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Hi Elite: Dangerous Newsletter,

Welcome to Elite: Dangerous Newsletter #24!

The Alpha process has been a real collaborative success story with our backers, as David Braben explains in his Progress Diary #12.

After the release of Alpha 4 last week, we highlight just a few of the very cool things it offers - its great to see people playing their own way and sharing what they discover.

The team is still hard at work so that in just one week’s time we can welcome thousands of new players to Premium Beta, and continue the great interaction with even more people to help us in the push on towards Beta itself!

Contents this week

Peek(s) of the Week
Progress Diary #12
Comms Chatter
Start Playing Today!
Notice - Premium Beta will Reset Progress
My Other Car's a Cobra MK III
E3 in Los Angeles
Mostly Harmless Questions

Peek(s) of the Week

This week we have a gallery of peeks from Alpha 4:

Here’s a shot of the amazing double-decker ‘open’ cockpit of the Lakon Type 9. Note the doors back there, all ready for when you’re walking round…
Meanwhile, we’ll just have to content ourselves with the views from the pilot’s seat, which are really quite something:
Its VR heaven!

Going up even further in ship size is the multi-seat bridge of the awesome Anaconda:
You can pack a serious amount weaponry as you blast off with your cargo…
Which should see you safely through to your destination:
If combat agility is your thing, try the Core Dynamics Eagle. The Eagle has been used by both the Federation and Empire in the past.
Its got ‘Top Gun’ acceleration and maneuverability:
Just what you need in a tight spot!
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Progress Diary #12

Progress Diary #12 has been released. In this video diary, David Braben talks about the final stage of the Elite: Dangerous Alpha: phase 4!

Alpha 4 sees you trading between 5 systems covering 200 cubic light years of space, which is itself set within the 400 billion star systems of the Milky Way galaxy.

David talks about how the Design Decision Forum helped introduce the idea of super cruise using the Frame Shift Drive, mentions some of the new ships you can now fly - including the huge Anaconda - and explains what it means to him to explore the sheer scale and beauty of the Elite: Dangerous galaxy.

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Comms Chatter

We were doubly impressed with the flying skill of Isinona in this fantastic video.
Not only are there some great tips on how to fly with flight assist off whilst super-cruising, but also there is a great explanation of how mass-locking affects the speed at which you can super-cruise within star systems using the Frame Shift Drive, which we discussed in the 'Need for Speed' section of Newsletter 21!
On the forums, Cadmonkey33 shared this lovely 15 minute exposure of the entrance to Chango Dock starport.
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Start Playing Today!

Premium Beta Access
We are now just one week away from Premium Beta release on 30th May - in just 7 days time thousands of new players will be joining in the experience as they blaze their own trail through the incredible Elite: Dangerous galaxy.

Want to be part of it? Join the Premium Beta Here!

Premium Beta gives immediate access to a single-player combat build, so you can hone your Sidewinder skills for a week before you are let loose on the multi-payer Premium Beta servers!

Don’t forget you can upgrade from your current purchase to Premium Beta – just checkout with the Premium Beta in your shopping cart and the correct discount will automatically be applied.

Pre-order Standard Beta
The Elite: Dangerous Standard Beta will be starting soon (the exact date will be announced during Premium Beta), so if you are not ready to join in with the Premium Beta you can pre-order the Standard Beta now.

Expansion Pass
Alternatively you could grab an Expansion pass for the game, which offers automatic access to all future major Elite: Dangerous expansion packs for a one-off price.  That access is included in Premium Beta but not standard Beta, and it will come in handy; we intend to continue expanding the game with both new content and new features such as ship boarding and planetary landings. Get it here!

Pre-order the Full Game
Finally, you can simply tell all your friends how great the game is shaping up and persuade them to pre-order the full game, which will be released later this year, here!

Each and every purchase contributes directly to our ongoing development efforts.
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Notice - Premium Beta will Reset Progress

Commanders: please beware that, as with other major releases, your progress (ships, credits etc.) will be reset to zero when Premium Beta is released at the end of next week (May 30th).  This is because of some changes that will be implemented for Premium Beta, and of course it levels the playing field as we welcome lots of new people. 
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My Other Car's a Cobra MK III

David Braben presented a key note talk at the Nordic Games conference this week in Malmö, Sweden, with the intriguing title of ‘My Other Car’s A Cobra Mk III’
Thanks to all those who attended – we hope you enjoyed hearing about Elite: Dangerous as much as David enjoyed talking about it!
'We are the wind beneath his wings'
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E3 in Los Angeles

We will be showcasing Elite: Dangerous at this year’s E3 in Los Angeles on the 10th - 12th June! 

Look out for press coverage of our show area in room 501 B as people drop in to see us, and we will of course be tweeting and posting pictures all through the week to keep you updated so follow us on Facebook and Twitter.
Earlier last week, we posted on the forums about our search for an Elite: Dangerous US Ambassador. We were looking for one backer to come and be an Ambassador and help our team talking to the press at E3. Congratulations to the ‘chosen one’ … Dr. Wookie!
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Mostly Harmless Questions

insanephoton: Seeing as there should be some amazing visuals, will there be any in game screen grab /screen shot manager?

The game already supports screen capture, just press the F10 and it’s saved to your local hard drive. It’s unlikely that we’ll provide a game-specific screenshot manager, there are already plenty of image library apps available for this purpose.

Cathy: Will there be hidden societies such as secret orders to encounter in Elite: Dangerous?

Yes, there’ll be a range of characters representing a number of organisations ranging from the major power blocs, to crime syndicates and organisations with hidden agendas. Part of the appeal of the Elite: Dangerous galaxy is the breadth of human interaction that you can become involved in. The primary vehicle for this interaction will be the missions, and of course it’s something we will build on as we further expand the game, notably when you’re able to get out of the cockpit.

tluamiani: Will guilds/clans be supported and how?

Everyone is enrolled as a member of the Pilot’s Federation, and within that there will be ‘groups’ functionality that allows people to form organic associations.  There are also the three major power blocs of Federation, Empire and Alliance of Independents that you can cosy up to (or act against) as you wish. Specifically created clans are something we will investigate after the first release of the game.
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That’s it for newsletter #24 - thank you again for reading and supporting the development of Elite: Dangerous!

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