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Hi Commander,

Welcome to Elite: Dangerous Newsletter #47!

In this newsletter we take a look at Beta 3 which was released earlier this week, and announce the end of the Beta phase as we approach the final release of the game.

We will be announcing the release date for Elite: Dangerous next week so be sure to check out the newsletter!

There is some additional information about the Premier Event and we have a video of the team talking about the making of Elite: Dangerous.

The Elite: Dangerous Mercenary Edition, available now, is a bonus pre-order game collection loaded with digital extras and gives you two ships, a Sidewinder and an Eagle fighter ship, from the minute you start playing!

To get this additional content and benefit from the £4.99 discount you will need to place your order before the game is released!

If you want to be a part of the Beta and not only play now, but take advantage of the benefits it will give you even after launch, there is an upgrade path which will cost you an additional £15. Interested? Just go to the store, put the Beta in your basket and the correct discount will be applied when you checkout.

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Beta 3

The third stage of our Beta test was released this week opening up the playable space to 869,000 cubic light years with over 2,400 star systems to explore.
Many new features were introduced, plus additional missions and controls.

One of the biggest additions is the ability to own multiple ships, which we have discussed in previous newsletters. You can now keep multiple craft docked at different starports, which means instead of owning just one ship you can own multiple ships dedicated to combat, exploration, trading and more.

Two more ships were added to the selection. The powerful Imperial Clipper, with its clean white lines and elegant form built for fast but luxurious travel, is ideal for transporting valuable items and important personnel across the Empire. Plus the Federal Dropship, laden with hardpoints and armoured to the hilt, is perfect for tactical and special forces deployment; a real workhorse of a ship capable of carrying large loads and facing the most hostile situations. While freely available at the moment, their ownership will be restricted in the game, depending on your allegiance to either the Empire or the Federation.
Fuel scooping from stars has been added, making the vast new play area more accessible for explorers who just want to take off into the unknown And for those who prefer to trade, metals can be cut from asteroids using the new mining laser.
As well as accepting new philanthropy missions, players can now interdict NPC ships, pulling them out of faster-than-light travel back into normal space.

Your faction reputation can now be seen on the status panel and there are new controls to allow rapid switching between display screens.

Visually there have been many changes. Planet have had a major overhaul so surface types, liquids and atmospheric colours reflect their chemical composition and all planets now have dynamic ice caps and liquid levels.

Planets now display volcanic features and complex craters (dependant on atmosphere thickness) which can create dust ejecta. The ice planets (which we introduced in Beta 2) can now have visible fracture features.
These are just a few of the additions in Beta 3 and we hope you are enjoying all the changes as much as we are. If you haven’t has a chance to play Beta 3 yet, you can watch a short video showing some of the new features
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Beta Closing - November 22nd!

Access to the Beta will be closing on November 22nd.

After November 22nd the opportunity to join the Beta will no longer be available for new players, but the Beta backers can continue to test (and play!) the game until the release of the game and beyond. All Beta backers will continue getting builds to test and play up until the final release.

Being a Beta backer extends far beyond getting early access to the game. All Beta (and Alpha) backers have access to the beta forums and we will continue to support Alpha and Beta backers with additional benefits and special offers in the future as a thank you for the early support you have given us.

Today we want to announce one of those benefits.

In Elite: Dangerous there will be areas of the game that will not be immediately accessible. Players may have to build a reputation with the governing faction in order to be given a permit to visit an area under their jurisdiction.

The Solar system, which is the star system of the birth of humanity, is restricted in this way. In the year 3300 humanity's homeworld has become a rich playground for the successful, the wealthy, and the powerful and famous. And of course, as a Beta backer, you belong in that set. All visiting commanders will need a permit, granted by The Federation in order to visit Sol or anywhere in the Solar system. However, all Alpha and Beta backers will be given an automatic permit, without having to first earn a reputation with The Federation. (For those of you whose allegiances lie elsewhere this could be a very useful benefit indeed!).

