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Hello Commander,

Welcome to Elite: Dangerous Newsletter #34!

What a great week! Elite: Dangerous Beta 1 was released on schedule on Tuesday evening. Thank you all for your patience and support, and welcome to all the new Commanders who have now joined us!

To get you up to speed we have created a quick start guide to getting you started - you can find it here: 
In this week’s newsletter we look at what you have all been doing in the game since Beta 1 was released. The Lifetime Expansion Pass was withdrawn from sale this week as Beta 1 launched, and we released the first ship Paint Jobs (available here) - we are now seeing Commanders flying around in their own colours!

If you have pre-ordered the finished game but are tempted to start playing sooner, there is an upgrade path which will cost you an additional £15. Interested? Just go to the store
here, put the Beta in your basket and the correct discount will be applied when you checkout.

Table of Contents (click subject to jump forward):

Peek of the Week
Beta 1 Released
Comms Chatter
Mostly Harmless Questions
Community Events
GalNet News Transmission 1st August 3300

Newsletter Peek of the Week

Can you see the glint of metal??
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Beta 1 Released

Beta 1.0 is now out and with all Commander data being reset it is really interesting to see how new and existing players, who have all started from the same position, are interacting with each other. 
Since the launch of Beta 1.0, people from 98 countries around the world have flown, traded and fought  together in the Elite: Dangerous Milky Way galaxy. Localisation has started; we will be initially releasing the following languages:
German, French, Russian, Polish, Dutch, Italian, Spanish, Mexican Spanish, Portuguese, Brazilian Portuguese, Swedish, Finnish, Norwegian and Simplified Chinese.
Here are a selection of screenshots from Beta 1...
Some key features of Beta 1 are listed below, but there is much, much more to experience:

-    55 star systems covering 38,000 cubic lightyears 
-    The start of online missions 
-    Player-to-player communication by text and voice 
-    Friends management and matchmaking 
-    Private Group play option 
-    On-line single player option 
-    Overview trade route mapping 
-    The concept of fuel consumption 
-    Docking computers to automate safe star port landings  
-    Two additional ships, the heavy fighter Viper and Lakon’s Type 6 medium trader ship 

Your Viper is waiting for you, Cmdr Starsky! 
We will continue to release updates to address fixes and feedback, and of course development is ongoing so  you will begin to see more features and content being added, too.
Police in hot pursuit
We could go on more about all the new Beta features but actually this communication we had from the guys TEST: Mostly Harmless, the Reddit Elite: Dangerous group based over at  says it all:
“Last night a group of us from Reddit flew to Wyrd using the new grouping mechanic.
Cmdr Cow had the great idea of getting us in to a group shot and here are the results: 
We did a shot over the planet, as well as inside the station (which looks fantastic BTW!)
We even had a Cmdr Chronos, not part of the group but there anyway, who joined us in the shot because why not?
We managed to do the inside station shot within the 10 minutes and we left the station, but the Viper pilot calls out over comms
He roars into the station, and we all hear a faint explosion.
Much fun was had!”

Well done guys (love the paint jobs)! It makes us very happy indeed to see people having fun and using the new features in Beta 1 like comms and grouping.  If you are wondering - the emblem on the screenshots is TEST’s logo.
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Comms Chatter


Our twitter, Forums and facebook accounts have been awash with positive comments from you all:

To join in you can follow us on
Twitter and Facebook 

And if you are new to Elite: Dangerous you can join the forums  or bookmark our website as we will be adding more information on there over the coming weeks.

Twitch has been buzzing with Elite: Dangerous streams – we saw the first one start 30 secs after we announced the Beta has released. It was exciting for us just watching them downloading the game!

We asked you on twitter for some of your best moments and these are some of the responses we had - keep them coming!:

Other first impressions emailed in to us include:

- scooped up 4 tons of Tobacco from inside a station, with great
  difficulty and managed to sell it
- declared war on everyone called "Commander Backer", they're taking
  over the galaxy
- found 10 tons of gold floating out in space, scooped up 4
- one person sent me a chat message (we didn't manage an actual
  conversation, but yeah - it really is an online game!)
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Mostly Harmless Questions

We usually respond to questions in this section that people have posted on the Forums but this week as we have so many new Commanders, we are inviting questions. 
So, if you have a burning question you simply have to have answered by David Braben or one of the team, please send them in to
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Community Events

FantastiCon is a new sci-fi convention bringing together Elite fans from around the world. It will feature Elite: Dangerous on the Oculus Rift, book signings by the glamorous Allen Stroud, Drew Wagar and Kate Russell, interviews with official Elite: Dangerous writers and Frontier staff, and a chance to meet many of the Commanders who you have blown up in the game. It is being held in Hull on Saturday 16th August, and includes free soft drinks, cake, and a 24 hour bar.

