Dear Pastor,
If you haven’t already heard, there’s a brand new TV miniseries airing on the History Channel that you and your congregation won’t want to miss! Created by Mark Burnett (producer of Survivor) and Roma Downey (Touched by an Angel), The Bible is a big-budget production that retells Biblical stories from Genesis through Revelation. It starts this Sunday, March 3rd, and will bring your church’s favourite Bible stories to life!
While The Bible isn’t a literal rendition of Biblical stories, the high-quality dramatization offers a great starting point for your church to engage in conversations about Christ. Please note that the parents in your church should view the trailer or preview the miniseries before sharing it with their children. This program has been compared to a PG-13 film due to its portrayal of some Bible stories.
The Bible is an exciting opportunity for the body of Christ to be engaged together in the story of the Gospel through the medium of television. It’s a neat opportunity to share with your congregation as we move closer and closer to Easter.
Randy MacDonald
Randy McDonald
Vice-President of Church and Community Relations
Focus on the Family Canada

Notable endorsements of The Bible:
“I’ve probably seen most, if not all, of the films about the Bible produced in the past 50 years. This one stands alone, in a class by itself, as the best I’ve ever seen.”
- Dr. Rick Warren, author, What on Earth Am I Here For?, The Purpose Driven Life
“Rather than a word-for-word documentary, this project combines drama and history in a way that captures the essence and heart of the Gospel and the broader Biblical story. I’m convinced that The Bible represents a unique opportunity to convey God’s redemptive message to a broad audience – many of whom may be unfamiliar with the narrative of Scripture.”
- Jim Daly, president, Focus on the Family U.S.

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Tune in to tomorrow’s broadcast where we talk to Mark Burnett and Roma Downey about The Bible.
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