Brains Eden 2012 Gaming Festival, 30 June, 1st & 2nd July. Cambridge
Brains Eden 2012 Gaming Festival

Interested in new technolgies, innovation and how user demand and behaviours are shaping the future?

Come and see the future revealed before your very eyes! 

Technology is not only making things faster and smaller, it's changing the way we live our lives. Even the simple pursuit of video games is morphing and evolving, with an influx of new gamers wielding their smartphones and tablets and driving a whole new social scene and manner of interaction with, and appreciation of, games. What will come next? How do we adapt? How do we get into, and survive, this maelstrom of change? The 2012 Brains Eden Gaming Festival will bring together some of the people at the bleeding edge of research and experience in this field. 

Cambridge is a hot-bed for technological advancement and is host to a world leading digital creative hub that has grown in support of historic local hardware initatives. A good number of world-renowned games development companies and over a thousand games industry professionals are employed in Cambridge.

Concieved by Games Eden, Cambridge's games development network, this vibrant festival is fully supported and funded by our members; industry leaders such as Sony Computer Entertainment Europe (SCEE), Jagex, Ninja Theory, Geomerics, Frontier and Jumped Up Games.  Brains Eden not only sparks debate between industry and academia but also celebrates the developers of the future and the ground-breaking work of the Cambridge games development community. 

Brains Symposium - Monday 2nd July from 2pm onwards
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Bringing together the brightest brains in industry and academia to look at what the future holds for gaming and how academia can respond to develop the talent of the future.  Year on year, the Brains Eden talk sessions have gone from strength to strength and continue to attract leading speakers: This year the Keynote is to be given by Microsoft's Chief Envisioning Officer, Dave Coplin

Tickets for this year's Brains Symposium are available to everyone who is in, has an interest or wants to be in, the Games Industry - from students and graduates to academics and industry professionals.

Confirmed Speakers: 

Keynote: We are pleased to welcome Dave Coplin, Chief Envisioning Officer, Microsoft. Since joining Microsoft in 2005, he has worked across a wide range of sectors and customers, providing strategic advice and guidance around the cost effective use of technology in relation to their business needs.  Currently working for Microsoft UK’s Advertising and Online business, focusing the spotlight on the power and potential of search and the way it holds the key to society’s effective use of all that technology and the internet has to offer, Dave will deliver the keynote address at Brains Symposium 2012:

  • "Future Forward": Our relationship with technology is fundamentally shifting as our primary window into the digital world moves from traditional personal computers to mobile devices that are rapidly becoming integral in the fabric of our lives.  Implicit in this change are several key technological advances that will make technology both disappear and yet become more prominent in every single thing we do.  Games and game theory have had a huge role to play in making these changes happen and are poised to ease us all gently into the next generation of immersive technologies. Join us for a discussion to explore the next chapter of our journey into the brave new digital world.

Professor Paul Moore – Professor of Creative Technologies at Ulster University will discuss the Young Enterprise initiative and outline the benefits of students learning through establishing their own businesses.

Jon Weinbren - Head of Games Design & Development MA course at National Film and TV School on the Digital Creative Path – where exactly is the cutting edge for interactivity in TV and Film.

Jim Sweatman, Senior Games Designer at Jagex will offer The Psychology of Monetisation in Game Design and the necessity for modern game designers to have a strong understanding of what makes a game, feature or in-game item valuable to a player. 

Arran Langmead - Ludophobia, previous Brains Eden games jammer and winner of Best Visual Excellance award will share his experience of how new technologies can be used for training purposes.

This event is free to attend, however in order to issue name bagdes and cater appropriately, we do require delegates to register via eventbrite, please click here.

More on the Festival...
This annual flagship festival looks to create a deep and meaningful collaboration and dialogue between games developers and academia. ow in it's fourth year, is set to be the biggest, brightest and boldest event yet. Attracting attendees and participants from across the UK and Europe, Brains Eden consists of four key elements; 

Games Artwork Exhibition 
Held in the stunning Ruskin Gallery, this unique and inspiring exhibition showcases games artwork and designs from world-leading development studios and university students across the UK and Europe. 

Exclusive Careers Clinic 
Offering the rare opportunity for students and graduates to talk directly to Studios, with Artists, Coders, Designers and Producers from all the major developers in Cambridge. 

48-hour Games Jam 
Leading up to the main event, the Brains Eden Games Jam runs over the weekend of Sat 30 June and Sun 1 July. 100 students from across the UK and Europe will compete in teams to build a new game from scratch in 48 hours, before exhibiting their work in front of Industry professionals at the main event on the Monday afternoon. 

Brains Eden is made possible by the support and dedication of Creative Front Cambridgeshire, Anglia Ruskin University's initiative to stimulate, incubate, grow and further the creative industries in the Cambridge area and is proudly supported and sponsored by: 

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