Art Exposure Gallery
Private View
Friday6th May


Art Exposure Gallery

Many May Moments

We look forward to welcoming you to the Gallery
to preview our 
exhibition of paintings which seem to
capture that moment in time when.....

A head turns just so, and a glance is dropped...
The spring sun hits the sea spray ...
A puddle becomes too tempting to resist...

Private View
Friday 6th May

5 - 8pm, all welcome!

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Garry Harper

Garry Harper was born in Glasgow, Scotland 1966. He studied at Glasgow School of art from 1984 - 88. A love of the moving image led him to work as a designer for Scottish Television, though he still fuelled his passion for drawing and painting at the same time.
His work is mainly figurative, using a variety of techniques and media, he tries to capture some lost moments, people caught in reflection. Seeking inspiration in people and places, past and present, he's fascinated by the mystery some images hold, making us curious as to who they were and what lives they lived.


Lee Robertson

Painting is the most important thing in my life.I paint every day,and exhibit regularly in local galleries and have also had great success when I exhibited in London and
Dublin.I love travelling. Seeing the power of Velazquez's 'Pope Innocent X'; the sheen of the material,the apparent movement in the subject's hand. The beautiful stillness
and light in Vermeer's'Woman Reading A Letter' the humour and cinematic quality of Hopper's 'Soir Bleu' in person has affected not only my passion, but the way
in whichI treat my subjects.


Alex Dewars

Alex studied at 
Ducan of Jordanstone School of Art, and graduated in
Drawing and Painting  in 2003, Ba Hons.

As he states,

"I am inspired by my love of figurative art and knowledge of
art history. My work explores
romantic and nihilistic conclusions."


Ian Rawnsley
Based in Glasgow, I’m a painter exploring portraiture, land and seascapes in both abstract and representational forms. Working  in acrylic, mixed media, but now  predominately in oil. I look to explore the emotional pull of colour and texture. Influenced by the natural World I am looking to capture an essence, a feeling, a memory that can both be shared, but also a deeply personal experience.

Paul Kennedy
A Glasgow based artist who graduated from Edinburgh College of Art in 2004,Paul was one of last years Aspect Prize finalists, as well as an RGI Prize winner, and  was invited to show at The Riverside Exhibition at Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum, Glasgow.

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