Remember – if you are not a Beta backer already, you only have until November 22nd to join and take advantage of the lasting benefits that will give you. There is also an upgrade path if you have already pre-ordered the game which will cost you an additional £15. Just go to the store, put the Beta in your basket and the correct discount will be applied when you checkout.

We want to thank everyone who has joined us and backed us through this process and thought you would like this video created by the team.
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The Elite: Dangerpus Premiere Event - 22.11.14

We are getting closer to our Elite: Dangerous Premiere Event. The tickets we made available to buy last week sold out quickly, so we have managed to make some more tickets available on the store which will be sold on a first-come, first-served basis!
Don’t forget if you are unable to make the event in person you will be able to stream the live broadcast from our Twitch channel on the night.
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New Paint Jobs

We have new paint jobs available from today on our store!

We have five new Hauler designs which can be bought individually, or you can buy The Hauler Cargo Pack which has all five designs plus one exclusive free design which is not available to buy separately.

There are two new Hot Rod designs, each available for three different ships, The Eagle, The Cobra and The Sidewinder.
Plus – we have a new premium Chrome Limited Edition paint job for the Viper – which will only be available until November 22nd.
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Comms Chatter

James Bailey reminded us that advertising has changed a little bit since the 80s, by sending in this Elite advert from a 1985 issue of ZX Spectrum magazine, Crash.
@Edwin_Stowe on Twitter shows us the majesty of Elite: Dangerous. The closing moments are particularly moving.
Not happy with showing us just one picture, Hoppryngil shared a whole set instead.
A forum user named Distance will be celebrating Halloween in style with this Cobra MK III Pumpkin.
Inspired by Distance’s Elite: Dangerous Halloween, @rontana did a spot of his own pumpkin carving.
In Newsletter #45 we gave you the chance to win one of two Saitek X52 Pro controllers; all you had to do is send in your best Flight Assist Off video. Aside from the hundreds of clips we received of people crashing into the sides of space stations, there were quite a few that showcased some amazing flying skill – unfortunately we could only pick two winners.

Congratulations to Tommyttk, who treated us to a glimpse of the inner alleyways of Azeban City -
And AnD4D who put together a flight assist off montage (including some station aerobatics) -
We will be in touch with the winners via email.

We asked for people to send in screenshots after beta 3 went live – Toad Bailey was happy to oblige – here’s one of the highlights from his collection.
Anthony Olver’s Kickstarter to fund the production of “The ELITE Archives: A 30 Year History of ELITE” book is in full swing with just one week to go.

The project has had a massive surge in support over the past week following the introduction of removable memorabilia to all COMPETENT or higher pledge levels.

“The one thing that really struck me with Elite was when I first opened the box and saw just how much 'stuff' they had managed to fit inside. The box was like a TARDIS. How on earth did they fit that much inside?
As well as being a comprehensive history of Elite, my vision for the Elite Archives Book is for it to contain as much removable reproduction memorabilia that we can possibly fit inside the covers. I am pleased to announce that we will be revealing a new piece of removable memorabilia every single day until the kickstarter ends. Each piece will be included FREE with every physical book reward at the COMPETENT or higher level and will add to the rich story of the greatest computer game ever created!”

- Anthony Olver (from The Elite Archives)

The 200+ page book will be published by Fantastic Books Publishing and is available through the Kickstarter in digital, softcover, hardcover and Limited Special Edition hardcover formats. Digital starts from $30 AUD (£17 GBP), softcover from $70 AUD (£39 GBP) and hardback from $110 (£60 GBP). The physical books all include a kickstarter-exclusive signed bookplate and there will be over twenty pieces of removable memorabilia for eligible paperback and hardback reward levels including reproduction stickers, letters, photographs and posters.
Elite Archives Website

Elite Archives Book Kickstarter
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That’s it for newsletter #47 - thank you for reading and supporting the development of Elite: Dangerous.

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