> Web-site  > Buy tickets
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GalNet News Transmission 1st August 3300
All information ©3300 Elite Pilots Federation.  Copyright violation is a crime in all jurisdictions.
:: Elite Pilots Federation Alert::
Thought to be as a result of a recent successful recruitment drive, which has seen a marked increased numbers of new Pilot Federaton members, all star ports have reported a significant rise in accidents and violations. Members are kindly advised to take extra care when approaching star ports and adhere to all docking and exiting protocols.
Demand for the new Docking Computers has exceeded analysts' expectations, with shipyards reporting these utility modules are more popular than the previous best selling C2 Pulse Laser.
GalNet Trade Aggregation Service Reports
Weekly Pilot Federation Member Profits:
254,976,324 credits profit generated from 602,873 units of cargo traded.
:: Market Information::
Ship Sales (by market share)
The significant mandatory ship recall that affected all shipyards this week has thrown the entire market into turmoil.
Faulcon deLacy benefited the most with sales of new Sidewinders commanding a very impressive 89% of the market. Sales of the Cobra Mk III were decimated by the recall, so the launch of their long awaited Viper was accelerated.
Zorgon Peterson saw a remarkable turn of fortunes as their highly paid new marketing team helped the Hauler grab a 7% market share this week.
The Core Dynamics Eagle struggled to keep up in contrast, capturing less than 2% of the market.
Lakon had even less success with their new Type 6 trading ship this week, taking less than 1% of the market. Time will tell how their Type 9 will fare.
Most Profitable Goods
  • Superconductors
  • Consumer Technology
  • Resonating Separators
  • Indium
Most profitable black market goods are:
  • Battle Weapons
  • Palladium
  • Beryllium
  • Performance Enhancers
Most Traded Goods
Most bought goods (By cargo units)
  • Fish
  • Terrain Enrichment Systems
  • Agricultural Medicines
  • Tea
  • Tantalum
  • Coffee
Most sold goods (by cargo unit)
  • Coltan
  • Bauxite
  • Explosives
  • Battle Weapons
Top 5 Largest Importers, by Quantity of Good Traded
Aulin:     Aulin Enterprise
i Bootis: Chango Dock
Asellus    Primus: Beagle 2 Landing
Dahan:     Dahan Gateway
Azeban:    Azaban City
Top Exports per System, Ranked by Quantity
i Bootis: Chango Dock:     Fish
Aulin: Aulin Enterprise:   Terrain Enrichment Systems, Agricultural, Medicines
Dahan: Dahan Gateway:      Tantalum
Azaban City:               Coffee
Trade Tips & Hidden Gems
Market Watch
Markets currently trading with good profits:
Wyrd:           Vonarburg Co-operative
Chi Herculis:   Gorbatko Reserve
Opala:          Romanenko Estate
LHS 2887:       Massimino Dock
Naraka:         Novitski Oasis
:: And finally::
Space Camo
As predicted, the Galaxy has become even more colourful with numerous sightings of Commanders sporting new paint jobs on their ships. The numbers of extreme retro ancient Earth camoflage designs have caused quite a stir – the purely decorative colours have left some veteran members shaking their heads in bemusement at the naivety of expecting ancient camo to be of benefit in space.  A vox pop of some of the younger members commanders indicates they are aware of that thank you very much, but they want to ‘express themselves’.  This one may run and run…
Meanwhile, the Core Dynamics Eagle Red Streak and Orange Mohawk are also proving popular, and we hear rumours that Faulcon deLacy is preparing new designs for its Viper heavy fighter.
Fish floated back to the top of the traded good charts this week.
Detailed market information feeds are available via an upgraded subscription to GalNet services.
Sports Results, Entertainment News and Celebrity Gossip are available via an upgraded subscription.
This GalNet News Transmission is sponsored in part by the Bank of Zaonce. Trust the Bank of Zaonce with your hard-earned credits.
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That’s it for newsletter #34 - thank you for reading and supporting the development of Elite: Dangerous.

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The Frontier Team

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