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Hello Commander,

Welcome to Elite: Dangerous Newsletter #32!
In this issue we talk about what we plan to do after the initial launch of Elite: Dangerous. This becomes very relevant for holders of the Lifetime Expansion pack as we give an insight into the features that the pass will be entitle you to.
We also have more GalNet news and look at the many 4k screenshots being posted and we announce the winner of our 4K competition.
Finally, just a quick reminder that due to popular demand we have extended the closing date of the Premium Beta until Monday 21st July. After that it will no longer be available to buy as we will be focussing on the countdown to the release of Beta.

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Newsletter Peek of the week
GalNet News Transmission 18th July 3300
What’s The Story?
To Launch, And Beyond with the Lifetime Expansion Pass.
Comms Chatter
Mostly Harmless Questions
Hi-res Screenshot Competition
New Website Now Live!

Newsletter Peek of the Week

WIP geometry for a new ship type - coming soon!
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GalNet News Transmission 18th July 3300

All information ©3300 Elite Pilots Federation.  Copyright violation is a crime in all jurisdictions.
::Elite Pilots Federation Alert::
Black market profits remain stable at around the 50M credits mark, with a dramatic rise in contribution from Progenitor Cells.
Most Profitable Black Market Goods:
  1. Liqueurs
  2. Progenitor Cells
  3. Personal weapons
Concern is easing over rogue attacks on Pilot Federation members; automatic bounties remain in force and we ask members to continue both their vigilance and their bounty hunting.
::Market Information::
Ship Sales (by number)
Faulcon DeLacey’s bestselling Cobra Mk III further increases its market share by 7.5% with a 42% total.
The Core Dynamics Eagle has also improved its share this week in second position this week with a 4% rise to 27% market share.
The rise of the Cobra and Eagle has been at the expense of Zorgon Peterson’s Hauler. ZP retained 3rd spot with a continued weakening market share, which dropped a further 20% this week to 17.5%.  A concerned-looking spokesperson says ZP is unconcerned and believes the Hauler is ‘the perfect vessel for trading, which is such a fundamental activity within the galactic economy’.
GalNet Trade Aggregation Service Reports
Weekly Pilot Federation Member Profits:
1,137,205,737 credits profit generated from 3,689,693 units of cargo traded.
Most Profitable Goods
  1. Resonant Separators
  2. Gold
  3. Performance Enhancers
  4. Terrain Enrichment Systems
Most Traded Goods
  1. Fish
  2. Bertrandite
  3. Performance Enhancers
  4. Resonant Separators
Top Imports per System, Ranked by Quantity
i Bootis:         Performance Enhancers, Robotics
Aulin:            Fish, Basic Medicines
Eranin:           Crop Harvesters, Combat Stabilisers
LP 98-132:        Resonant Separators, Progenitor Cells
Dahan:            Indite, Coltan
LHS 3006:         Resonant Separators, Explosives
Asellus Primus    Combat Stabilisers, Coffee
Top Exports per System, Ranked by Quantity
Aulin:            Performance Enhancers, Combat Stabilisers
i Bootis:         Fish, Basic Medicines
Aulin:            Agricultural Medicines, Combat Stabilisers
Eranin:           Tea, Coffee
LP 98-132:        Bertrandite,Gold
Dahan:            Tantalum, Explosives
Asellus Primus:   Resonant Separators, Non Lethal Weapons
LHS 3006:         Bertrandite, Indite
Trade Tips & Hidden Gems
Aulin:            Tantalum
LP 98-132:        Bio Reducing Lichen
Dahan:            Advanced Catalysers
I bootis:         Auto Fabricators
LHS 3006:         Consumer Technology
Eranin:           Crop Harvesters
Detailed market information feeds are available via an upgraded subscription to GalNet services.
::GeoPolitical Analysis::
Eranin Tension Continues
Skirmishes between the Eranin Defence Force and the Federation show no sign of abating.
Abnormally high levels of piracy continue to be reported in LP98-132.
::And Finally::
Last weekend’s emergency meeting on Asellus Primus resulted in a product recall and a ban on the trading of Progenitor Cells.  Progenitor Cells immediately became a mainstay of the black market economy.
Aulin has recalled a recent batch of Progenitor Cells while it investigates the reported contamination.  Governments will convene again this weekend to review the findings of the investigations with a view to lifting the ban and re-starting production.
Leaked documents from the investigation suggest that the batch may have been intentionally contaminated and links are being made to left wing militants from Eranin. This would perhaps explain the splits in Eranin’s government and its rumoured intention to boycott the meeting at the weekend.
It remains to be seen if the investigation’s conclusion will allay the public’s fears over the possible side effects of this product.
Sports Results, Entertainment News and Celebrity Gossip are available via an upgraded subscription.
This GalNet News Transmission is sponsored in part by the Bank of Zaonce. Trust the Bank of Zaonce with your hard-earned credits.

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What’s The Story?

