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Hello, Commander,
Welcome to (the official) Elite Dangerous Newsletter #91.

This week, we’re giving you details about the must-see EGX panel, preparing to head to EGX and TwitchCon, creating some (scheduled) Mayhem, catching up with the latest GalNet news, and giving you the location of a limited-use discount code for the Frontier store.

As always, you can hear the latest news and updates directly from the development team on our Forums, TwitterFacebook, Community Homepageand right here in the newsletter every week, and we're always eager to hear your feedback. 

Contents This Week

Horizons Panel, EGX and TwitchCon

At the end of next week we’re attending both EGX in Birmingham (UK), and TwitchCon in San Francisco. The EGX panel is sure to be one of the biggest events of the year for Elite Dangerous fans, so if you’re going to EGX make sure you don’t miss it. 

Art Director Chris Gregory, Lead Designer Sandro Sammarco, Executive Producer Michael Brookes and CEO David Braben will shed new light on some of the exciting features coming as part of the Elite Dangerous: Horizons new season of expansions coming to PC this Holiday.

The first expansion in the Elite Dangerous: Horizons season, Planetary Landings, introduces players to realistic planet surfaces and the first all-new Surface Recon Vehicle (SRV) the ‘Scarab’. Alone or with friends players will explore, mine and engage hostile forces as they attempt to infiltrate strongholds guarding valuable rewards. Players will explore new worlds, coasting over mountaintops, diving into canyons, landing on the surface and rolling out onto the surface in their SRVs, all without loading times or breaks in gameplay. But there is much more to come from the full Elite Dangerous: Horizons season.

When we announced Elite Dangerous: Horizons we said that the second major expansion will include an all-new game-changing loot and crafting system. And at our EGX panel we’ll be revealing more amazing new gameplay features coming in the Elite Dangerous: Horizons season!

The panel is at 4PM on Friday at the Dev Sessions Theater, so make sure you give yourself plenty of time to get front-row seats! Remember, Elite Dangerous: Horizons is available for pre-order now and current owners of Elite: Dangerous will get a £10 (or US/Euro equivalent) loyalty discount at checkout. 
Our booth on the EGX show floor is sure to be as bustling as ever, with eight stations set up for Xbox One and another eight showing the game on PC. Come and show off your CQC skills in an exciting live environment, meet our Ambassadors, and pick up an exclusive EGX paint job.

If you can’t make it to Birmingham, you can still enjoy the EGX action from the comfort of your own home. We’ll have guests and Ambassadors streaming on Twitch live from the show floor, and we’ll be giving away the exclusive EGX paint jobs on our social media channels throughout the weekend. If you’d like to get involved with the streaming on Saturday and Sunday send an email to and we’ll arrange a time for you to come and meet us at our booth.

At the same time, Community Manager Edward Lewis will be at TwitchCon in San Francisco, representing Elite Dangerous on the other side of the world. If you’re a streamer or videomaker, and you’re heading to the Moscone West Centre on Friday or Saturday we’d love to meet with you and talk about our exciting plans for streamers and videomakers. Email if you want to set up a meeting at TwitchCon, or you want to find out more.


This week we ended the CQC closed beta and moving into stress testing. To support this, and to celebrate the launch of CQC, we opened the test servers for all our players, and announced a series of events called Mayhem.

Today we’re excited to reveal the full schedule of events, which can be found on the community site. Mayhem has got something for everyone, with all-star streaming teams with BBC’s Kate Russell, Kerrash, Firey Toad and other community favourites, official livestreams with developer interviews and challenges, grudge matches between some of the biggest community groups, race days, ship appreciation showcases and much more. Make sure you check out the full schedule of events to see what events you can get involved with and what prizes you could win for taking part.

All of the events on the list are being held in the open stress-testing servers that are available to every player for a limited time. See the Elite Dangerous launcher to download the stress test and get involved with CQC and 1.4.If you want to submit an event, send an enquiry to

Offer of the week

As part of an exciting new regular feature for the newsletter, we’re giving you the chance to get a massive discount on specific items on the Frontier store.

In the newsletter every week we’ll tell people a day, a time and a social media channel they should keep an eye on, to get access to a limited-use discount code.

