Welcome to the Northey Street City Farm E-news for February 2017

This month we start our Permaculture Design Course, have great workshops and continue our weekly farm tours on Tuesday mornings. The City Farm Nursery is well stocked with plants and resources to assist you with your gardening needs. The Sunday Organic Markets continue to support local organic farmers and the Up-cycle Market is on this Sunday the 5th of Febraury.
We welcome to the farm Georgia Railton-Stewart, who will be the event coordinator for this years Winter Solstice festival.  We are advertising for a Nursery Coordiantor and the position description in on our website
Our children's holiday program has been launched and we are taking bookings for the Easter holidays.
The Grounded Permaculture Action Party is happening at the farm this Saturday the 4th of February, with some great compost workshops and you can still register for our Clean Up Australia Day event.
The Windsor Food Collective had a successful information night at the farm and if you would like to know more about that food coop please CLICK HERE.
Thanks again to all our farm volunteers who bring the heart to our community through their work and thanks to all the staff who work passionately for the permaculture movement.
We hope to see you this month at the farm!
The next Permaculture Design Course starts on Friday 17th of February to 2nd of June.
To book into this course CLICK HERE.

The Easter 'Earth Kids' school holiday program will run from April the 3rd to 7th and support kids to become 'nature smart' - to have the knowledge, understandings and skills to engage in creating a more sustainable world. This will be a fun and interactive week of outdoor discovery in which kids will learn about the animals and plants at the Farm through observation and supported questioning, explore indigenous knowledge, experiment with Earth Arts and Bushcraft skills, and to put permaculture into practice. The program will be for kids aged 7 to 11 years of age, and will go from Monday to Friday from 9am to 3.30pm each day. For enquiries please email Emma at For more information CLICK HERE.
Great workshops coming up including Native Stingless Bees with Dr Tobias Smith presenting Tim Heard's workshop, Growing and Cooking Bush Foods with Dick Copeman, Wild Child Gardens: Design for Backyard Play with Tamsin Scott.  To book CLICK HERE.

Now in stock masses of unusual Fruit trees:
Jaboticaba - black & yellow                 Jackfruit              Black Sapote
Grafted Finger Limes - red & pink    Custard Apple     Soursop              
Miracle fruit                                           Pomegranate       Pepino
Wampi                                                     Ylang Ylang         Longan
Figs                                                          Sapodilla              Cherry Guava
Bilimbi                                                   Araca Boi              Ambarella

Our Organic Markets are on every Sunday from 6am-12pm. A great place to get your organic food, buckwheat pancakes, wholesome popsicles, honey, eggs, bees wax candles, organic facial products, sol bread, healing massage, juices and much more. This Sunday the 5th of February the Upcycle Market is on from 7am-12pm, showcasing low impact makers, crafters, artists and clothing designers committed to using ecologically friendly practices and re-purposed items and materials. For more information on the Upcycle Market CLICK HERE.
Northey Street City Farm will again be participating in Clean Up Australia Day on March the 5th at 8am to 12pm. Join us to help clean up, fix up and conserve the environment. Please meet at 20 Edmund Street, Windsor, near Enoggera Creek. To register CLICK HERE.
Around the Farm
Lots of School Tours around the farm this month. It's always good to see the children getting their hands on experience at compost making at the farm! The Sunday Organic Markets always provide a lovely relaxing atmosphere, full of lovely stall holders and wonderful characters.
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