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Hi Commander,

Welcome to Elite: Dangerous Newsletter #40!

The week we have some exciting news about a new ship feature which will be available in the final version of the game.

We also announce the price of the final release version and unveil a bonus pre-order pack for all Commanders who have already or will pre-order the game before the final release.

Our plans for the 30th Anniversary of Elite continue and we start counting down to Eurogamer’s EGX in London later this month.

Also, availability of the limited edition flag paint jobs will end this Monday so if you want to grab one before then, go to the store and add them to your basket.

Don’t forget, if you have pre-ordered the finished game but are tempted to start playing sooner, there is an upgrade path which will cost you an additional £15. Interested? Just go to the store, put the Beta in your basket and the correct discount will be applied when you checkout.


Contents this week (Click subject to jump forward):

Newsletter Peek of the Week

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Elite: Dangerous Mercenary Edition Pre-order Digital Bonus

We are announcing today that the price of the final release of Elite: Dangerous will be £39.99 ($59.99 and €49.99).

We are also announcing a special pre-order digital pack, the Elite: Dangerous Mercenary Edition, which is a bonus pre-order game collection loaded with digital extras.

The pack is available on our store today for new customers at a discounted price off the final release of £35.00 ($50 and €40) plus the addition of the Mercenary Pack extras. Anyone who has already pre-ordered the final release version of Elite: Dangerous (including of course Alpha, Premium Beta and Beta participants) will also receive the bonus pre-order collection when the game is released.

We are hugely appreciative of all of you who have shown us support, either backing the game through the Alpha and Beta phases or pre-ordering the game prior to the release. Without you the game would not be at the stage it is today. This collection is our way of rewarding your support before we put out our final release.

As well as a digital download copy of the game, the pack will contain:

-    An additional Eagle fighter ship docked in a secondary location
-    Exclusive pack of ship paint jobs
-    A day one ship decal
-    A digital players guide
-    A digital concept art book
-    Plus additional in-game benefits and other digital goodies to be announced over the coming weeks
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My Other Ship is an Eagle and a Cobra and a Hauler and an Asp...

You will have noticed that one of the features of the Mercenary Edition pre-order pack is an additional Eagle fighter docked in a secondary location. This is in addition to the standard Sidewinder (or other ship if you have one of the Kickstarter packs).

This is more significant that may at first seem: multiple ship ownership is something many players have asked for, and we can announce that it will be in the released game. You will still control just one ship at a time, but you will be able to keep ships outfitted for a specific purpose in ‘garages’ until you want them.

Any of the larger stations – those larger than outposts – will have such storage facilities, and your ship(s) will be kept safely at that location until you come to get it.
For example you could have your long range Asp Explorer fully equipped for exploration, in a station near the frontier, kitted out to the max with the various scanners and radar equipment, drives, fuel scoops needed for deep space exploration, and keep your combat-ready Viper in the garage for when that plum mission comes up, or when you want to take revenge on one of your fellow explorers. You may also want to keep your pristine Imperial Courier for adventuring in Imperial Space, as you know you will get better treatment there flying an obviously Imperial craft, which is not quite the case in most Federal systems.

The only limit to the number of ships you can own is your in-game money, and not all the ships need to be in the same place; they can be stored in different systems scattered around Human Space as you like.

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Elite 30th Anniversary

We are planning 10 days of surprises, announcements and competitions - we will have some new commemorative merchandise on the store and during that week we are also at Eurogamer which will make it even more special!

Watch out for regular Galnet bulletins, and if you don’t already, please follow us on whatever social media you prefer.
We have had some fantastic pictures, comments, stories and videos from you but please keep them coming in, below is a reminder of where to send them.

If you want to join in you can send any pictures, videos or images to us at; or you can tweet #EliteDangerous #Elite30Years

Or email us with a link to where we can download your file. Please make sure you provide a name and contact details with anything you share.

Please note, by submitting content and information you are automatically giving Frontier the right to use the content publically, so if you do not want your video used – don’t send it to us!

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Elite: Dangerous Books - Part 4

- Book Title
Elite:And Here The Wheel

- Author
John Harper

- Blurb
Robert Garry, ex-military officer, wants nothing more than to maintain his integrity and his team’s safety despite a career change to pirate leader but a cargo freighter he targets proves to be holding much more than he bargained for.
Will he escape with his own life, let alone the lives of his crew?
He has always shunned the ‘folk hero’ label but is he in danger of becoming an arch villain in the process…
- Review clips
” Very engaging novel set in the Elite universe and chronicling the exploits and adventures of Robert Garry, Federal officer-turned pirate-turned would be savior of humanity and his unlikely companion Gunn-Britt who has spent her entire life hunting and killing pirates. there are some intriguing reveals into the history of the Elite Pilots Federation and other key elements of the Elite universe. I look forward to reading more about these characters and their adventures in the future!"
"Fantastic book by a new author. There were times I found myself holding my breath as I read faster and faster during the fast paced action scenes.Reminds me of Mathew Riley at times but with much more rounded characters. You don't have to be a sci-fi nut to enjoy this book. There is a good back story as well as action.Angst as well as humour. Very readable and enjoyable. I look forward to the next one"

"This book is action-packed. Seriously. It is relentless. It starts with an action scene, and travels from that to another, to another, and won’t stop. Like a Bond film it has plenty of locations. Unlike a Bond film it does not have stereotypical female characters. The lead female is a proper, fully formed character sort-of in the Buffy mode. Sure she’s strong physically, but also of character and mentally. A trap many authors fall into is to think a “strong” female is either a man with different physical attributes, or a woman who knows kung-fu. Gunn is a proper character, one who develops and on whom the reader has a shifting opinion."

