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GalNet Priority 1 News Alert Transmission: 3300-09-24

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:: Elite Pilots Federation Priority 1 Alert ::

Eranin vs Federation Conflict.
Perhaps rather than conflict, Imperial Senator Denton Patreus’ characterization of the situation around Eranin yesterday as ‘civil war’ is growing more accurate by the day…
Commanders continue to fly in support of both sides of the conflict, although with a slight majority on the Federal side - the side of the rebellion.
We spoke to representatives from both sides last night.
A source close to the communist Eranin government passed on this message for broadcast: 'The Federation-backed rebels are determined to undermine everything Eranin stands for. Comrades! It is time to take up arms and fight the capitalist aggressors!'
There has been a massive surge in Eranin celebratory liquor being smuggled into Federation-controlled Chango Dock.  The Eranin government wants to see even more destinations targeted with the now-symbolic liquor to spread support for their cause.  Off the record they are also keen for more practical assistance from Commanders in fighting.
A spokesperson for the Federation-backed rebels, who wished to remain anonymous, told us:
'We want to be free to live our lives! Help us kick some Commie butt and break this centralist oppression – every form we fill in, every eye-watering taxation increase, every permit they deny, a little something dies inside us. They will not control us!'
We are getting reports that the Independent Alliance are about to formally intervene on Eranin’s behalf with Federation representatives.

Commander Reaction.

There are still commanders such as CMDR Pheyes who are ambivalent about their allegiance and appear to be indiscriminate in their targeting.
Many more, however, appear to be aligning themselves strongly with one camp or the other. CMDR zenoic neatly summed up Eranin supporters feelings:
‘Freedom, yes.  Freedom to trade legitimate goods, freedom from Federal sponsored terrorism, freedom from Federal bullying.  Long live the Eranin revolution!  30 more years!’
CMDR Nemesis T Warlock in his Anaconda is rapidly catching up with CMDR BlueFalcon at the top of the Most Wanted list in Federal space, and CMDR Mark0 continues to uphold Independence for Asellus and Eranin.
CMDR DeGrimmy is taking it upon himself to arrange more orgnaised activity:
‘A group of pilots, myself included, will be taking the fight to the Federation by attacking their forces at i Boötis B. A broadcast will be available at 8pm BST (~5 minutes from posting). The USS can be found ~10Ls away from I Boötis B.
If they are not stopped at Eranin, they will not stop at all. I found a bulletin at Federation occupied Magec earlier, asking for "Federation Patriots" to fight any independent system security force in return for a handsome sum of credits. This has to stop.’
CMDR Ozric’s assertion of:
‘Better dead than red!’
Would seem to indicate that he is firmly on the side of the Federation-supporting rebels.  CMDR 2H@RD 2H@NDLE is putting his lasers where his mouth is by heroically defending Federal assets in i Boötis with a Cobra, whilst CMDR Cryo is doing a similar job in Dahan.
The tension is cranking up and rumors are spreading like wildfire.   CMDR MarktJones messaged:
‘Getting dozens of 'Request Denied' responses from the station, at first I thought the traffic control had got their hands on some of the celebration liquor. But then I realised, the Federation has hacked the docking control system at Azeban City.’
FdL Cobra Pricing - Latest.
It seems yesterday’s blithe denial by Imperial Senator Denton Patreus hasn’t convinced all of you.
CMDR knowles2 says:
‘The Empire senator sounds like he could barely keep a straight face during that interview. I wonder how long it will be until an Imperial fleet is spotted above Eranin to protect them from Federal aggression.’
And of course there are those such as CMDR Lukozer, who are fiercely loyal to the Empire:
‘Death to the Federation! My loyalties are with the Empire, but … the independent systems get my support, particularly Eranin which seems to have some "unofficial backing" from the glorious Empire.’
::Watch This Space::
As always, we will keep you updated as developments occur. Fly safely out there, Commanders.
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