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Hello Commander,

Welcome to Elite: Dangerous Newsletter #31!

Only a couple of weeks to go now until Beta 1 is released on the 29th!  In this issue we continue to lift the lid on what you can expect from Beta 1, this time focusing on fuel.

In preparation for Beta 1, this week we released the single player combat build to all those eligible for Beta 1, so you can get some flying practice in before the 29th.

Also for those of you who still want to jump in and start playing multiplayer Premium Beta now, plus take advantage of the Lifetime Expansion Pass, you have four days left until 15th July; after that we’ll withdraw Premium Beta from sale.  Discounts are automatically added at checkout; if you want to upgrade you only pay the difference between the Premium Beta price and what you already paid for access to.  The Lifetime Expansion Pass will be withdrawn from sale on 29th July.

Here's a full summary:

Premium Beta
Immediate multi-player Premium Beta access + Lifetime Expansion Pass - To be withdrawn from sale after 14th July.
Lifetime Expansion Pass
Access to all future paid-for expansions - To be withdrawn from sale 29th July.
From your current level to Premium Beta - To be withdrawn from sale after 15th July.
Standard Beta
Pre-Order open now – Immediate access to single player combat build. Beta available July 29th.
Elite: Dangerous full game
Pre-Order open now – planned release is Q4 2014, exact release date to be announced.

If you have any problems upgrading (we have had a few people with issues from the original Kickstarter), then please get in touch with us here.

Contents this week

Newsletter Peek of the Week

Twinkle, Twinkle, …

We have some stellar work-in-progress towards Beta 1 showing solar flares and coronal mess ejection.  You really have to see it moving to appreciate it fully, so we’ve taken the unusual ‘Peek’ step of uploading a ‘faster than real time’ video to YouTube for your viewing pleasure!
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Adding Fuel To The Fire

In Beta 1 we will introduce the consumption of fuel by your ships.  This has some natural consequences, creating some structure to the galaxy. The galaxy is naturally composed of clusters of relatively close-by stars -  Sol is relatively unusual in having its nearest neighbour over 4 light years away, which is not the case for most stars. For any given jump distance, groups of stars are naturally grouped into 3D ‘islands’ separated by that distance, and as the distance increases then the islands get bigger and there are fewer of them. This natural phenomenon provides a challenge to the smaller ships with limited jump distances, as quite often they have to go on quite a detour to reach a slightly further destination, or can choose to compromise on what they are carrying – perhaps stripping down their ship a little to make the jump in one. Ultimately it provides a challenge to explorers, especially as you move out of the galactic plane.  

Fuel consumption for a hyperspace jump will be determined by the total mass of your ship, the class and type of hyperdrive you have fitted, and the distance of the jump. Stripping some kit or cargo from your ship will extend the range a little, or doing multiple smaller jumps will take less fuel in total. In addition to this, normal propulsion and supercruise also use fuel, though vastly less than for long range hyperjumps.  Of course different ships will be able to accommodate different drive types, and will have different fuel capacities.

During normal operation, a small amount of fuel that is proportionate to the demands you are placing on your power plant, is drawn continuously - the higher the power demand the faster your fuel is used.  Fuel use in normal space is a good deal less than in supercruise, but even then a single tank will last a significant amount of time. In comparison, hyperspace jumps are extremely thirsty.
You can re-fuel your ship at star ports. Later on in development, there will be dedicated refuelling outposts, you will be able to replenish your fuel by scooping directly from stars and gas giants (but you will find that not all such naturally occurring sources of fuel are equal in quality), and also eventually benefit from the milk of human kindness of your fellow Pilot Federation members who may be persuaded to ‘fill you up’ via a ship-to-ship fuel transfer.

If you get into the unfortunate situation where you run out of fuel, you will have reserve power you can call upon (you will be fined if you use your reserve tank, and will be forced to refill it when you next dock), and if that doesn’t do the trick, a distress beacon to call for assistance.  Unfortunately it might also attract those who take a different view of your situation…
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GalNet News Transmission 11th July 3300

All information ©3300 Elite Pilots Federation.  Copyright violation is a crime in all jurisdictions.

::Elite Pilots Federation Alert::
Black market profits are now running at 49,967,595 credits.
Most Profitable Black Market Goods:
1.    Liqueurs
2.    Personal weapons
3.    Stolen Gold

Automatic bounties placed on the heads of all rogues attacking Pilot Federation members have yielded a slight reduction in attacks.  We ask members to remain vigilant and continue to hunt for bounties.

::Market Information::
Ship Sales (by number)
Faulcon DeLacey’s bestselling Cobra Mk III once again strengthened its hold on top spot with 39% market share.

The Core Dynamics Eagle has soared into second spot this week with a 26% market share, perhaps reflecting the increased combat opportunities for offered to members by current events.

After a strong launch week, Zorgon Peterson’s Hauler has slipped into 3rd place with 22% market share.  A ZP spokesperson says it is unconcerned and, now its initial burst of pre-orders has worked though sales channels, it believes strong word-of-mouth from happy pilots will start to deliver ongoing sales growth.

GalNet Trade Aggregation Service Reports
Weekly Pilot Federation Member Profits:
1,346,943,449 credits profit generated from 4,024,628 units of cargo traded.

