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Welcome to the Elite Dangerous Newsletter #113.

This week we're bringing back the peek of the week and giving you your first ever look at an Engineer in Elite Dangerous: Horizons, with Todd 'The Blaster' McQuinn, we're catching up with the Distant Worlds Expedition, telling you about our 40% off Paint Job sale, and much more.

As always, you can hear the latest news and updates directly from the development team on our ForumsTwitterFacebook, Community Homepage, and right here in the newsletter every week, and we're always eager to hear your feedback. 

And remember, you can pick up the Elite Dangerous: Horizons Season Pass for £24.99, €33.99 or $37.99.

Contents This Week

Peek of the Week

Meet an Engineer, Todd 'The Blaster' McQuinn - we’ll be telling you more about your interactions with Todd, and the other intriguing characters who make up the Engineers in next week’s newsletter

Distant Worlds Expedition

The Commanders of the Distant Worlds Expedition continue to amaze with the stunning video footage they transmit back to us from the other side of the galaxy.

The video above, made by Commander co-organiser Erimus, is the latest beautiful export from their galaxy-spanning trip. It features the incredible moment when 53 Commanders gathered in Sagittarius A* to jump together from the center of the galaxy. The Distant Worlds Expedition is a perfect example of what makes the Elite Dangerous community so special.

You can learn more about the adventures of their impressive convoy by visiting the forum here. The weekly newsletter, images, and video blogs they post will inspire even the most adamant of bounty hunters to venture into the unknown.

And remember, you can pick up the Elite Dangerous: Horizons Season Pass for £24.99, €33.99 or $37.99.

Paint Jobs Sale Now On

Visit the Frontier store now to get 40% off selected paint jobs, including the Pirate Faction paint jobs, the Imperial Clipper paint jobs, the gold Fer De Lance paint job and so many more that it would take the entire length of the newsletter to list them all.

The sale will be live until 12:00 GMT on Monday February 29. 
The gold Fer-De-Lance is just one of the many paint jobs on sale in our store now.

New Paint Jobs in Our Store Now

As well as our sale this week, we also have some brand new paint jobs in the store. The Military, Tactical, Vibrant packs for the Imperial Courier and the Turbulence pack for the Type 6 have just been made available, and earlier in the week we made the Military, Tactical, Vibrant and Camo packs available for the Anaconda. Visit our the Game Extras area of our store for more information.
Welcome to our weekly roundup of news stories and events in the Elite Dangerous galaxy.
Federal President Zachary Hudson has announced that one of the escape pods recovered from the wreckage of Starship One contains former Federal president Jasmina Halsey. According to reports, the former president is in a critical but stable condition, and is being kept in an induced coma for the time being.
Emperor Arissa Lavigny-Duval has announced that Senator Denton Patreus is to be promoted to Admiral of the Fleet, following his triumph over the insurgent organisation Emperor's Dawn. The senator is expected to assume his new role next week following a formal inauguration ceremony on Capitol.
A military veteran by the name of Rose Trebek has launched an operation to rid the Orulas system of the notorious Blue Hand Gang. Trebek has asked the galactic community to support the operation, which aims to recover the escape pods the criminals are transporting through the system.
Authorities in Manite, Loperada, 63 G. Capricorni, Ngalia and Evejitaka have confirmed that theirs are the latest systems to experience mysterious technical issues, bringing the total number of systems affected by the ‘technological plague’ to 27. Technical personnel at Irens Dock have suggested that meta-alloys could be used to solve the problem.
The Prismatic Imperium has announced that its initiative to free indentured slaves has been met with an enormously positive response. Hundreds of pilots transported slaves to a new colony in the Uibuth system where they will be officially emancipated, re-educated, and offered the protection of forces loyal to Princess Aisling Duval.

Elite Dangerous Fiction

Deadly conspiracies that affect the balance of the galaxy, revolutions on forgotten planets, mysterious assassinations, rebellious colonies, drinking cheap liquor in Slough Orbital station and much more fill the pages of the Elite Dangerous books. Written by dedicated Elite fans, and approved by Frontier Developments, the stories in the collection of Elite fiction have something for everyone.

The image above shows just a few examples of the books. Head over to our books page for more information on each book. 

Educating Ed Episode 14 - Diamond Frogs

On next week's episode of Educating Ed, the Galactic Intern will join the mercenary group known as the Diamond Frogs.

The Frogs will be taking the Intern out to find a UA for the independent scientists in Eravate, assisting in some anti-piracy (or piracy depending on where the money is) and learning all about where this new-ish group spawned from in the first place.

Make sure you join us on our official YouTube channel at 19:00 GMT on Thursday March 3.

The Danger Zone Episode 9 - The Score

It all started as a nice way to let the community take down our developers in some fast-paced CQC action, but now a little internal competition has begun to surface!

The Frontier devs taking part in the stream have started to compete for who can get the most kills within the hour. There are still plenty of developers left who haven't set a score yet. Come along on Tuesday to see Producer Adam Woods see if he can beat CJ's top score of 26 kills in one hour.

Everyone who takes part in any broadcasted match during the livestream will be added to a prize draw to win a paint job or paint job pack of their choice, so make sure you join us on the official YouTube channel at 7PM GMT on Tuesday March 1.

