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Hi Commander,

Welcome to Elite: Dangerous Newsletter #46!

We are just around the corner from Beta 3 on 28th October and it is going to be huge!

In this newsletter we reveal a few more details about our Elite: Dangerous Premiere event and we have another fantastic Elite: Dangerous book feature.

The Elite: Dangerous Mercenary Edition, which is available now, is a bonus pre-order game collection loaded with digital extras that gives you two ships from the moment you strat playing: a Sidewinder and an Eagle fighter.

Don’t forget, if you have pre-ordered the finished game but are tempted to start playing sooner, there is an upgrade path which will cost you an additional £15. Interested? Just go to the store, put the Beta in your basket and the correct discount will be applied when you checkout.

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The Elite: Dangerous Premiere Event 22.11.14

The tickets for our very special event, the Elite: Dangerous Premiere, went on sale today and have been selling like hot cakes.  We’re looking forward to meeting everyone who is coming to the event.  Unfortunately there are only a very few tickets remaining as we prepare this newsletter.

If you would like to be part of this event, you can join us on the day in a couple of ways:
•    By purchasing one of the remaining tickets on the
Elite: Dangerous store.
•    The event will also be live streamed on, so wherever you are around the world, you can watch and get involved.

As well as the backers whose pledge tiers included attendance, and those who buy tickets, the development team, including David (of course!) will be there. Other guests include members of the media, Elite: Dangerous community stalwarts such as LaveRadio and Book authors, YouTubers and possibly one or two celebs...  There will be a merch stall, some surprises and important announcements, and of course Elite: Dangerous itself will take centre stage with in-depth looks at the different aspects of the game.

If you haven’t been to IWM Duxford before, you are in for a treat; it is an awesome setting in which to be premiering Elite: Dangerous.
Doors will open at 18.00 with the event starting at 18.30 on 22nd November 2014. 

It will be a great evening, and we are excited to show people even more of this great game we are creating together.

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Beta 3 - 28th October

We have talked in previous newsletters about a couple of the large changes - multiple ship ownership and mining – that Beta 3 will offer, and of course there are many more fantastic new features, both large and small, to experience as well as further fixes, optimization, content and polish.
You’ll be playing Beta 3 in a volume of 868,744 cubic light years, containing 2,406 star systems, including  4,181 stars and 24,918 planets.
As we expand the volume of the Milky Way you are able to explore, you can start to get a sense of the true variety, scale and spectacle of what is out there, just waiting to be discovered and exploited.

In Beta 3 you can find our first B class star, and there are also three class five gas giants – super hot planets with clouds of metallic vapour in their atmospheres.  There are also two rare terrestrial planets with a silicate vapour atmosphere – they are incredibly hot!

Beta 3’s 2,406 star systems mean it is huge, about five times bigger than Beta 2.  Yet it represents only a little over half a millionth of one per cent of the full game to be launched later this year!

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Elite: Dangerous Book Feature

Elite: Dangerous: Wanted by Gavin Deas

When a routine bit of piracy goes wrong, the crew of the Song of Stone realise that there's a bounty hunter on their tail. One who might, finally, be able to outclass them. The Dragon Queen is feared across space, and for good reason. But even the bounty hunter doesn't realise what she's been hired to do. Or what is in the container she's been sent to retrieve.
And she's not the only hunter in the game...

Gavin Deas was born both in Southeast England and also Dundee and has never quite recovered from the experience. Like many of his peers he discovered Dungeons and Dragons, video games and Fighting Fantasy novels, though Deathtrap Dungeon was too hard. Elite in particular probably devoured enough hours to have achieved a Masters degree in something obscure, and yet despite that he never quite made it to elite and has had to settle for having the chip on his shoulder of merely being Deadly, which is why he now lives a near feral existence in Leicester and also a quiet family life in Essex. If you see him in the streets he will write science fiction for sweeties, but never under any circumstances should he be set loose with fireworks, nor approached after 8pm at conventions.
Gavin Deas is really the genetically engineered hybrid of Stephen Deas (writer of The Adamantine Palace, Dragon Queen, the Thief-Taker’s Apprentice and many more)  and Gavin Smith (writer of Veteran, War in Heaven, Crysis: Escalation, Age of Scorpio and A Quantum Mythology). The hybrid spends quite a lot of time shouting at itself, and has a brand new series, EMPIRES, being published in November 2014. The first two books, EMPIRES: INFILTRATION and EMPIRES: EXTRACTION tell the story of an alien invasion of Earth from two points of view…

“Action! Adventure! Space pirates! What more could you want?”

“if you want a book that makes you feel like you're in the Elite Universe then this is it. It's chock full of space battles, bounty hunters and pirates. Descriptions of various space stations and space ships (one of the main characters flies a classic Fer-de-Lance), and great imagery of different star systems and planets throughout the Galaxy. For my money, a must read for any Elite fan.”

“Bloody Brilliant!!! Definitely for anyone who loves piracy, bounty hunting, betrayal and intrigue. The characters are well fleshed out and I found myself caring for them despite their imperfections. Plan on visiting the fringe systems and pirate stations mentioned in this book! It'll be interesting to see if one particular system is as dangerous as it's portrayed in this book! Really couldn't put this down. Gavin, you'd better sort out the sequel double quick or I'll be getting out the voodoo doll, understand??;-).  For fans of the Elite universe or not, a great read! Looking forward to more..”

Elite: Dangerous Wanted is available now in ebook (ISBN: 9781473201293, £4.99) or preorder in hardback, out 16th October! (ISBN: 9781473201286, £9.99)

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Kickstarter Rewards

As mentioned last week, we are busy pulling together all of the pledge items from the Kickstarter and backers app. We will be contacting you all directly as and when these items are ready for delivery.

One very important point – for those backers who pledge for the Premium Edition of Elite: Dangerous or if your pledge tier includes the Premium Edition of Elite: Dangerous, you will need to select your size polo shirt.

The form, which includes a size guide, can be found in the Manage Reward section of the
Backers App.

Please double- check your postal address in the Backers App, as this is the address we will use to deliver your items.

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Comms Chatter

CMDR T: Dog shows us around the beautiful Eta Cephei system -
The team behind the Starfleet Comms podcast prove that Elite: Dangerous is for any age, with one of the youngest commanders yet -
At E3 this year, a docking speed run rivalry emerged between Elite: Dangerous Producer, Adam Woods and Ambassador Kerrash. The rivalry spilled out on to social media this week, so we decided to run a docking speed run competition. The top ten entries were added in to a prize draw, with the winner receiving an Elite: Dangerous goodie bag.  Here are some of the highlights:

Adam Woods’ original time was an impressive 42 seconds -
Ambassador Kerrash managed to take the lead with 39 seconds -
Titus Balls landed in what looked like an unbeatable 37 seconds -
Then rednaxel04 swooped in with 33 seconds -
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That’s it for newsletter #46 - thank you for reading and supporting the development of Elite: Dangerous.

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