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Hello Commander,
Welcome to Elite Dangerous Newsletter #111.

This week, we're taking a look at some of the best content to come from the Elite Dangerous community, giving you a sneak peek at some brand new hardpoint concept art, unveiling our CQC Mayhem plans, checking in with the latest GalNet news and much more.

As always, you can hear the latest news and updates directly from the development team on our Forums, TwitterFacebook, Community Homepageand right here in the newsletter every week, and we're always eager to hear your feedback. 

And remember, you can pick up the Elite Dangerous: Horizons Season Pass for £24.99, €33.99 or $37.99.

Contents This Week

Horizons Highlights

Whether you're discovering Barnacles for yourself for the first time, exploring real-sized planet surfaces, flying to Sagittarius A*, or simply looking to turn an honest or dishonest profit, the glorious Elite Dangerous galaxy is your oyster.

This week, CMDR AbsolutePK wanted to show us the beauty of this single system nebula.

The planet surface reacts to a nebula's glow in this fantastic screenshot taken by Anubite. 
The Distant Worlds Expedition continues to turn out some of the most amazing footage we've seen from the Elite Dangerous community, including the following video taken by Shab00ka. His Distant Worlds series is a beautifully-paced mysterious affair and you should definitely check it out.

Click the image below to see the latest episode in the series.
Raj Matheo on Reddit posted a link to his favourite Elite Dangerous: Horizons phone wallpaper backgrounds. Have a look through the full collection here, and take Elite Dangerous with you wherever you go. 
Pick up the Elite Dangerous: Horizons Season Pass for £24.99, €33.99 or $37.99.

Sneak Peek

In this week’s Dev Update, Michael Brookes referred to the some new hardpoints coming as part of the Engineers 2.1 update for Elite Dangerous: Horizons. The concept images below give you an idea of how two of the new hardpoints will look in-game. These hardpoints will pack a punch and add even more variety to your outfitting experience.
Large Multi-cannon front view and rear
Huge Multi-cannon firing example, side view, front and rear

CQC Mayhem

Some of you may remember the action-packed schedule of events we ran last year called Mayhem. Because it was such a huge success, with so many streamers and community groups taking part, we've decided to do it again! 

CQC Mayhem will run for four weeks, beginning on Tuesday February 16 and ending on Tuesday March 15 . Take part in intense PVP action in custom-built arenas set within the Elite Dangerous galaxy. Equip a unique loadout on your craft and earn XP to unlock new weapons, modules and abilities. Simply select Start and then CQC from the main menu in Elite Dangerous or Elite Dangerous: Horizons to get started.

Check back on this page next week when we will release the CQC Mayhem schedule. We'll also put the full schedule in next week's newsletter. This time we're putting a focus on CQC, and we need your help making it the biggest schedule of Elite Dangerous events yet! Send your CQC event and stream submissions to with the subject title 'CQC Mayhem'. You can submit as many or as few streams/events as you want between the dates listed above. Just let us know the details of your events and we'll add you to the schedule.

Not only will you feature on our schedule alongside the amazing Elite Dangerous community and our official streams, but your event will also be promoted on our official social media pages. Get in touch to find out more about some of the incentives we're offering to get people involved. 

We're kicking things off on Tuesday night at 6PM GMT with the Danger Zone live stream, which you can read more about further down in the newsletter.
Welcome to our weekly roundup of news stories and events in the Elite Dangerous galaxy.
Authorities in the Maia system have reported that Professor Ishmael Palin, the scientist conducting research into the Unknown Artefacts, has disappeared. The professor recently announced plans to set up an independent research outpost on the planet Maia b1ba, but it has now been confirmed that the ship carrying Palin and his team did not reach its destination. A search is underway, but there are currently no clues as to the professor’s whereabouts.
The effort to help the recently liberated Imperial slaves of the LFT 37 system was a rousing success. Hundreds of independent pilots contributed to an appeal to provide the former slaves with water purifiers, thereby giving them access to basic sanitation while they wait for the Empire to terminate their indenture contracts.
The Earth Defence Fleet has announced plans to develop the economy of the Okinura system. In support of the goal, the organisation has devised a two-pronged strategy, placing an open order for polymers with which to upgrade Fisher Terminal, and setting aside privateer bonds for combat pilots who help to eliminate agitators operating in Okinura.
The LHS 2936 Alliance Combine has announced that its recent campaign for osmium has been a success. According to a company spokesperson, the osmium will be used to create specialist alloys with which to improve the organisation's manufacturing facilities, thereby helping the company regain its competitive edge.
From the desk of Executive Producer Michael Brookes:

'Hi everyone,

In this week’s dev update I will continue on from last week’s with more details on the mission changes coming in The Engineers update (2.1). Don’t worry I will be covering other topics in the coming weeks as well!

Last week’s update covered the first of our high level goals – personalisation and this week I’ll cover the second with progression. Progression within a game can mean many different things, but in this case those aspects combine into telling your narrative while playing the game. Situations change and the game reflects those changes to you. Now we do quite a lot of these already, but we can improve the way we communicate these. And as with personalisation there is quite a bit of overlap in the details of achieving our aims for the update.

