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Hi Commander,

Welcome to Elite: Dangerous Newsletter #44!

In this week's newsletter we take a look at the multiple ships feature, which will be coming in Beta 3 on 28th October!.

Don't forget - Elite: Dangerous Mercenary Edition, a bonus pre-order game collection loaded with digital extras, is now available to buy. The pack is listed on our store for new customers at a discounted price of £35.00 ($50 and €40) and anyone who has already pre-ordered the final release version of Elite: Dangerous (including those with Beta access and higher) will also receive the bonus pre-order collection when the game is released.

Don’t forget, if you have pre-ordered the finished game but are tempted to start playing sooner, there is an upgrade path which will cost you an additional £15. Interested? Just go to the store, put the Beta in your basket and the correct discount will be applied when you checkout.

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Newsletter Peek of the Week

'Imperial Ship Incoming'
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Multiple Ships in Beta 3

We are delighted to confirm that the feature where you can own multiple ships, which we announced a few weeks ago when launching our pre-order Mercenary Pack, will be included in Beta 3 on October 28th.

This will let you have any number of ships ‘parked’ at any number of shipyards, rather than having to part-exchange them.

When coupled with the enhanced ship outfitting and mission systems from Beta 2, you can see how this will really expand your possibilities in Elite: Dangerous.
How you distribute your personal fleet is up to you; you could concentrate them all in one area, or have them strategically distributed around the galaxy.

There are no restrictions on the number or type of ships you can have or how you outfit them other than the in-game money you need to buy them.

If for example you are a die-hard Cobra fan, you can have multiple Cobras loaded out differently for different mission profiles, trading, exploration, piracy etc. as the situation or your mood demands.
Conversely if you want to experience the advantages a range of different ships bring you, you can keep every ship you buy in the game and mix and match the capability of an Anaconda, the combat agility of an Eagle, the range of an Asp Explorer and the profit from a Lakon Type 9.

Or you can do any combination of these, owning multiple types of any or all ships.
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Beta 2.05

You’ll have noticed we released Beta 2.05 this week as an update to 2.04. This focussed on improving loading and supercruise exit times, which can be variable due to sensitivity to certain networking conditions.

2.05 has helped reduce times for many people, and further fixes are on the way! If you still experience problems please do remember to create a ticket to track the problem. These are very helpful to us in identifying the cause.

It was optimal for us to test a small number of changes in isolation, and we thank you once again for your sterling help in the development of this game - we couldn’t do it without you.
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Elite: Dangerous Books Part 6

Book Title: Elite: Out of the Darkness

Author: T. James

How do you win a high-stakes game when you don't even know you're being played?

Competent, driven, broken: Moira Dolan is a talented investigator who buries herself in work to hide from her past. She succeeded, until her brother, Keagan, wrecked her career. Now she works for the Proteus Collective.

By night, she's tormented by the same dream. By day, she's assigned dead-end cases by Ferris - a boss who seems intent on making her fail. It appears personal, until Keagan goes missing and Ferris' actions are cast in a whole new light...

Moira thinks her latest assignment will have her chasing ghosts between the stars, but instead she uncovers a deadly conspiracy threatening the precarious balance between the galaxy's major powers, one that could cost billions of lives.

If you're not predator, you're prey.
Recommended Reading Age: 14+
Word Count: Over 116,000
'This was my first experience of the 'Elite' universe, and it was fantastic! James writes beautifully; his characters and imagery are completely compelling, and I could not put this down. I really hope there's more to come.'
Amazon Review

'As the last of the first tranche of official Elite fiction, it was definitely worth the wait. The story is deep enough that I'm sure I'll pick up new things on subsequent readings. A fast paced story loaded with enough of the usual suspects for antagonists, with every character having depth and believability. Will good triumph over evil and will there be casualties along the way? Is everyone what they seem, or are intrigue and deception the way of life, that people end up living.
I couldn't put this book down and thoroughly enjoyed it.'

Goodreads review

'A good read for fans who would like to get in the mood for the upcoming Elite:Dangerous computer game relaunch. It's all in there: space, planets, spaceships, cargo, scoops, escape pods, ultra-evil Thargoids, you name it...'
Amazon Review.

Author Bio:
A fan of science-fiction since watching ancient episodes of Blake's Seven, Space 1999, Dr Who, and yes, Buck Rogers, T. James gleefully made a Cobra MkIII his home when he first discovered the Elite game for the BBC 'B' back in 1984. As a result his mother had to undergo separation counselling before coming to terms with his attachment to a cream box, a fourteen-inch portable colour TV, and line-drawings that exploded into dots when he shot them.

Taller, hairier, and a little more articulate thirty years later, when the opportunity came along to write a novel set in the Elite: Dangerous universe he seized it with both hands. After eighteen months of wrestling, he now has it in a headlock. Pacified, his love for everything Elite is yours to read - if you want to. (As an active member of 'The Campaign for Consensual Reading', I vow never to force anyone to buy the book. You are also completely at liberty to not visit my website at

Elite: Out of the Darkness is available on eBook now!

Multi-format Download: Fantastic Books Publishing
Kindle eReaders and apps: &
Kobo eReaders & apps
Nook eReaders & apps
Apple: iBooks
Subscription service: Scribd
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Elite: Dangerous Book Competition

We have three brilliant Elite: Dangerous books to give away in our competition!

‘Wanted’ by Gavin Deas, ‘Nemorensis’ by Simon Spurrier and ‘Docking is Difficult’ by Gideon Defoe. To win this collection email with an Elite: Dangerous screenshot and title – make it imaginative!
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Comms Chatter

Commander Titus Balls treated us to this video he made of an outpost orbit at 6357x speed.
Isinona shows us how to hunt with flair, even with Flight Assist off.
Edwin Stowe takes a trip to the Altais star system, and takes some breathtaking footage along the way.
Cmdr Bruce Humblehand posted this beautiful picture of Fox Colony on Reddit.

We also found these two beautiful screenshots sent to us on Twitter!

'By FireyToad'
'Ocellus Station by Anderson DeGrear'
The screenshots and videos we received since the launch of beta 2 have been amazing. Keep sending them our way, by visiting Facebook, Twitter or sending us an email at
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That’s it for newsletter #44 - thank you for reading and supporting the development of Elite: Dangerous.

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