March 2013 Newsletter

March 2013 Newsletter

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Happy World Water Day!  

Clean drinking water is a fundamental human right. Today is World Water Day and world leaders, governments, and aid organizations are focused on the needs of billions of people who lack access to basic sanitation and clean drinking water.  We are focused on the 56,000 people in Waslala who still need our help gaining access to clean water.  We know how to do this and we need your support.  

Every 20 seconds a child dies as a result of poor sanitation or lack of clean water. That's 1.5 million preventable deaths each year. (source: UN)

WfW has been busy making a dent in this statistic. Our most recent project is a water system in Ocote Kubali  where this year we will build a system that will provide 40 households and 80 school children with access to clean water. That's over 200 people! 

But there are thousands of Waslalans that still need our help and World Water Day is a perfect opportunity for you to make a difference. You can:
  • Make a donation in honor of World Water Day and help us end the water crisis in Waslala
  • Raise awareness by sharing this newsletter with friends and family
  • Head over to our facebook page and share, like, and comment on our World Water Day activities
  • Check out our recent blog post with 10 more ways to celebrate World Water Day
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Fundraising Focus: Ocote Kubali
Villanova Service Break Trip
Waslala Update: New Staff
Annual Report
Recently on the Blog

As always, thank you for your continued support. We would not be where we are without you!  I am enjoying getting to know many of you and seeing this vibrant community dedicate themselves to making an impact in Waslala.  Together we really are changing the faucet at a time!

Dawn Epstein
Executive Director

Join us for the 9th annual Walk for Water!  
Sunday April 14th, 12pmVillanova University

The Walk for Water is an opportunity for the entire Water for Waslala community to come together and show our support for the people of Waslala. Our goal is to raise $30,000 so we can help 300 Waslalans gain access to clean drinking water. Sign up or donate today!

Fundraising Focus: Ocote Kubali 
Water for Waslala is focusing our fundraising efforts on the community of Ocote Kubali. This very remote community in Waslala consists of 40 households and a school for 80 children. Access to water in Ocote Kubali is currently dire. Residents have to walk great distances to streams that are heavily contaminated by livestock, agriculture, and chemicals.  The community will benefit from a water system fed by a local stream. But although the stream is in a favorable location it is still contaminated and will need to be treated using chlorination.  The estimated cost of this water system is $25,000.  Click here to support the people in Ocote Kubali now!

Villanova Service Break Trip
Earlier in March 24 Villanova Engineering and Nursing students traveled to Waslala as part of the campus ministry service break program.  Water for Waslala has been hosting Villanova students during school breaks since our inception, continuing our strong tradition of collaboration with Villanova University. The students had a great trip and enjoyed honing their professional skills, getting their hands dirty, and learning more about life in Waslala.  When they got home they were greeted with a special event welcoming them to the Water for Waslala family! Keep an eye on our blog for more stories from the students.

Waslala Update: New Staff

We’re excited to announce that Water for Waslala has hired a new water system technician, Junior Martinez.  Junior is a native Nicaraguan who graduated from the Agua Para la Vida technical school and worked for Agua Para la Vida building water systems in the Siuna and Rio Blanco regions of Nicaragua. He has also worked on a United Nations project in Rio Coco, Nicaragua. He spent one week in March in Waslala working with our local team and will begin full time work in Waslala in April.  Welcome to the Water for Waslala family, Junior!

Annual Report 2012

For a complete look at all we’ve done in 2012, check out our Annual Report!  Here's what you'll find:

  • Relive our major achievements from 2012 (pg 27) and share our BIG vision for 2013 (pg 46)
  • Answer the questions Why Water? and Why Waslala? (pg 7)
  • Read personal stories about the people whose lives are changing (pg 4 and 34)
  • Learn about our new strategic nonprofit partnership in Waslala (pg 16)
  • Fully understand our sustainable, community-driven approach (pg 19)
  • See the impact your donation can have (pg 51)
  • Check out our financials (pg 36)

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