Currently there are five levels of reputation with a minor faction (Hated, Disliked, Neutral, Liked, Allied) and we’re adding an extra level on the positive side for a smoother, but also longer transition from working up from neutral. This should be a journey and rewarded accordingly, not only with the various in-game rewards, but also within the narrative of the experience by highlighting events like increasing your reputation level.

The mission givers will provide a sense of progression so that as you improve (or damage) your relationship with the faction your worth to the organisation is reflected in who you deal with. The ranks and tone of these mission givers in turn is coloured by the type of organisation they represent and feeds into their character portraits as well.

The mission board in station services replaces the old bulletin board, while some of the information remains the same, we’re working to make things much clearer and to present them in a fashion which highlights their importance to the minor faction. There are a number of specifics here which will be covered in next week’s topic about variety, but some also apply to progression. One example is what missions are available. This is supported in-game already, but where possible we want to ensure that the reasons the mission isn’t accessible is communicated correctly so that players know what to do to gain access to the mission, or another of its type later on.

This aspect also matters for the other end of the mission flow, so when a mission is completed or failed. In particular the mission giver will communicate what effects the mission ending has on their organisation. At the moment this is more opaque than we’d like and so player’s aren’t necessarily aware of the results their actions have. This aspect features heavily within the consequences goal.

Traditional gameplay progression usually corresponds with the difficulty of available activity increasing in line with developing skill with the game. This allows for an escalating sense of challenge being available as you develop the relationship with the minor faction, but also with other entities in the game. So missions requiring higher Pilots Federation ratings should also require extra effort to complete, but also providing appropriate rewards.

The final key aspect for progression is the communication within the mission itself. We’re expanding the functionality of the inbox so that messages will persist, so important or interesting messages do not get lost. This allows us to highlight the different stages in the mission more effectively and so creating a richer experience with it.

Last week I mentioned that we had some more huge weapons coming, but without providing any details, so we have huge beam and pulse laser and multi-cannons being added. There will also be a new large multi-cannon.



Educating Ed Episode 12 - The Hammers of Slough

On next week's episode of Educating Ed, the Galactic Intern will join the fun-loving events group, the Hammers of Slough.

Guided by BBC presenter, Hammers of Slough founder, and Elite Dangerous author, Kate Russell, the Galactic Intern will be turned into a Sidewinder Sports Star for the day. The intern will take part in some of the community's favourite events, including Slot my Sidewinder, Hungry Hungry Haulers and Deadly Station Dash. 

Kate and the Intern will also be joined by streamers
Bubblemap Gaming, Natswright and Pleijpje.

It's sure to be a high-spirited affair, so make sure you join us on our official YouTube channel at 19:00 GMT on Thursday February 18.

The Danger Zone Episode 7 - It's The Taking Part That Counts

For next week's episode of The Danger Zone, we'll be starting things early and changing up the format a little bit.

We'll be streaming for three hours from 6PM GMT on Tuesday evening, inviting a variety of developer guests in to take part in a mini-internal tournament. We'll be recording how many kills each developer gets during their 30 minute stint against members of the community, and then announcing a winner at the end of the stream.

As usual, we have prizes for those that take part, and maybe some other little suprise giveaways on the night too! We'll have two games running at once, so make sure you join us on our official YouTube channel at 18:00 GMT on Tuesday February 16 and get involved!

Community Goals Update

Greetings, Commanders, and welcome to this week’s community goals blog. If you’re looking for a goal, the breakdown below should help:

Economy upgrade in Okinura:
Fisher Terminal, Okinura system – Deliver Polymers to Fisher Terminal in the Okinura system to support the improvements to the system’s economy.

Clear the spaceways in Okinura:
Fisher Terminal, Okinura system – Protect traders by handing in Bounty Vouchers to Fisher Terminal in the Okinura system.

Following recent reports that the Earth Defence Fleet, a Federation-aligned faction, had assumed control of the Okinura system, the organisation has announced plans to develop the system’s economy. In a statement, a spokesperson for the organisation said:

“Okinura has been marked for development due to its strategically significant position between the systems of Federal President Zachary Hudson and Shadow President Felicia Winters. By transforming Okinura into a high-tech system we hope to create a valuable trading hub and give a boost to the wider Federal economy.”

In support of this goal, the Earth Defence Fleet has devised a two-pronged strategy, placing an open order for polymers with which to upgrade Fisher Terminal, and setting aside privateer bonds for combat pilots who help to eliminate agitators operating in Okinura.

The initiative begins today and will run for one week.

Fly safe out in the black, Commanders!

Comms Chatter

Commander Araen of SSL Interstellar posted this really cool image of the Hungarian group's leader.

DJDeeJay231 on the EliteDangerous subreddit noticed something about his commander's feet... Toe shoes ARE the shoes of the future!

Commander NotOnlyHere shared this stylish video!

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Until next time, fly safe and Right On, Commander.

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