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No worker in America should be forced to join a union as a condition of employment. 

I am excited to tell you today that our Republican Team in Annapolis is sponsoring Right to Work legislation, House Bill 318.

A Maryland Right to Work Law strikes at the root of Big Labor's power -- compulsory unionism.

This bill will repeal those sections of law that grant union bosses the power to force workers to pay dues and fees to a union boss as a condition of employment.

Repeal of this state sanctioned thievery would drain to a trickle the river of dues that funds big labor's BILLION dollar political machine...

...the same machine which re-elected Barack Obama, preserved Harry Reid as Senate Majority Leader and has been funding the election of tax-and-spend politicians for decades.

But did you know that the main obstacle to worker freedom in Maryland is right here in Cecil County?

Cecil Democrat Delegate Dave Rudolph serves as Vice-Chairman of the House Economic Matters Committee and staunchly opposes this Right to Work bill.

Our Right to Work bill will be heard by Rudolph's Committee on February 12th at 1pm in Annapolis.

Will you help me hold Dave Rudolph accountable today?

Please call and e-mail Delegate Rudolph at:


Tell Dave Rudolph to stop covering for Big Labor.  

While you're at it, ask Dave and his staff how much money he's received over the years from unions.

Dave Rudolph is bought and paid for by compulsory unionism and that's wrong.  

He is to blame for the non-competitive, anti-worker environment we fight against here in Maryland. 

Demand that Dave Rudolph support, vote for, and pass out of Committee our Right to Work legislation, House Bill 318.  

It's time to stand up for us, not union bosses in Annapolis, Mr. Rudolph.

For Liberty,

Chris Zeauskas
Cecil County Republican Party

P.S. Delegate Dave Rudolph's long career in politics has been bank rolled by Big Labor and Union Bosses - - it has to stop.  

Anti-worker politicians are ruining our state and leaving nothing for the next generation.  We owe it to our children to stop liberal politicians like Dave Rudolph.  

Please take the time right now to e-mail and call Dave Rudolph:


Tell Dave to stop thinking about his own political survival and to start protecting our right to work without compulsory unionism.


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