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Greetings, Commander,
Welcome to Newsletter #62.

This week, we’re detailing the Mercenary Edition content scheduled for delivery soon, taking a look ahead to 1.2 in our Peek Of The Week and speaking French, German and Russian in our localisation update.

As always, check out our Forums, Twitter and Facebook for the latest from the Elite: Dangerous galaxy, and stick with us at the Elite: Dangerous Newsletter for your weekly roundup on what’s going on in the Elite: Dangerous galaxy.

Contents This Week

Mercenary Edition
We’re pleased to announce the Mercenary Edition digital and physical bonus content will be available soon. Every player who pre-ordered Elite: Dangerous will receive a set of 4K wallpapers selected by the art team, ringtones created by our sound team, exclusive screensavers, a digitally signed screenshot, and art book with words by Elite: Dangerous’ Art Director Chris Gregory.
The art book is a real look behind the scenes, also featuring unused concepts and prototype designs that never made it into the final game.

Elite: Dangerous 1.1

On Tuesday we launched Elite: Dangerous 1.1 with some great new features.

In 1.1, new Community Goals are a significant new addition that unite players with shared (or conflicting) objectives, allowing the entire Elite: Dangerous community to participate in and influence major story events in Multiplayer, Solo or Private Groups and help evolve the dynamic Milky Way galaxy. Community Goals will cover all aspects of Elite: Dangerous, from trading to exploration to combat - supporting  the construction of new capital ships and building a starport in an undeveloped system is just the beginning.
And in 1.1, we're giving everyone greater recognition for their achievements. Player-supported starports will acknowledge their chief benefactors, and the player who contributes the most material to the construction of an Imperial Majestic class Interdictor or Federation Farrgagut class Battlecruiser will be given the honour of naming the new capital ship. The in-game galaxy map will now credit the discovery of systems, planets and other bodies with the name of the first player to scan them, and the change applies retroactively to the 895,135 systems players have explored since launch – just 0.000223 percent of our Milky Way galaxy.

Finally, 1.1 extends route planning to 1,000 light years and enhances the appearance of planets throughout Elite: Dangerous’ full-scale recreation of the Milky Way. The dark sides of populated worlds can now be seen illuminated by city lights and the cloudy atmospheres of gas giants have been given greater depth and richness.
Update 1.1 is just the start of Elite: Dangerous' growth. 1.2, planned for early March, will focus on multiplayer and introduce new ways for players to group together, communicate and locate friends in Elite: Dangerous’ galaxy. And we have a tease for you in this week's Peek...


Newsletter Peek Of The Week

Fer-de-Lance. Available in March, in Elite: Dangerous 1.2

Community Update

Elite: Dangerous’ 1.1 update introduced Community Goals, allowing the Elite: Dangerous community to collaborate and work together towards a shared objective, shaping the ongoing story and receiving rewards based on your contributions to the cause.

Lucan Onionhead farmers in the Tanmark system have received regular supplies of Agricultural Medicine, Crop Harvesters, Land Enrichment Systems and Biowaste from traders sympathetic to their cause. At the time of writing 94 commanders had contributed 67,021 tons of goods to aid the production of Onionhead.
HIP 101110 has been selected as the system for the construction of a new starport. At the time of writing 2,171 Commanders had shipped 2,420,925 tons worth of goods to aid in the starport’s construction.

There’s still time to contribute to either of these goals and take advantage of the many reward tiers on offer, but act soon because Community Goals will change over time

Customer Support and Ticketing

We know a number of people have been experiencing delays with our customer support responses. We apologise for this, and are working to improve things - we have already doubled the support team and are continuing to hire to further increase our support bandwidth.

We're also improving the tools we use to help make the team more efficient, and are improving the information available to people in our FAQs so that there is a better chance of resolving issues before a support ticket is needed.

We hope to be able to see the results of this as soon as possible - in the meantime we apologise again if you've been affected and thank you for your patience.

Helping our fantastic community with any issues or questions is something we want to excel at -  we will update you on our progress.

In the meantime, if your question is gameplay related or something the community can help with, why not head to the forums and join in

Local Heros

With the release of 1.1, Elite: Dangerous is now fully playable in Russian, French and German. The UI, missions, and even the unfolding story are all available in those localized languages via a simple toggle on the launcher.
We’re also pleased to announce the launch of in the same localized languages, and so...

Nous souhaitons la bienvenue aux joueurs français sur la page d'accueil dédiée à leur territoire. Merci de jouer à Elite: Dangerous et bon vol, Commander.
Wir möchten unsere deutschsprachigen Spieler auf der neuen, deutschen Elite: Dangerous Homepage herzlich begrüßen. Danke fürs mitmachen und weiter so, Kommandeur.

Мы рады приветствовать наших русскоговорящих игроков на новой русской странице Elite: Dangerous. Спасибо за игру и так держать, командор.


Comms Chatter

Elite: Dangerous meets the Lego universe and Everything Is Awesome thanks to CMDR Ultralights.
Inspired by the rare goods that can be found at certain starports in Elite: Dangerous, Reddit user Mguerani posted his take on how adverts for these rare finds might look.
Inspired by Mguerani’s work, another Reddit User, Kingkeepo, gave his impression of Indi Bourbon.
You can see the rest of the rare good mock ups here.

Send your own images to and we might feature them in a future newsletter.
Intrepid Commander Isinona explores Lave in his latest video, and employs the help of a new friend to assist him in battles against pirates and bounty hunters - but can this new friend be trusted?
Rare alien artefacts went on sale in the Ngurii system, but many have speculated that this may be just a publicity stunt or a scam. Despite evidence against the legitimacy of the rare goods, the news has spurred speculation among collectors of Thargoid relics.

Imperial, Federal and Independent pilots from all walks of life came together to provide the vital resources needed to save countless lives in Ngaliba following a viral outbreak. Thanks to their efforts there were fewer than a dozen confirmed casualties before a cure was formulated.

Pilots gathered at Abraham Lincoln Starport at 18:00 on February 12 for the annual remembrance of the station's namesake. Lincoln was the leader of the former nation of the United States in the nineteenth century and was responsible for the abolition of slavery in the young republic. Today, pilots gather on Lincoln’s birthday to remember the legendary figure and show solidarity in ending the modern slave trade from which so many pilots profit.

The Chelomy Vision Fight Club, a group which convene to fight in the skies above Chelomy Vision, has emerged in the Balaikda system. Meetings take place weekly at 05:00 Universal Time on Tuesdays, drawing anger from local traders and government leaders. The group seems prepared to take on all comers in even contests of pilot skill, regardless of the reckless endangerment of human life and millions of credits in property damage.
That’s it for Newsletter #62. As always if there is anything in particular that you’d like to hear more about, or you'd like to ask a question, then please contact us at

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Until next time, fly safe and Right On, Commander.

The Frontier Team
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