The first code is geared towards the cooling Autumn weather, with this Black Elite Dangerous hoodie. All you have to do is keep a look out on our official Twitter account on Saturday September 19 between 5PM and 6PM BST to see the Tweeted code, and be one of the first 10 people to redeem it.

Peek Of The Week

The sprawling cockpit of the massive Federal Corvette. See Michael Brookes' Dev Update below for more information about the ship.
From the desk of Executive Producer Michael Brookes...

Hi everyone,

It’s been another busy week here with the beta test transitioning into the stress test. We released the beta 5 build on Monday and then the stress test build available to all on Tuesday. The point in throwing this test phase out to everyone is to stress test the game and the servers, so please take some time to grab the build, give CQC a try (I’m slowly getting better!) and play the main game as well. Note that the commander data for this test is the same data for the beta test, so a snapshot from about 4 weeks ago.

Xbox players will be transitioned from their own test server to a combined server with PC/Mac players next week, so from then all players from all platforms on the test servers will share the same background simulation.

As part of the stress test phase our wonderful community team are putting a series of Mayhem events together which not only help test the game, but also promise to be a lot of fun. Some of the more well known (and not so well known) player groups will be helping with these events, but remember that they are open to all. Keep an eye out for news on these events from the community team.

It appears that Imperial agents somehow sabotaged last week’s newsletter and incorrect data was revealed for the upcoming Federal Corvette. This ship actually has 2 x Huge, 1 x Large, 2 x Medium, 2 x Small and 8 x Tiny (utility modules) hard points.

As I’ve mentioned before we’ve been fortunate in being nominated for four Golden Joystick Awards, including one for Audio. If you haven’t voted to support us yet then it would be great for you to do so and the audio team conducted an AMA over on Reddit. You can read it here.

Next week brings EGX at the NEC in Birmingham – in a change from tradition I’ll be at the show taking part in the Q&A panel! We’re reprising the Lavecon panel with Sandro Sammarco, Chris Gregory and myself taking part – we’re hoping that David Braben will be on the panel as well. As well as answering questions we’ll reveal some cool stuff that’s incoming as part of the Elite Dangerous: Horizons season of expansions.

Continuing the theme of what’s coming next after the CQC Championship update. The big release is Elite Dangerous: Horizons, but we also have the 1.5 “Ships” release for season 1 as well. This is planned for release at the same time as Horizons – the ships will be there for all, both season 1 and season 2, but of course Season 2 players will get a lot more, including Planetary Landings, so there’ll be something for everyone on the same day. This will bring the total to 30 ships (plus the Cobra Mk IV) available in game.

Along with already announced Federal Corvette, the Imperial Gutamaya Shipyards are releasing the Imperial Cutter and the Asp Scout and Viper Mk IV will see their debuts, too. There will more information on these ships in future newsletters.

Community Goals Update

Greeting Commanders,
Welcome to this week’s community goal blog.
This week Senator Denton Patreus’ campaign continues with attacks against the Emperor’s Dawn cells in Maausk and Dakshmandi ongoing. Of course you may have instead been backing the Emperor’s Dawn by supplying them with Narcotics or Progenitor Cells. I wonder what use they have for those goods? The goal in Ch’i Lin continues over the weekend, offering high credit rewards for Basic Narcotics, it ends on Monday.
Elsewhere the bureaucrats from Cemiess have put out another call for exploration data, it seems that there are more Emperor’s Dawn calls out there and without more data, they don’t stand a hope of finding them. There is a set number of Emperor’s Dawn cells out there and the community has real control over how those cells grows or shrinks based on the actions taken during community goals. The goal starts today and will run for a week.
Finally it’s been over a month since the Pegasi Pirate War and the conflicts have taken their toll on the people of the Pegasi Sector. To help the people of the Pegasi Sector recover from the turmoil the war has created, officials have come up with a plan and announced a state-of-the-art resettlement facility and aid programs to start immediately. This plan will begin with aid efforts and making food, medicines and other essential items available to all those affected. Ocrinox's Orbiter in Munshin have sent messages to the Pilots Federation and Princess Aisling Duval asking for urgent delivery of medical supplies. You can get involved by helping those affected in the Pegasi Sector.
If you want to take part in a goal this week the breakdown below should help guide you:
Maausk – Maausk – Deliver Combat Bonds to the combat bond contact.
Dakshmandi – Hevelius Enterprise – Deliver Combat Bonds to the combat bond contact.
Ch’i Lin – Fallows Orbital – Deliver Basic Narcotics to the commodities market.
Cemiess – Mackenzie Relay – Deliver exploration data to Universal Cartographics here.
Munshin – Ocrinox’s Orbiter – Deliver Medical Supplies
Safe flying!

