Fall 2020 Newsletter

Hello Friends and Alumni of Snohomish Cooperative Preschool (SCP)!

Welcome to our first alumni newsletter! During these challenging times, we feel it is more important than ever to reach out, even virtually. A big part of what we do at Snohomish Cooperative Preschool is work to create a community. Whether you were a member last year, or many years ago, we value your past and present contributions to SCP.

We hope you enjoy seeing what the preschool is up to this year!


The SCP Board

Remote learning at SCP

Virtual preschool is a challenging program to put together, but we are very pleased with the outcome! 

Our students participate in up to three Zoom circle times a week, along with bonus bedtime Zooms (pajamas welcome). We do drive-through materials pick-ups twice a month where the students receive take-home art and STEM activities. The teachers are using Seesaw to share recorded lessons and as a place for families to post photos and interact. Toys from the classroom are being used in our toy lending library which allows for them to be played with, instead of gathering dust! Families are also meeting in-person for optional playgroups on the preschool playground.

While this is not a normal year at SCP, we have made the best out of a difficult situation and are continuing to build our community.

Know someone who might be interested in joining our remote program? Help us spread the word! Tuition starts at $60/month with sibling add-on options.


Have a minute to help us out?

  • Do you have great friends and memories from your days at SCP? Please leave a Google or Facebook review to help us grow our community.

  • Know a family with young children? Let them know about our current program.

  • Consider purchasing from our holiday greens fundraiser or making a donation from our Amazon wishlist (see below).

  • Like our Facebook page.

Meet the teachers!

We are so lucky to have such kind and devoted teachers. Their excitement shows, and students love spending time with them over Zoom or watching them on Seesaw. Thank you so much Teacher Julie and Teacher Ashley for everything you do!

Teacher Julie

Julie is our 2’s and 3’s class teacher. She is a crafter and a planner and it shows in her lovingly prepared take-home projects. The kids have been tracing, spray painting, mixing colors, learning about the water cycle, transparency, echolocation and so much more! Julie was a co-op mom herself at Mill Creek Cooperative Preschool for five years. She’s pursuing her ATA degree in Early Childhood Education at EvCC. We’re so glad to have her at SCP.

Teacher Ashley

Ashley is our Pre-K class teacher. She's silly and caring, and the children love sharing their home life and their accomplishments with her. Ashley is finding creative ways to teach social-emotional learning, letter writing, and storytelling virtually. She even brought out the puppets last week! Ashley’s a veteran SCP parent, board member, and now teacher. We love having her at SCP.

New ‘what we stand for’ statement

“Our preschool strives to be inclusive, diverse, and compassionate toward all. We are committed to creating a space where every child and family is valued for their unique contributions to the classroom community and can see themselves represented in their learning environment. Our work is ongoing and we are constantly evaluating how to further incorporate anti-bias education standards into our program’s existing policies and practices. By supporting our children’s developing sense of self and by placing a curricular focus on relationship skills such as empathy and cooperation, we hope to empower them to become advocates for themselves, their community, and the world around them.”

Our current diversity & inclusion project is our SCP library overhaul!

This summer we took a hard look at who is represented in our preschool library. Thank you to SCP member Meredith Scherrer for going through, screening, and 'scoring' every book we own! Our teachers are excited to update our library with books that better represent our community. A generous donation from an alumni member allowed us to purchase over 30 new books, but we need many more in order to bring some balance to our preschool library! If you’d like to purchase a book to add to our library, check out our wishlist below.


Order your holiday greens from a member today!

Orders due this coming Monday morning (11/9). Contact a member you know or email Jill at Don’t miss out on this fun tradition that supports the preschool!


Registration for the 2021/2022 school year begins on February 22nd.

Mark your calendar and tell your friends! Like our Facebook page for registration reminders.


Check out this science experiment!

Learn about germs and hand-washing with this fun, at-home experiment using only dish soap and pepper. Enjoy!

P2_W1_Soap & Pepper Experiment (STEM Project)
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