You may have noticed our GalNet News Transmissions containing trading information are now a weekly feature of the newsletter – this is starting to show the great benefits of the online component of Elite: Dangerous, where currently individual actions in the form of trades can affect the galaxy wide environment for all players.
Even the very simple change made to Progenitor Cells last week – they were the most popular trade item at one point, then a contamination scandal arose causing the government to ban them but trade continued as a black market item – shows the promise of how online systems can drive a rich, dynamic environment beyond market supply and demand.
Starting in Beta 1, we will add similar online systems for our missions, which allows you to begin to blaze your own trail in the galaxy yet also have an influence on the overall galaxy-wide environment for all players.
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To Launch, And Beyond with the Lifetime Expansion Pass

Elite: Dangerous is on track to launch in late 2014 (Q4). 
But that won’t stop development.  We plan to continue to significantly enhance the game via further expansions after the launch date, using the same incremental development philosophy that we’ve used so far.
Major new features will include planetary landings and even walking around inside ships, stations, and planet surfaces with time.
For those who have a Lifetime Expansion Pass (included in Premium Beta and Alpha, and also still available here until 29th July) all such significant expansion will be included.  Those without the Lifetime Expansion Pass will be charged for each expansion as they are released.
We have made no secret that our ultimate ambition is to be able to land on the surface of planets, as you were able to in the other Elite sequels Frontier and Frontier: First Encounters
We want this feature to push the boundaries as we believe we are doing in other areas of Elite: Dangerous already, like space flight, combat, trading, sound, online, visual fidelity etc.
An Orbis station in Frontier

An Orbis station in Elite: Dangerous.
That means rich, varied experiences.  Not just landing pads, but rich content on the surfaces, surface vehicles, the ability to stash things there, to explore. Clearly ‘doing it right’ like this will take time, but we have a plan and will get there via a series of meaningful releases.
We believe that each stage will be incredible, and the result truly breathtaking. What you will see on the worlds will be a mix of procedurally generated content, particularly the landscapes, cloudscapes, compositions and so on, mixed with hand-crafted elements.
Planetary landing in Frontier

Concept piece for planetary landing in Elite: Dangerous

We also plan to allow you to get up out of your seat and walk around your ship. You can see the level of attention and thought that has already been given to the ship interiors from these ship cockpit views in this video:
All is ready for you to walk around your ship.

Of course walking round your ship will be nice, but it is the just springboard for a very significant expansion of gameplay – you will be able to experience the inside of starports and interact with other players and AI characters, and even board other people’s ships in space and take them by force, as shown in this concept piece.

Of course this will be further expanded to include walking around on the surfaces of planets too.
Alpha and Premium Beta customers, and those who have already bought the £35 Lifetime Expansion Pass alongside either Beta or the full game, will have access to all these features and updates for as long as we create them at no further cost.
This means that if we are as successful as we hope to be, you will still be benefiting from the fantastic early support you gave us for a long time to come.
On 29th July the Lifetime Expansion Pass will no longer be available to buy in the store shop, to coincide with the launch of Beta 1.
So if you are planning to join the Beta or buy the final game and want to add the Lifetime Expansion Pass, you now have until 29th July to get automatic access to all future major paid-for expansions of Elite: Dangerous for £35.
You can purchase the Lifetime Expansion Pass here.
Each paid-for expansion will subsequently be put on sale separately (for people that don’t have the Lifetime Expansion Pass).
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Comms Chatter

Lavecon Developer Panel

Several members of our team made the trip to Lavecon this year and took part in an extensive Q&A session, where they answered a range of questions pitched to them by players and backers. On this panel were members from several key disciplines of Elite: Dangerous’ development:
  • Michael Brookes – Executive Producer
  • Chris Gregory – Art Director
  • Sandro Sammarco - Lead Designer
  • Michael Evans – Designer
If you would like to hear what they had to say on a range of topics you can listen to the full Q&A panel here.

International Forums

This week we also expanded our forums by adding 3 non-English language sub-forums, for our German, Polish and Russian communities: We also still have the general International community sub-forum, where there are community threads for a number of other nationalities and languages. If you would like to meet other Elite: Dangerous players from your country then you can head over to that forum here!

4K Screenshots in the Media

The Alt-F10 button is proving to be a popular feature!  This week PC Gamer featured a 4k Elite: Dangerous Screenshot Showcase.

There have also been some fantastic 4K shots cropped to 1920x1080p and posted on the Elite: Dangerous forums too.

With 10 days to go until Beta 1.0 we’d love to see what other incredible screenshots you can all take.  To take these screenshots just press Alt – F10 in-game and then share your creations with us via forums, email or social media.
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Mostly Harmless Questions

This week David took part in a 1 hour AmA session on the forums, answering questions ranging in subject from solar radiation to gimballed weapons. You can read a full summary of his answers here, but here is a sample of some of the questions put to him:

How will finding friends work with the multiple server connections we have at present? Will we have to just reconnect and track what server we are on or what?
  • It should be automatic. If your friends are on your friends list, then you should meet them. This is one of the features coming for Beta 1 on 29th July.
There's been a lot of discussion regarding the effectiveness of gimballed weapons on the forum, with some players wanting them less effective, and others saying they preferred the way they worked in the first beta 2.00. What's your own view on this, and do you use them?
  • Gimballed weapons are great I think - but mustn't unbalance the game. I think their powers were too high, but the principle is sound - trading some power for those who don't have quite the same pin-sharp aiming ability.
What's your favourite ship in ED?
  • I'm afraid it has to be the Cobra...
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Hi-res Screenshot Competition

The hi-res screenshot competition has now ended and David Braben selected the winner. Congratulations to Christopher Wicksteed for his winning submission, which you can see below!

Christopher wins a framed A3 poster of his screenshot, signed by David Braben.
We would also like to give a shout out to Marc Brown, who was the runner-up for the submission below.

Congratulations to both our winner, and our runner-up!
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New Website Now Live!

We have been busy building a new official Elite: Dangerous website which is going live now via Make sure you bookmark it as there will be many updates added over the coming weeks.

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That’s it for newsletter #32 - thank you for reading and supporting the development of Elite: Dangerous.

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