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Hi Commander,

Welcome to Elite: Dangerous Newsletter #53!

Gamma 2 is well underway after Wednesday’s release, so we take a look at a some of the features.
Plus we have a more in-depth look at the power struggle to succeed the frail Emperor that you’ll experience on 16 December in Elite: Dangerous 1.0.
There are now only four days left to pre-order the game and get the Elite: Dangerous Mercenary Edition goodies such as free Eagle spaceship docked in a secondary location in-game, digital concept art book, exclusive pack of ship paint jobs and a ‘day one’ ship decal at a £4.99 discounted price. Available to buy now.
Pre-ordering the game also gives you immediate access to the Single Player Combat Training to start practising your piloting skills.


 Contents this week (Click subject to jump forward):

Newsletter Peek of the Week

Our secret is out! Well done to Commander Goldenvale on Reddit, who was first to spot the surprise we put in Gamma 2 – Voyager 2 is in the game, still travelling and in the correct location for the year 3300.

Well, it was one of the surprises we put in there...

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No Wipe in Elite: Dangerous 1.00

Gamma 2.00 was released earlier this week. It sets us up for release next week, and we’ll continue to release daily builds to fix the resulting issues and of course hone what’s there.

We also decided that we don’t need to wipe progress, as planned, so your ships, credits and positions will carry over from Gamma into Elite: Dangerous 1.00!
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Adder and Lakon Type 7 Playable Ships

The Adder is an entry-level exploration ship from Zorgon Petterson, to complement the Core Dynamics Eagle (combat) and the Hauler (trade). As well as a decent jump distance, the Adder also offers a good number of utility points to outfit with the various modules that you may need on your ventures out into the unknown!
The Lakon Type 7 is a roomy practical mid-range addition to Lakon’s stalwart range of traders. Cargo capacity is of course the priority, but as with its stable-mates the Type 7 is built to last and can take quite some punishment.
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Cinematic Trailer Released

We released our cinematic launch trailer on Wednesday. 

The soundtrack is Out of the Black by Royal Blood - we are delighted to feature the work of such an excellent up and coming British band to back our promotion. 


The Rise of Crimson State

Even though the story itself has not started, the simulation elements of the galaxy are now live. This is where we track the aggregated effects of players’ actions on the galaxy, and systems respond accordingly. Commanders have wasted no time using it for their own ends…

There have been some interesting goings on in the Lugh system, which was a peaceful, Federally controlled system until last week.

Then orfeboy started acting as agent provocateur for the Crimson State Group:

"Over the centuries those who could moved to the Lugh system to be closer to their point of attention and an underground following has grown over the centuries into now what is a sizable minority faction in this system.

Always persecuted and hunted in the past they have established themselves now as a force within the system where each and every right they posses had to be fought and worked for. But they will accept repression no more.

Now we want what is rightfully ours! The worship of the great God Lugh will no longer be oppressed and we will have dominance in this sector and eject the oppressive Federation out of this system declaring an independent Lugh!

We call on all ships for support.
Come to Lugh. Only do missions for the 'Crimson State Group'
We need guns and weapons to gather forces for our uprising.
Our numbers are few but our resolve steadfast!
We will not fail.
We cannot fail.
We MUST not fail!"

With the help of many others, his campaign has seen Crimson State’s influence rise in the system from being a minor faction to such an extent that at the time of writing the system is on the brink of civil war.

It’s also interesting to see the differing motivations for people joining in – some are up for the crusade, whilst others are very definitely taking the opportunity to make some healthy profits!

In the same way that market prices are influenced by your every individual trade contributing to supply and demand market forces, the powerbase of factions and ultimately the destiny of systems (and even – with a bit more effort - volumes of space) is determined by your every individual action contributing to the balance of power.

The events in Lugh happened with NO intervention from anyone at Frontier. Player-influenced narrative like this does, however, provide a fantastic foundation to, or supplement of, our ability to play ‘Gamesmaster’ by creating a wider response, perhaps by one of the superpowers responding to a concerted attack across many systems.

Once the story starts you will be able to influence that too - using the dynamic mechanisms seen at work over the past few days.

Speaking of which…

The Chancellor Speaks Out

The Imperial Palace has issued a statement saying that while the Emperor is unwell, it is not as serious as many commentators are suggesting. Nevertheless speculation is rife. The Chancellor, Senator Anders Blaine, has tried to quell the speculation:

“The great Emperor Hengist has not involved himself in the detail of politics for a long time. It is a terrible loss for us all that he is unwell, but even if the worst does come and our beloved Emperor passes away, we will have a coronation, we will have a spectacular ceremony and some great parties, but nothing will really change. The Senate and I will continue to run the Empire.”

It is said that actions speak louder than words, and it has been noted that many shipyards throughout Imperial space appear to be concentrating on bringing numerous Imperial Interdictors run by key Senators to battle readiness with full squadrons of fighters. This is highlighted by the reduced number of new ships they are completing on the open market.

All five of the slaver Senator Torval’s ‘enforcers’ – giant battle-hardened Interdictors – have left port, and her luxuriously equipped Majestic Class yacht “Xanadu”, which still packs a punch, is ready to travel at a moment’s notice. Senator Patreus’s fleet is also mobilised, though this is not so unusual, but we expect some fireworks in the next few weeks.

Meanwhile in the Federation, another vote in Congress has gone against besieged President Halsey. She has been forced to remove her block on the Navy’s latest budget. Shadow President Hudson declared this a major victory:

“Finally our once great Navy can operate again. Belatedly our heroes can return to full pay, and we can start to bring our fleet out of mothballs. Our Frontier States can once again see the justification for their taxes, and the powerful support we can bring to them”.

We couldn’t get a comment from the Alliance leadership, but we did manage to speak to a junior aide who wanted to remain unnamed: “It’s depressing they’re at it again. I thought Halsey was better than that. Doubtless millions will die, and there’s not much the Alliance can do except broker the odd meaningless set of peace talks after they’ve had at each other”.
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Comms Chatter

Our amazing community will be streaming the game for 5 days to celebrate the launch and raise money for GamesAid. Please visit our Just Giving  GamesAid donation page.
You can also see the top five streams on the right of the page at

Commander Eazy tried to capture the perfect fleet jump.

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That’s it for newsletter #53 - thank you for reading and supporting the development of Elite: Dangerous.

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