock's Pick3

With the intent of sharing more about ourselves with our readers, we created a bank of potential staff profile questions. Each staff member gets to pick 3 of these questions to craft their staff profile.

A Picture Says a Thousand Words: provide a photo and tell the story behind it/how it inspires you to do the work you do/etc.

I took this picture during a trip to Central America in 2006, while flying over Nicaragua from Managua to the Corn Islands. The scene on the landscape demonstrated how boundaries (whether physical, political or philosophical) can both shape and reflect how our resources are managed. It also speaks to the opportunity to learn from and collaborate with others who are facing shared challenges on similar landscapes. This is particularly relevant to my work at Miistakis on the use of beavers as a watershed stewardship tool. The use of beavers for watershed stewardship in Alberta is in its nascent stages however land managers in the United States have been using beavers for this purpose for many years. A handful of states have even passed legislation mandating the use of beavers for improving water storage. We have much to learn from our American neighbors on this topic.

Project Updates

Miistakis at NACCB 2014

The Miistakis Institute was well-represented at the biennial North American Congress for Conservation Biology (NACCB) in Missoula, Montana in July.
The NACCB is a forum for presenting and discussing new research and developments in conservation science and practice, bringing together scientists, students, managers, decision-makers, writers and other conservation professionals from throughout North America.


Co-existing with Beavers Workshop Series a Success

As part of our Leave It To Beavers partnership project, Miistakis worked with Cows and Fish and the Ann and Sandy Cross Conservation Area to deliver a workshop series to engage land owners/managers and policy makers in learning more about how to manage beavers for watershed management. The Alberta Ecotrust Foundation generously supported this project.

Cows and Fish developed the workshop content and designed it to be replicable so that others may host the workshop. We hosted two workshops on beaver co-existence this past spring. These workshops took place on May 15 at Red Deer Lake Community Centre and May 29 at the Priddis Community Centre.


Miistakis and the MRU Library

Ground has been broken on the new Riddell Library and Learning Centre, and the Mount Royal University (MRU) Library is looking forward to some big changes. Miistakis is working with MRU Library to improve its service to MRU students and faculty, and to the broader community.

Part of the new building design includes some state-of-the-art visualization spaces. Miistakis will work with MRU Library to explore opportunities to include our maps, data, and still and moving images as part of the content that will be available. This represents a great chance to showcase our work and expose it to a wider audience, better connecting us to the MRU community and opening us to opportunities for new and fruitful collaborations.

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