Comms Chatter

Hello commanders, this weeks comms chatter, it is lively as ever! Complete with a time lapse and a Powerplay analysis website!

Powerplay Herald is an up-to-date Powerplay cycle analysis website. The following commanders on the Elite Dangerous subreddit all work in part to keep this fansite ticking, /u/madkimchi/, /u/CMDR_Corrigendum, /u/CMDRJohnCasey, /u/JemyM, /u/aspiringexpatriate, /u/MartinSchou, /u/Arkhanist, and /u/McFergus.
Three hours... crammed down to 15 seconds in this short time lapse. But think about that... that’s 400 billion stars, planets, and other objects in the game that are all doing this!
CMDR Radlock on YouTube shares a video covering the basics of Elite Dangerous.
Ever wondered about landing pad numbers and their sizes at stations and outposts? Check out this bit of media from CMDR Anarch157.
And finally, we could have skipped this week's newsletter, as Jackie McMackie did a job of it in this newsletter #91 parody released earlier today.
After the day’s Senate deliberations finished, Senator Arissa Lavigny-Duval stopped to answer questions from the assembled reporters. When asked what she considered the most important issue facing the Empire, she replied: “Most of all the Empire needs stability and continuity. I was privileged to spend some time with Emperor Hengist Duval after he recovered from his coma. He shared with me a vision in which the Empire continues to build on its strengths of justice and tradition.”

Officials at Ocrinox's Orbiter held a press conference earlier today to announce their intention to build a state-of-the-art resettlement facility for refugees of the Pegasi Pirate War. "We recognize the plight of their friends in the Pegasi Sector, and extend our welcome to all those who wish to settle here. We encourage all those who have access to transport to come to Ocrinox's Orbiter. You were promised citizenship – citizenship you shall have. You were promised protection – protection you shall have. You left home to seek a new life – a new life you shall have."

Four days ago, Imperial senator Denton Patreus launched a military campaign against Emperor’s Dawn, the organisation responsible for the murder of Emperor Hengist Duval. Since then, there has been intense conflict in the Dakshmandi and Maausk systems, where two Emperor’s Dawn bases are located, with scores of Imperial Navy vessels and Emperor’s Dawn ships exchanging fire. Journalist Katherine Ryder, who has reported from war zones across the galaxy in a career spanning more than twenty years, recently met with one of the Imperial generals leading the campaign. In a report for the Imperial Herald, she described the unfolding conflict between the Empire and Emperor’s Dawn: “Against the crisp darkness of space drifts a Majestic-Class Interdictor, its elegant lines belying the deadly power of its artillery. A few hours ago, the ship was deep within the Dakshmandi system, overseeing the deployment of Imperial squadrons tasked with rooting out and destroying Emperor’s Dawn vessels. For the people of the Dakshmandi and Maausk systems, the arrival of the Imperial fleets has proved divisive: some see the Empire as a saviour, while others fear that the conflict it has incited will do only harm.”

Ever the opportunists, Kumo Crew commanders have swept across a number of systems controlled by Arissa Lavigny-Duval in the last seven days. They penetrated deeper than in any previous skirmish, and elevated the level of danger faced by Imperial citizens as a result of the Pegasi Pirate War. With turmoil affecting billions of Imperial citizens and sweeping them into the ongoing saga, Commanders and tacticians have begun to realise that the conflict has taken on a new dimension. Leaked intelligence indicates that as the week draws to a close, Archon will focus his attention on planets and stations pledged to Aisling Duval.
That’s it for Newsletter #91. As always, if there's anything in particular that you’d like to hear more about, or if you'd like to ask a question, then please contact us at

Click for the latest Game Manual, Quickstart Guide and Pilot Training Videos. Visit our Support team here and read our previous newsletters here.

Until next time, fly safe and Right On, Commander.

The Frontier Team
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