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Greetings, Commander,
Welcome to Newsletter #66.
This week, we’ve been thrilled by the response to Wings' new ships and cooperative features, letting players team up in groups of four to take on the challenges and rewards of the galaxy. We hope Wings and Thursday’s surprise 1.2.03 update are evidence of our continued commitment to pushing the Elite: Dangerous experience forward and of just how we value your feedback and support. We're listening.

Scroll down for the latest on PAX, an Imperial Peek Of The Week and a look at our new Onionhead decal pack.

As always, hit our Forums, Twitter and Facebook for the latest updates from Elite: Dangerous’ galaxy, and stick with us for what’s new this week.

Contents This Week

Wings Launches

This week marked the launch of our second major content update, Wings, introducing new cooperative features to the Elite: Dangerous galaxy.

With Wings, players can form a four-person group using the Comms panel on their in-cockpit user interface. Players flying with wingmen share ship data with the wing, including hull and shield statuses, positions and current targets.

All wingmen participating in a successful attack on a Wanted NPC or player will share in the bounty, and ships can be set to automatically follow a wingman in and out of Super Cruise or Frame Shift faster-than-light travel by slaving their drive to another in the group.

Wings was this week's major game-changer, but Thursday's surprise 1.2.03 update introduced a number of smaller but no less game-changing tweaks to Elite: Dangerous, with prices slashed on some non-trading vessels and rewards increased for combat bonds, bounties and exploration data. GalNet even reflected the change as part of the ongoing story. Exotic ships are now more accessible than ever and you'll find yourself better rewarded for creative and dangerous play.

Take a look at our new
 Wings video tutorialYou’ll also find the Elite: Dangerous Players Guide has been updated to include information on the basics of forming up and working together with other pilots in a co-op wing.

PAX East Report

PAX East 2015 is over and we’ve safely docked our Cobra MK III back at Frontier's HQ after departing the ice cold city of Boston.

Thank you to everyone who came to visit us at the show and made our booth one of the most exciting places to visit at PAX. The PAX Enforcers even forced a cap on our ever-growing line, which was in danger of spilling into other stands – sorry, neighbours – and our player ambassadors did an incredible job demoing to the thousands of commanders who came to enlist, keeping the hour-long line moving as fast as possible.
Each day we offered an Elite: Dangerous swag bundle to three of the day's players. The lucky winners took home a copy of Elite: Dangerous, a Saitek X52 Pro and a MadCatz keyboard, mouse and headset. One of our ambassadors, Jay, had the pleasure of calling out the winners on the final day – an experience he said he’ll never forget  we hope his voice comes back soon!
Thanks again to everyone who stopped by, whether you’re a regular player who wanted to say hello and try Oculus Rift, or a new player who bought the game after the show. It was great to see so many people visiting our galaxy.

Newsletter Peek Of The Week

An early piece of Imperial Courier concept art, following up last week’s cockpit shot. We’ll be showing you more on how the concept becomes a working craft in coming weeks.

License To Thrill

The Elite: Dangerous community creates masses of content – Lego models, trailers, papercraft, screenshots – and we're often asked for permission to use logos and official art, so we’re making it easy with our new Licensing Program.
Don't worry. This won’t change anything for all the streamers, YouTubers, podcasters and other creators offering your content for free.
Free content producers all fall under our first license – Non-Commercial – which will protect you when using Elite: Dangerous logos and branding in your content. It’ll specify some simple things like “don’t use the logo on adult content,” for example.
The second
– Commercial – is for creators who want to produce and sell Elite: Dangerous-themed products; things like 3D-printed models, papercraft books, pay per view videos or paid apps. It will open up opportunities to work with Frontier on the right products.
We’re putting together our licensing agreements now, so if you have any questions or concerns, or just want to know where your content falls, mail us at and we’ll work to make sure you’re given the right answer.

Store Update

Everyone who bought the Mercenary Edition of Elite: Dangerous will now find their digital extras available online. Hit the “Downloadable Products” category on your shop account to find your ringtones, wallpapers and screen savers.
We’re working on the art book right now, and trying to make it a true behind closed doors look at the game’s development. We’ll be back with more information soon.
And while you’re on the store, check out the new
Onionhead livery pack, featuring three decals and an Onionhead-themed Cobra skin. The Federation will see you coming in neon green.

Comms Chatter

Known for his epic journey to the edge of the galaxy, Erimus One takes on his first co-op exploration trip, showcasing the features in the latest Wings content update and using the debug camera to take some beautiful shots of his adventure. See the Daedalus Wing's first mission here.
Stepping up the Elite: Dangerous Lego creations, Wabblebee created this amazing Lego Sidewinder, large enough to fit a Minifig pilot.
We've seen some beautiful shots using the debug camera in the latest Elite: Dangerous update, like this one from ligerzero459 on Reddit. We want to see photos of you in formation with your Wing teammates. Send them to and we'll feature some of our favourites in next week's newsletter.
Finally, the composer of the Frontier: Elite 2 soundtrack, David Lowe, is running a Kickstarter to produce a special double album compilation of music from classic computer games.
Last week, Lave Radio featured a specially prepared promo track from him and his daughter Holly, you can hear at the Lave Radio website. One of the stretch goals will see David rerecording the Frontier Main Theme and Theme 2 with the Chamber Orchestra of London at Abbey Road. 
Speaking before a gathering of the Alliance Assembly today, Prime Minister Edmund Mahon issued a warning to the Crimson State Group that it stands alone in its opposition to the Federation’s continued governance of Lugh. The news will come as quite a blow for Lugh, and the Crimson State Group in particular, who will now need to find allies closer to home if they want to have any hope of winning their fight for independence.

Rumours coming from Mars suggest that a powerful lobbying group, acting on behalf of Admiral Vincent and the Federal Navy, are currently engaged in a massive campaign to lower taxes on combat-capable spacecraft.

Core Dynamics, in association with the Federal Navy, announced the latest addition to the Federal capital ship family, the FNS Nevermore. CMDR Sam Ishum braved the blockade of BD+03 2338 to single-handedly deliver 86,000 tonnes of copper to the Core Dynamics workshop at Hudson Dock.

Word reached GalNet that an investigation into the Galactic Mechanics Union will result in charges being brought against the organisation by all three of the galaxy’s major powers. The investigation, which was carried out in secret by a consortium of independent investigators, has found that the GMU has been involved in anti-competitive business practices, including price fixing on a galactic scale.
It became clear this week that the Federation means to finally show its hand in what has been a long and arduous game of poker between the Federal goliath and the Commanders of the Crimson State. Federal checkpoints were established around local exit points of Alioth which caused some concern on Alliance blogosphere.
That’s it for Newsletter #66. As always, if there's anything in particular that you’d like to hear more about, or if you'd like to ask a question, then please contact us at

Click for the latest Game Manual, Quickstart Guide and Pilot Training Videos. Visit our Support team here and read all our previous newsletters here.

Until next time, fly safe and Right On, Commander.

The Frontier Team
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