- Author Bio
John Harper’s writing career began in his first year of school when he stood before the school assembly and read out his ‘novelisation’ of the movie Short Circuit.

Fast forward a few years and John is now a science fiction writer living in Wellington, New Zealand. He grew up with Elite and his dreams of space travel and snake ships became a part of him.  Writing an official tie in novel was a dream come true, a dream he never thought possible when he wrote First Encounters fan fiction as a young man.

John is a passionate writer at night and occupies his days working as a chartered mechanical engineer.

Elite: And Here The Wheel is available to purchase now!
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Comms Chatter

Fancy seeing Elite: Dangerous at this year's EGX? We are holding a giveaway competition for a pair of weekend tickets - just head over to our Twitter page and retweet the tweet for a chance to win!

David Braben will also be explaining how you can do it all in Elite: Dangerous with his
Death, Stealth, Money and Power Developer Session on Thursday 25th September at 2pm.
Isinona has been at it again, with another fantastic video this time showing off a Bandit life in Elite: Dangerous. As Isinona mentions, flying in a Hauler with so much space to fill with stolen cargo, there is a real potential to get rich pretty quick, but don't get too wreckless!
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GalNet News Transmission 12th September 3300

Galnet News Transmission 12th September 3300
All information ©3300 Elite Pilots Federation. Copyright violation is a crime in all jurisdictions.

:: Elite Pilots Federation Alert ::
The ongoing uneasy standoff between Eranin and the Federation looks like it is starting to deteriorate ahead of the 30th anniversary of Eranin's independence.  Long range scans and covert agents report a significant mobilisation of Federation forces, indicating that the Federation may be looking to spoil Eranin's party.

Black market sales of battle weapons rose markedly this week.

Both pieces of news are perhaps not unrelated, and bode well for members who are partial to a bit of action...

::GalNet Trade Aggregation Service Reports::
:: Market Information::

Ship Sales (by market share)
Core Dynamics made what independent observers are calling a stunning coup this week with their announcement that all long serving Pilots Federation commanders will have the use of an Eagle for no cost beyond their Pilots Federation dues.  The deal provides a rare glimpse of the huge influence and power wielded by the Pilots Federation, and characteristically few details of the financing of the deal have emerged. Needless to say, Core Dynamics are at the top of the pile this week with 100% market penetration!

Faulcon deLacy continue to dominate sales with a 40% share of the weekly market. Although the news from Core Dynamics no doubt rocked them back on their heels, we've heard rumours of the bigwigs at FdL puffing cigars in celebration of a secretive mega-deal of their own that they seem to have done - we're pushing for more info, but it seems clear they have a something big of their own waiting to be announced...
Zorgon Peterson's early wobbles are now well behind them - the Hauler is turning out to be a model of consistency, with 26% share this week.

After last weeks dip Lakon sales firmed up again to 16% share for the Type 6 and 5% for the Type 9.

Most Profit Made From:
Consumer Technology
Terrain Enrichment Systems
Most traded Black Market goods:
Battle Weapons

Most goods bought and sold (By cargo units):
Consumer Technology  
Terrain Enrichment Systems
Domestic Appliances  
Computer Components

Top 5 Largest Importers, by Quantity of Good Traded:
LHS 3262: Louis de Lacaille Prospect
Aulin: Aulin Enterprise
i Bootis: Chango Dock
Asellus Primus: Beagle 2 Landing
LFT 880: Baker Platform

Top Exports, Ranked by Quantity:
LHS 3262:  Louis de Lacaille Prospect : Consumer Technology
Aulin: Aulin Enterprise: Terrain Enrichment Systems
i Boötis: Chango Dock : Fish
i Boötis: Chango Dock : Computer Components
h Draconis: Brislington : Domestic Appliances

Trade Tips & Hidden Gems:
Markets currently trading with good profits:
Pi-fang: Brooks Estate
h Draconis: Brislington
LHS 417:Gernhardt Camp
Nang Ta-khian: Hay Point
Naraka: Novitski Oasis

::And Finally::
Last week's information that no Commanders have traded in every available market stimulated at least one of our number.  We received this transmission:

I, Commander Erik Marcaigh, claim to have now traded, both buying and selling goods, at every Commodity Market visible and reachable by my scanners.  I made sure to make a profit at each market as well, no matter how small it may have been.
I have also visited every single solar system my ship currently has capability to reach.  Some systems were a brief visit, while others held me over as I explored a bit.
That's 55 solar systems reached and 41 Commodity Markets, using my trusty Lakon Type 6 "Karma" over the course of 8+ hours of flying and trading.

Of course we will need to wait for our full GalNet system exploring / scanning tech upgrade to verify such claims officially.

Detailed market information feeds are available via an upgraded subscription to GalNet services.

Sports Results, Entertainment News and Celebrity Gossip are available via an upgraded subscription.

This GalNet News Transmission is sponsored in part by the Bank of Zaonce. Trust the Bank of Zaonce with your hard-earned credits.
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That’s it for newsletter #40 - thank you for reading and supporting the development of Elite: Dangerous.

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