The world shines about me.
How beautiful life is.
I marvel at people who are not in love with life. Rumi
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Sweet Blessings Brothers & Sisters!

This is the seed time of the year (the longest night of Winter and shortest light) as today we mark the rebirth of the Sun. The light returns, the Sun King is victorious. In other words, "Love Wins!"

One of the names Bali is known by is "Island of Love." It's true, there is something about living in the most loving culture on earth that inspires your love to grow as well. Bali is not a destination you check off a bucket list, never to think of again. She holds a piece of your heart forever and gently encourages your soul even when apart. Jim Beckwith (Hanuman Das) and I have designed the most incredible itinerary INCLUDING tickets to Bali Spirit Festival! We will attend as a family amongst all the other incredible cultural experiences prepared for you. If you want to stay longer or come earlier we can help you. I've rented a place between March 15 - April 29th :-)

As we celebrate the Winter Solstice and the rebirth of the Sun, before we plan forward to create our best 2016 let's first offer thanks. I want to take time to offer tremendous blessings and love to Jacob Young. Together we founded Alchemy Tours 7 years ago out of love for one another, travel, adventure and a desire to guide people to our favorite places.

The end of 2015 is the end of this relationship. Marianne Williamson says "Relationships are t
he laboratories of the spirit." As true Alchemists I am honored to have spent these 7 years together making as many happy experiments as possible.
As we light the sacred Fire, its Alchemy allows us to dissolve the past and with this spark to begin something new. Our conscious uncoupling gives us both space to grow love in all ways. With that please help me in Congratulating Jake on his engagement to Avery! I am always happy for your happiness.
As we say good-bye to Jake from Alchemy Tours this rebirth has offered our Alchemy family an opportunity to grow its relationships. 2016 will bring more collaborations: Guiding retreats along with me includes Justin Kaliszewski of Outlaw Yoga (Costa Rica); Jim Beckwith (Bali); Amita Stark (Tuscany); Laura Hand and Lindsey Wise (Alchemy of Yoga); and DJ Drishti (Amsterdam)!

May our lives invoke the return of the Light and may your own thoughts be gentle upon yourself. With deepest bows of love and gratitude for you all!

GOOD KARMA YOGA. You will fall in love with the CHILDREN at the Manukaya School with 159 students, 7-12 years old, just 1.2 miles away from Monkey Forrest. We will sing them songs led by Jim Beckwith, teach them Yoga & share in laughter.

1. English books are in demand and very much appreciated. 
2. School supplies (all the basics). 3. Anything else that you want to offer.

According to ancient Hindu writings" Bhuwana" means earth and "Ubud" means medicine. Bhuwana ubud can be defined as medicines of the earth.

Located in the enchanting Pengosekan region of Ubud, the Bhuwana Ubud provides plush accommodation in 40 distinguished Deluxe Rooms,large space area of tropical garden and swimming pool while surrounded by green and golden rice fields, palm trees and soothing sounds of flowing waters. And a gorgeous swim-up bar!

A complete healthy lifestyle accommodations, organic garden and healthy lifestyle restaurant, are inspired by local wisdom. Bhuwana maintains a peaceful atmosphere integrated with nature. 

Kedaton Spa: Inspired by ancient techniques treatment for Javanese Royal family, the on site spa offers traditional holistic treatments honoring the balance in life, body, mind and spirit. 

Yoga Studio: Overlooking the rice field and the gardens, get ready to heal and reconnect your body, mind and soul. Mats, blocks provided.

shuttles to Ubud center included as are bicycles and more!

Our week LOOKS like this:

Beauty.  Earth Element (Bhumi) Days 1-2
Art.  Water Element (Jala)  Days 3-4
Love. Fire Element.  (Agni) Days 5-6
Inspiration.  Air Element (Vayu) Days 7-8

Our week FEELS like:
Poetry, Dharma, Sweetness, Bhakti, Cycling, Hiking, Laughing, Hugging, Swimming (or standing at the swim-up bar), Bali Spirit Festival & loads of live Music. The live musical inspiration provided by the accomplished Teacher, Singer/Songwriter, Kirtan Performer, Jim Beckwith

Jim Beckwith (Hanuman Das) is an accomplished musician, songwriter and teacher. Jim's music is soulful and evocative of healing and inner awakening. He mixes mantra chants and English lyrics with a melodic and accessible tapestry of sound, exotic instrumentation and undulating rhythms. A compelling lyricist with a voice that soars from high to low with the greatestof ease, Jim is a devoted yogi and musician who focuses on Bhakti - the great yoga of the heart. 
He has shared the stage with with many great kirtan 
artists such as Jai Uttal, Krishna Das, Bhagavan Das, Govind Das & Radha, Brenda McMorrow, 
C.C. White, David Newman, Kirtaniyas, Aykanna, Shantala & Saul David Raye.

When not on stage Jim enjoys….
Capturing images created in beautiful light. He spent years working professionally in photography, in photojournalism and commercial world. 

He is inspired by travel to faraway places as well as seeking the extraordinary in the mundane. He's a proud father and spiritual brother to many. His roots brought him from living in Florida, North Carolina, Nashville and Boulder, Colorado to settling in southern California.
Check out Jim's brand new album, River of Song, on Itunes now!

*March 27-April 3, 2016 Bali Yoga Retreat
*June 11-18, 2016 Amalfi Italy Soulful Exploration Yoga Retreat
*June 19-25, 2016 Tuscany Italy Vino & Vinyasa Yoga Retreat
*June 25-July 2, 2016 Amsterdam Yoga Retreat

*July 23-30, 2016 Costa Rica Pura Vida Yoga Retreat
*July 30-August 20, 2016 Costa Rica RYT Teacher Training

*Nov 26-Dec 3, 2016 Cabo San Lucas Mexico Prana del Mar Retreat

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