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Welcome to the Elite Dangerous Newsletter #118.

This week we're getting ready to meet up with the Distant Worlds Expedition at Beagle Point, preparing for the Bucky Ball Racers' ‘Total Recall’ event, looking at the latest GalNet news, introducing the Rock Rats, and much more.

As always, you can hear the latest news and updates directly from the development team on our ForumsTwitterFacebook, Community Homepage, and right here in the newsletter every week, and we're always eager to hear your feedback. 

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Horizons Highlights

CMDR Frawd is the pilot of a Sidewinder landed at Beagle Point. This little Sidewinder (seen in the centre of the image) has been escorted by the Rock Rats over 67,000 LY away from Sol. The Rock Rats are dedicated to prospecting on the planet surfaces and finding routes for those with low jump ranges... like the little Sidewinder above. Good work Commanders!

This video describes exactly how they did it, as CMDR Frawd had no SRV of his own to find the required materials in order to synthesize and make those last few perilous jumps to the outer edges of the galaxy. 
Zombiesuit posted this moody image whilst out exploring the deep vast darkness of space. He titled the image: 'Time to Explore the Dark Side'.
Shwinky finds that 'Size is Relative' when he lands his Anaconda on a planet surface that is close to a nearby star.
Pick up the Elite Dangerous: Horizons Season Pass today for £24.99, €33.99 or $37.99.

Buckyball Racers Total Recall Race Event

The next Buckyball Race has been announced, and this time it has an interesting twist. As the name suggests it involves recalling your ship at key points. Read the original forum post for the full details.

"No secrets, no safety ratings ... this, ladies and gentlemen, is a race. One that I hope will test your skill in both the piloting of your chosen ship, and in the handling of your SRV.

This race starts from Schneider Relay in the Epsilon Indi system. From there you'll be required to visit the following planetary landing bases, in whatever order seems best to you, and to drive at least 5km across the surface of each of their planets, before finally returning back to the start."

Head over to the forum thread to find out how to get involved.

Educating Ed Special - The Distant Worlds Expedition Arrives at Beagle Point

It started on the 14th January, and now, 23 key stops along the way and more than 55,000 Light Years travelled, the Distant Worlds Expedition is about to reach its final destination - Beagle Point.

Ed will be joining the fleet on their final approach, celebrating the amazing feat these 1000+ Commanders have achieved.

Make sure you join us on our official YouTube channel at 19:00 GMT on Thursday April 7th. 

Reddit AMA Series continues

The Elite Dangerous subreddit and the Elite Xbox One subreddit continue their joint AMA series this week with a few new guests coming along for you to ask them anything. 

This week's Ask-Me-Anything sessions are all taking place on Saturday 2nd April.

Starting at 7pm GMT, /r/EliteOne will be visited by representatives from these two Player Groups:
•    Fuel Rats - They don't take themselves seriously... they take rescuing you seriously. Over 7,000 CMDRs saved... service above and beyond expectations. They have fuel, you don't... any questions?
•    EXO - Free from the shackles of the old powers, CMDRs may keep their allegiances but must respect the neutrality of EXO territory. An attack on one of them is an attack on all EXO. Rise up now, never surrender!
Meanwhile, from 8pm GMT /r/EliteDangerous are joined by Kate Russell:
•    Author of official novel Elite: Mostly Harmless, Ambassador for the Gamer's Charity SpecialEffect, reporter for the BBC's technology programme Click, winner of the 2015 UK Blog Awards for Best Individual Digital and Technology Blog, and a partnered Twitch streamer.
Azalea Halsey, the sister of former Federal president Jasmina Halsey, visited her sibling at Leoniceno Orbital this week. According to Azalea, the former president is in good health, although she is understood to have made cryptic comments about “stars and creation”.
Edward Bores, the Federation’s new ‘Onionhead tzar’, has launched a campaign called ‘Hand in the Head’ designed to encourage Federal citizens to surrender any Onionhead in their possession. Meanwhile, an organisation known as the Altair Purple Mob has launched a competing campaign to prove that the drug is harmless. Both parties have called on the galactic community to bring them quantities of the controversial narcotic.
The Pioneers Cooperative has announced that the recent appeal for meta-alloys has received the full support of the galactic community. Having taken delivery of thousands of tonnes of meta-alloys, the organisation will now begin producing ship modules that can safely transport the Unknown Artefacts.
The treasure hunt organised by eccentric billionaire Alfred Jeffress has come to an end, with a pilot by the name of Commander Oriza claiming victory. The victor will receive a share of Jeffress’s vast personal fortune.
The Revolutionary Party of Vennik announced that it has received sufficient quantities of terrain-enrichment systems to bring its terraforming project to a successful conclusion. The success of the campaign will allow the organisation to embark on the final phase of its plan to terraform Vennik 1, by preparing the planet's surface for agricultural development. 

The Danger Zone Episode 11 - Nobody Puts Dom in the Corner

The Danger Zone is back with some more CQC Arena action against the developers! Come along for the chance to take on the Elite Dangerous Programmer Dominic Corner, and returning hot shot pilot (sort of), and Elite Dangerous producer, Adam Woods, and also the chance to win prizes!

Make sure you join us on our official YouTube channel at 19:00 BST on Tuesday 5th of April.

Community Goals Update

Greetings, Commanders, and welcome to this week’s community goals blog. If you’re looking for a goal, the breakdown below should help:
Onionhead Clearance Campaign:
Grandin Gateway, Altair – Deliver pure Onionhead to Grandin Gateway in the Altair system to support the Federal 'Hand in the Head' appeal to dispose of the narcotic.

Onionhead Research Campaign:
Tereshkova Dock, Altair – Deliver pure Onionhead to Tereshkova Dock in the Altair system to support the project to legalise the narcotic.

The ongoing Federal campaign against Onionhead has taken a new turn with the appointment of an ‘Onionhead tzar’, who will assume overall responsibility for eliminating the drug from Federal space. Edward Bores, a seasoned government official, has assumed the role, promising to employ “targeted measures” in the fight against the illegal narcotic. At a press event, Bores marked his appointment with the announcement of an innovative new campaign:

“We are launching an initiative called ‘Hand in the Head’ designed to encourage Federal citizens to surrender any Onionhead in their possession. Individuals who deliver Onionhead to our headquarters at Grandin Gateway in the Altair system will be generously rewarded. At the end of the campaign, any Onionhead we have received will be destroyed.”

Meanwhile, an organisation known as the Altair Purple Mob has launched a campaign to prove that the drug is harmless, with the ultimate aim of having it reclassified as a non-toxic plant. Like the Federation, the organisation has issued an appeal for quantities of the drug, but unlike the Federation, the Altair Purple Mob intends to study the plant rather than destroy it. A spokesperson for the organisation said:

“Legalising Onionhead would decriminalise its users, provide the Federal government with a new revenue stream, and destabilise the criminal network through which the drug is currently bought and sold. It’s a no-brainer.”

The competing campaigns are scheduled to begin on the 31st of March 3302, and will run for one week.

No matter which side of the Onionhead debate you’re on, fly safe out there, Commanders!

Comms Chatter

ObsidianAnt shows off a new voice pack... with William Shatner’s voice! A smooth voice to listen to while playing Elite Dangerous.

“Good news everyone!” says Futurama’s Professor Farnsworth. CMDR Zorrito shared this Futurama parody of a mission image.

Scott Manley on YouTube decided to have a go at flying his ship with inverted controls. 

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