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Hi Commander,

Welcome to Elite: Dangerous Newsletter #25!

Today we started our Premium Beta phase and welcomed over 10,000 additional people to Elite: Dangerous!  We’ll now work with both them and the original Alpha participants as we push on towards Beta.

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Peek of the Week

'For those of you who are still having trouble with docking, it looks like help is on its way!'
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Premium Beta Phase Starts!

The Premium Beta phase starts today with all the major features that have been added through the four Alpha phases. The immediate focus is on testing the systems and servers with a step change in numbers using a re-balanced game based on feedback and information from the recent Alpha 4 build.

More than 10,000 additional people, a number which is growing daily, are today able to earn credits to upgrade their ships and weapons by blazing their own trading, piracy and bounty hunting trail though five star systems covering a 200 cubic light year volume of space.  There are a range of different economies and governments, ranging from Anarchy to Federal Democracies to Corporate-run systems.
'Dahan Gateway, a Federal starport'
All this action takes place around ten stars in five star systems that make up part of the Boötes constellation (when viewed from Earth) and set within the 400 billion star systems of the Elite: Dangerous Milky Way galaxy.
'Flying a Cobra Mk III to sanctuary above an Earth-like planet'
The Premium Beta, which includes a lifetime Expansion pack, is available now for new customers. Those who wish to upgrade can do so from a pre-order of the Standard Beta, or the Final Game. If you have already pre-ordered the standard Beta and the Expansion pack, you only need spend an additional £15 to join the Premium Beta phase today.

David Braben said:

“The start of the Premium Beta phase is another exciting moment in our development – from today we have over 10,000 additional people playing the game.  This is a significant and sensible step-change with which to test the next level of scaling of our cloud-based systems and servers as we move towards the very large numbers of people we will eventually have playing. I once again would like to thank all those who played such an important role in the Alpha phase, which is now at an end. We’re looking forward to continuing to collaborate with the expanded community during the beta phase as we deliver greater scale, richer content and ever higher quality.

The Elite: Dangerous Beta phase will be starting soon – the date will be confirmed during the Premium Beta phase.  If you are not ready to join in with Premium Beta you can pre-order the Beta or the Final Game which will be release later this year.

Finally, to remind all our Alpha participants: in order to accommodate the 10,000 new people and associated changes, all progress from Alpha will be reset – everyone starts off from the same point again.
'The mighty Anaconda'
See the mighty Anaconda in action in our latest video
'Putting all that capacity to use, powering away on a trade run'
'The Lakon Type 9 is no slouch, either'
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Welcome Commander ?

Don't forget you can all now choose your Commander name whatever digital version of Elite: Dangerous you have purchased.

1. Login at:
2. Navigate to the ‘COMMANDER PROFILE’ tab
3. Enter your desired new commander name in the ‘Request a New Name’ field and press the ‘Request Name Change’ button.
4. If this is approved it will update the commander name at the top of the page.
5. If it is automatically denied a red message will appear above the field, stating the reason for the rejection.
6. If it is manually denied the player will receive an email telling them that their name has been rejected, once the batch update is complete

Community Events

There are some wonderful Community Events coming up this summer, which we are delighted to support.

LAVECON 2014 is a two day event, organised by the Lave Radio podcast crew. With a focus on Elite: Dangerous, it also celebrates many other aspects of Science Fiction & Fantasy gaming; meaning there should be lots of interesting things to see and do. Join them on the 5th & 6th July in Kettering, United Kingdom.
> Buy Tickets

FantastiCon is a new sci-fi convention bringing together Elite fans from around the world. It will include live shows, interviews, gaming, cosplay, Elite: Dangerous on the Oculus Rift, the Elite RPG, and a chance to hobnob with Elite: Dangerous authors such as Kate Russell and Drew Wagar. It even has a Dalek! FantastiCon is being held in the Jameson Suite at the Royal Mercure Hotel in Hull, United Kingdom on Saturday 16th August, and convention attendees who book now can get hotel B&B at £25 pp/pn. The event includes free soft drinks and snacks, and access to a 24 hour bar.
> Facebook page  > Buy Tickets
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Comms Chatter

This week we were really impressed by Spiggs’ YouTube video showing how well he has integrated Voice Attack’s voice control with Elite: Dangerous.
And we spotted another stunning, artistic Elite: Dangerous exposure by Cadmonkey33, this time of a  Federal Battlecruiser under attack.
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Mostly Harmless Questions

Davidtq: Will we be able to customise the appearance of ship interiors and exteriors?
Yes!  We plan to offer extensive customization options - please ‘watch this space’ for details as we release them; you’ll hear it here first.

Arn: Will it be possible to upgrade modules such as the engine, shield and power plant?
Absolutely – in Premium Beta ships and weapons are upgradable; as we progress you will get increasing choice of which system components to use, each having different strengths and weaknesses and suitability for a particular role. You will be able to switch systems such that you can ‘downgrade’ your ship if you want to, too – whether to free up some cash, or outfit your ship for a particular job. 

Serge: Can you talk about the expectations of the Mac version?
We have said that the Mac version will follow around 3 months after the PC version.  Currently we have been focusing on building the fundamentals of Elite: Dangerous on PC. Now we have got to Premium Beta we have enough of the game present that it makes sense for us to start focusing on Mac specific porting and optimization tasks using our cross-platform Cobra game engine software.  We have been laying the groundwork for the Mac version in the background for a while now, and have just started to ramp up the activity.  We’ll keep you posted as we have progress to share!
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That’s it for newsletter #25 - thank you again for reading and supporting the development of Elite: Dangerous and a huge welcome to all our new Premium Beta Commanders.

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