Most Profitable Goods
1.    Progenitor Cells
2.    Resonant separators
3.    Gold
Most Traded Goods
1.    Progenitor Cells
2.    Fish
3.    Basic Medicines
4.    Domestic Appliances
Top Imports per System, Ranked by Quantity
i Bootis:         Progenitor Cells, Agricultural Medicines
Aulin:            Fish, Bertrandite
Eranin:           Progenitor Cells, Crop Harvesters
LP 98-132:        Resonant separators, Progenitor Cells
Dahan:            Indite, Lepidolite
LHS 3006:         Resonant separators, Explosives
Asellus Primus    Grain, Tea
Top Exports per System, Ranked by Quantity
Aulin:            Progenitor Cells, Performance Enhancers
i Bootis:         Fish, Basic Medicines
Aulin:            Agricultural Medicines, Combat Stabilisers
Eranin:           Tea, Coffee
LP 98-132:        Gold, Bertrandite
Dahan:            Tantalum, Aluminium
Asellus Primus:   Resonant separators, Non Lethal Weapons
LHS 3006:         Indite, Lepidolite

Trade Tips & Hidden Gems
Aulin:            Terrain Enrichment Systems
LP 98-132:        Combat Stabilisers
Dahan:            Gallite
I bootis:         Robotics
LHS 3006:         Non Lethal Weapons
Eranin:           Agricultural Medicines

Detailed market information feeds are available via an upgraded subscription to GalNet services.

::GeoPolitical Analysis::
Eranin Tension Continues
Skirmishes between the Eranin Defence Force and the Federation continue this profitable ongoing Combat Bond opportunity for Pilots Federation members.

Abnormally high levels of piracy are continuing to be reported in LP98-132.

::And Finally::
Sensationalist reports that Progenitor Cells cause hair loss, memory loss, and even blackouts have lead local system governments to convene an emergency meeting this weekend on Asellus Primus. Though direct links are unconfirmed, the bureaucrats may decide to halt production and ban the cells while investigations continue. Progenitor Cell producers strenuously deny any association.

Sports Results, Entertainment News and Celebrity Gossip are available via an upgraded subscription.

This GalNet News Transmission is sponsored in part by the Bank of Zaonce. Trust the Bank of Zaonce with your hard-earned credits.

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Last Chance To Join Premium Beta

We will be withdrawing Premium Beta for sale after 15th July – ie next Tuesday UK time – in preparation for Beta 1.

Premium Beta gives you immediate access to the multi-player Premium Beta, plus access to all future paid for expansions via the Lifetime Expansion Pass.

So if you wish to join in with Premium Beta, which you can do via this link Premium Beta, you have just a few days left!
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Single Player Combat Build Available Now To Beta 1 Players and New Pre-Orders

As you may already know, earlier this week we released the Elite: Dangerous single player combat test to all Beta backers, roughly doubling the number of players able to experience the game.

Those of you who have already pre-ordered the multiplayer Beta and those who pre-order before July 29th are now able to download and play the single player combat test immediately and begin honing your piloting skills in readiness for the release of Beta 1 on July 29th!

To access this, simply log into your Elite: Dangerous online account and download the launcher via “My Downloadable Products”, and you’ll see its available to download.
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Comms Chatter

The New Yorker has now run an interview from E3 with David Braben about the astronomically faithful nature of the Elite: Dangerous Milky Way – ‘The Video Game That Maps The Galaxy’

“Elite: Dangerous collates a great deal of up-to-date astronomical information into one publically available simulation, but Braben believes its true importance lies not in the accuracy of the model or its predictions but in its value as a story about the universe in which we live, the flowering sense of awe that, contrary to most narratives, grows with understanding and familiarity, rather than diminishes. “If there is any practical application, then it is largely educational,” Braben said. “But, most important, the game creates a sense of wonder based on what is truly out there.”

And The Mittani posted their E3 impressions of Elite: Dangerous

“playing Elite: Dangerous feels like settling into the cockpit of a fully-functional starship, with all the enormity that entails.”

They seem to have enjoyed the experience, calling it ‘the most impressive game we encountered at E3 2014’! We want to make just one comment on their piece – you can rest assured that a lot more than the initial Kickstarter budget is going into the development of Elite Dangerous - all ongoing purchases from our website continue to directly support development, and Frontier has also invested significant amount beyond that - we are making this the best game we can!
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Hi-res Screenshot Competition

Thanks for all your entries to the hi-res screenshot competition taken via Alt-F10!

The winner, to be announced next week, will win a framed A3 poster of their screenshot, signed by David Braben.

The competition ended at midnight last night / this morning. As promised, here is a selection of some of our initial favourites – David will of course go through them all and make his own mind up!:

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Mostly Harmless Questions

Mysturji: What mechanisms/procedures will there be for avoiding & reversing offender/fugitive status?

Avoiding such status comes from being careful – basically don’t be seen to break the law in the areas controlled by the regime(s) you wish to stay clean with. Reversing them is harder. They do decay with time, but the unscrupulous will find ways to ‘buy off’ their ratings, for the right price!
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Community Events

This week saw three events:


Quite of few of our developers attended Lavecon last week , which by all accounts was a great event.  Thanks to the guys from Lave Radio for organising it once again!

David Braben gave a talk entitled ‘My Other Car’s A Cobra MkIII’ at BAFTA in London’s Piccadilly earlier this week.  It was a very convivial event and David sends his thanks to all those who attended, participated in the Q part of the Q & A and generally chatted afterwards! And of course to BAFTA for organising it.

This week David also attended the ‘Develop’ games industry conference in Brighton.  On Wednesday he took part in a panel discussion of self-evident relevance to Elite: Dangerous entitled ‘Harnessing Science to Entertain’, and on Thursday he gave a talk about the development process of Elite: Dangerous called ‘Re-defining Alpha’.  Again, thanks to all those who attended, participated, organised and contributed with questions!

FantastiCon is a new sci-fi convention bringing together Elite fans from around the world. It is being held in the Jameson Suite at the Royal Mercure Hotel in Hull, United Kingdom on Saturday 16th August, and convention attendees who book now can get hotel B&B at £25 pp/pn. The event includes free soft drinks and snacks, and access to a 24 hour bar.

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