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Hi Commander,

Welcome to Elite: Dangerous Newsletter #26!

What a fantastic first week of the Premium Beta stage. We were overwhelmed by the response we had from you all and the support and help our Alpha backers have continued to give us and now, with the addition of another 10,000 Premium Beta players, this really is a collaborative effort.

This week we have been preparing for the E3 conference in LA where the eyes of the world’s media will be on us and we have a chance to demo Elite: Dangerous to games journalists.

David Braben has also been busy answering your questions in a live chat on our forums and has picked some of his favourite questions.

Contents this week

Peek of the Week

''A new sighting - what could it be?'
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Next week were are attending the E3 conference in Los Angeles.

David Braben, Adam Woods, Producer on Elite: Dangerous and the team will be there to demo all the features of Premium Beta to games journalists from all around the world. We will have the game set up on a number of PCs and a couple of them will be set up to show Elite: Dangerous with Oculus Rift headsets. Feel free to drop in if you're at E3.

Our meeting room is in the West Hall - 501B and we will be tweeting and posting updates and pictures throughout the show so follow us on Twitter, #MR501B, Instagram, Facebook - it will feel like you are there with us!

Following our competition on the forums, we are also very pleased to have Elite Ambassadors, Robin Barnard aka. Dr. Wookie on the forums, Gwen Beale and Jon Virgo, aka. Kerrash joining us. Who better to demo the game than backers who have been playing it avidly since the Alpha started.  

Alpha backer Gwen Beale, who made the amazing Cobra Mk III model we featured in Newsletter 21 will actually be bringing her model to the show to be featured in our demo area.
David will also be interviewed live on stage by Gamespot who will be streaming the interview on their site and through Twitch – You will be able to tune in at 11am LA time which is 7pm in the UK on Thurs 12th June and follow the stream.
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Comms Chatter

As always we love to see your videos and we particularly like this one from Pablos Fallas which he has taken to fit with the soundtrack “shade” by Feeder. Keep them coming in!
Mike Wattrodt shared his let’s jump video which has a great three screen set up – we’d love to see more of your home PC setups and how you are best enjoying playing Elite: Dangerous.
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Mostly Harmless Questions

Yesterday at 3pm BST, David Braben took part in a Q&A session on our forums where we had some fantastic questions asked.

Below are a few questions taken from the thread;

Sloma - "Hi David I hope to see you soon on Twitch answering questions, anyway I have a question: Are you focused atm on Federal / Independent side? Why are we not seeing any Imperial ship designs or any content related to Imperial faction?"
  • The area of space we chose happens to be a long way from Imperial space, hence the focus of PB1 etc. We have Imperial content too (as in the 'Damocles' video and the Imperial cruiser and Imperial fighters), but that will come as we open up space.

Colonel Kenney - "One interesting question I have. Much of the galaxy will take us a very long time to get to. Are there any plans of implementing any sort of "shortcuts" to different parts of the galaxy such as wormholes? Like something extremely rare but there are some hidden around for us to discover etc? Like how can we explore the center of the galaxy if it would take a year of gameplay to get there etc?"
  • No, we're not planning to implement shortcuts. For me, one of the attractions is it IS a big achievement to travel a long distance. I like the idea of the occasional meeting of a player far far out in the galaxy as a chance encounter. We do plan to seed things of interest out there too.

Brodie - "Has any (more) thought been put into Crafting within Elite Dangerous?
I'd love to mine the required resources and then deposit it them into a rented factory along with a blueprint and make my own missiles etc"
  • There is already a sort of crafting loop in Premium Beta 1 - for example coltan is mined, then taken to be refined into tantalum, then turned into high-tech goods. Down the line mining machines (as featured in Frontier) and similar elements will be introduced, but that will most likely be after the first release.

Last but not least, one very important question that came from various forum members;

"Can I be found in the Premium Beta, and what is my commander name?"
  • My commander name is Commander Braben, and yes - I am there from time to time.

The summarised version of the thread can be found in this here and you can also have a look through the full discussion thread.
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That’s it for newsletter #26 - thank you again for reading and supporting the development of Elite: Dangerous so far!

If you are new to the newsletters you can read all our previous newsletters here.

As always if there is anything in particular that you’d like to hear more about, or ask a question, then please contact us at

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