Community Goals Update

Greetings, Commanders, and welcome to this week’s community goals blog. If you’re looking for a goal, the breakdown below should help:
Station Construction in LHS 3447:
Worlidge Terminal in LHS 3447 – Deliver Metals to Worlidge Terminal in the LHS 3447 system to support the construction of a new space station.
Clean Up Orulas: Rescue Operation:
Wilkes Orbital, Nespeleve system – Aid the Joint Security Taskforce with their rescue operations in the Orulas system and deliver any escape pods to Wilkes Orbital.
Clean Up Orulas: Combat the Criminals:
Wilkes Orbital, Nespeleve system – Aid the Joint Security Taskforce in their fight against criminal gangs and support the rescue operation in the Orulas system.
*Single Day CG**Going live on the 29th Feb 3302*
The Day That Should Not Be:
Jones Estate, Groombridge 34 system - Deliver Cartographic Data to Jones Estate in Groombridge 34 to help prove the crazy theories of Ricardo Bentonio.
For years, the sparsely populated Orulas system has been dominated by the Orulas Blue Hand Gang, a ruthless criminal organisation. This cold-blooded band has been making life intolerable for the system’s inhabitants, but the local government appears reluctant to take a stand. Rumours abound that the authorities receive regular kickbacks from the criminals.
But one resident has had enough. Rose Trebek, a former soldier and veteran of countless military campaigns, has established a defence initiative to clean up Orulas – the Joint Security Taskforce.
“Our intelligence indicates that the Blue Hand is ferrying its spoils in big convoys to various fences. They trade mostly in escape pods, which they sell to shady pseudo-scientific outfits conducting illegal human experiments. We need pilots to swoop in, bust open the convoys, and recover as many pods as they can. We also need volunteers to sweep the system, taking out any Blue Hand ships they encounter. That should make things easier for the Commanders targeting the convoys.”
Trebek has the resources to offer generous incentives to those who support the campaign which is expected to begin on 25th February 3302 and last for 1 week.
A little closer to the centre of inhabited space, the Pilots Federation, in association with LHS 3447 Dynamic & Co, has announced plans to build a new starport in LHS 3447. The system is familiar to many independent pilots, being a popular starting point for those embarking on careers as traders, bounty hunters and explorers. But many of these pilots have bemoaned the relative inaccessibility of the system’s current starports.
According to a spokesperson for the organisation, the new starport will orbit LHS 3447 B 1 a, making it particularly valuable to miners exploiting the LHS 3447 AB belt.
“The Pilots Federation is all about building a better future for the people who keep the galaxy moving. This new starport will give those people a valuable new trade and resupply hub, in addition to giving the system’s economy a boost.”
The campaign to construct the starport, which will be named ‘Bluford Orbital’, begins on the 25th of February 3302 and will run for two weeks. Pilots who want to support the first phase of the campaign are invited to deliver metals to Lawson Orbital in LHS 3447.
In other news, having been labelled as a crackpot by most of civilised space, tin-foil-hat-wearing conspiracy theorist Ricardo Bentonio has teamed up with Kruger 60 Free to fund a one-day appeal for pilots to deliver cartographic data. He claims this will help him prove his theories that, according to ancient records he has unearthed, the 29th February 3302, which appears on all galactic calendars, should not exist.
Bentonio went into more details at a press conference, claiming that the entire human race will be wiped out if something is not done. When questioned about his theory he had this to say:
“We’re not just talking about see ship systems failing and computer system across the galaxy shutting down. We’re talking about all life as we know it stopping instantaneously, the very fabric of space time collapsing in on itself and the universe as we know it coming to an end in the blink of an eye.”
Pilots that want to contribute to the appeal are instructed to go to Jones Estate in Groombridge 34 system and drop off any cartographic data they have on the 29th of February 3302.
The construction project in LHS 3447 begins on 25th of February 3302 and will run for two weeks.
The rescue operation in Orulas begins on 25th of February 3302 and will run for one week.
Ricardo Bentonio’s request for Cartographic Data will  begin at midnight on 29th of February 3302 and will run for 24 hours.
Whether you’re rescuing hostages, fighting criminals or making deliveries, be careful out in the black, Commanders!

Comms Chatter

CMDR Bubble and CMDR Mike Jenner will be racing across the Galaxy in a Race to the centre of the Milky Way, Sagittarius A*, and back again!

Starting at 12:00 GMT on Saturday 27th February the Pair of Commanders will be raising money for Special Effects' GameBlast Weekend and will be joined by Special Guests through the journey.

You can watch the journey live on their Twitch Channels ( and and Donate to the Charity Fundraiser at:

Earlier today, at 9am, Sushiboy Simon started his 28 hour livestream for charity. 'I am playing elite dangerous Arena on twitch tv for 48 hours to raise money for the National Autistic Society I will be giving away prizes that I have made with my 3D printer.' You can see Simon on his channel here:

The XYZ are proud to present their Crazy Taxis Fight Club. Click the image above to learn more about the event.

Sprechen im Deutsche, Kommandant? Check out these tutorial videos from ShamosArt on YouTube.

Keeping with the tutorial theme, CMDR Josh Hawkins noticed an influx of CQC players, so he made this video of top 5 CQC tips.

And finally, who can resist a glamour shot! RoninDeNiro on the Elite Dangerous subreddit posted this whopper of a shot! Did we mention it was taken in 8K?!

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Until next time, fly safe and Right On, Commander.

The Frontier Team
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