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Hello, Commander,
Welcome to Elite: Dangerous Newsletter #76.

This week we're looking ahead to Powerplay and to E3. Powerplay will be available to beta players on Tuesday, May 26 and Executive Producer Mike Brookes has more details in his Developer Update below.

The beta galaxy will have the usual cut-price ships and equipment for testing purposes, and to thoroughly test the update we're accelerating Powerplay's phases of action. You'll find the Powers acting more quickly than they will in the final game, so we're encouraging backers with beta access to dive in and start reshaping the temporary beta galaxy as soon as it's available.

Read on for more about E3, the winner of our Ctrl+Alt+Space film competition and an exclusive peek at the Lakon Diamondback in game.

As always, you can hear the latest news and updates directly from the development team on our
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Contents This Week

Frontier @ E3 2015

The biggest videogame show of the year is less than a month away and Frontier will be in attendance with player Ambassadors Kerrash, Anderson DeGrear, Rezri and Malkir who will be helping us showcase Elite: Dangerous to the tens of thousands of journalists, YouTubers, streamers and bloggers in attendance.
E3 2014, credit to the ESA
It's a busy week for Frontier's entire team. We'll have lots on show at our booth in the Los Angeles Convention Center, and we're proud to announce we'll be appearing at E3's first ever PC Gaming Show where we'll be revealing our next original self-published title. 

Don't worry if you can't make it to the show. We'll be bringing Frontier's E3 to you on our social media channels and in the newsletter starting the week of June 15.

Elite: Dangerous Merchandise Sale

It's another extended British bank holiday weekend, so we're celebrating again by offering up to 60 percent off selected merchandise at the store. We have mugs, T-shirts and hoodies available in our sale right now, but stocks are limited so order today!

Newsletter Peek Of The Week

The new Lakon Diamondback in flight and docked, available in the Powerplay update.
From the desk of Elite: Dangerous Executive Producer Michael Brookes...

"I know you are all waiting patiently for the Powerplay beta to start and I can confirm that we’ll release the beta on Tuesday 26th May. As I’ve previously mentioned the update is huge and affects all aspects of the game, so we’ll continue working through the bank holiday to prepare for Tuesday’s release. Considering the scale of changes we’re calling on everyone who has beta access to make sure they dive in and help test this update.

Following up on a few of the items from previous updates I can also confirm that the extra time means that the collision law changes I talked about last week will be included in the Powerplay update. In another follow up our customer service team now have some additional tools to help tackle cheating. This week people have been banned for cheating at community goals and for account trading. One person was also banned for spamming the game servers with a vast number of spurious requests. Thanks for all of your feedback on this issue and please continue to report any incidents that you encounter.

The trial for community driven translations for Spanish has started and thanks to everyone who is getting involved with this. Assuming that it goes well then we will be looking to expand this to other languages. Translations for the currently supported languages will be updated and incorporating much of the feedback we have received.

I can reveal some more changes that will be in the Powerplay update, the first of which are the new notifications when you are promoted to the next rank in the Pilots Federation – although I had to reset my save to test that one! Mining values on asteroids are now stored on a Commander basis so you cannot mine a mined out resource. And for a different type of mining – mines will now do Thermic as well as explosive damage and so making them a bit more effective.

As with all of our updates there’s a considerable number of fixes and tweaks including some stability fixes for the Mac and PC versions. The black hole effect was missing in certain systems - this has now been fixed. The docking computer will now work at outposts. We’ve also made shields persist into supercruise so you can no longer gain an instant recharge by skipping into supercruise and then back into the fight.

Finally, as a sneak peek on one of the two new ships, the base Imperial Courier is a reasonably quick ship (Speed 277) with a modest jump distance of 7.81 light years. It costs just over twice as much as the Lakon Type 6. It has three medium hardpoints with 4 utility hardpoints and as standard 12 tonnes cargo capacity."

Ctrl+Alt+Space Film Winner

Last month we threw our first film competition, challenging our amazing YouTube community to make a short movie using a piece of carefully selected Elite: Dangerous music. Last week, we turned to you to pick the best.

The polls are now closed and the votes have been counted. Thanks again to everyone who entered and to everyone who voted; the response has been incredible and the votes were closely matched. Keep your eye on
this forum post next week where we'll be uploading a longer list of submissions so you can see some of our other favourites and staff picks.
But for today, we're excited to announce the community-chosen winner, and recipient of the first ever Elite: Dangerous Community Award as well as a host of other goodies, is leokeiangelos with Rangers of Florin. Full results are here, and we'll be in touch with our winner via email soon.

Comms Chatter

Taking a break from his usual high-octane activities, Isinona tries his hand at one of the more peaceful Elite: Dangerous pastimes – trading
Magazines, adverts and art - Redditor Jackie McMackie explores how pop culture might look in the Elite: Dangerous galaxy.
CMDR 70g50 on Reddit made this stylish wallpaper of his ship of choice, the Faulcon DeLacy Python.
And finally, do you catch yourself thinking about playing Elite: Dangerous when you’re away from home or at work? Radio Sidewinder might be able to help scratch that itch. Radio Sidewinder is a free, 24 hour, fan-run radio station, with music, jingles, Elite: Dangerous-themed ads, and much more.
Senator Kahina Tijani Loren, currently residing as a guest on Capitol at the request of Chancellor Blaine, remains completely ambivalent to inquiries into her intentions. She has airily dismissed questions regarding her purpose and continues to ignore requests from the press. Now there appears to be another name in the frame. Cuthrick Delaney, ambassador to the Prism system, has had a long and varied career within the Empire, first coming to prominence during the events which ended the dictatorship of Dr. Walden on the Old World planet of Lave. He has been seen in conversation with Kahina on many occasions.

As further allegedly alien artefacts from Soontill are being sold on the open market, the results of the initial scientific tests have been revealed. “We were looking for key markers,” explains Chief Xeno-Chemist Lyran Betar. “Elemental make up, crystalline structure, anything that indicates it could have originated from human hand.” The research team’s results state that no known human technology could have created the relics, yet they do not quite align with known Thargoid materials. Whatever they are, they are indeed very old, with isotopic dating indicating that they could well be tens of thousands of years old.

Over the last week, Imperial forces loyal to Senator Patreus continued their assault on Quivira, and due to their efforts, Quivira Electronics Plc was finally able to secure control over Godel Dock early on Monday afternoon.

The war-torn region of Quivira has finally settled into an uneasy peace, following an intense period of fighting which saw hundreds of thousands dead and several billion credits worth of damage done to the local economy.

Over the course of the weekend hundreds of tons of Bio-Waste were dumped in and around stations in 78 Ursae Majoris. This system is currently undergoing preparations for President Halsey's arrival as part of her planned grand tour. A group calling themselves 'The Canonn' claims responsibility for this act. An anonymous spokesperson told GalNet that they are "a movement of like-minded Commanders seeking the truth about the recently discovered 'Unknown Artefacts'." They state that they are "prepared to use whatever levers are at their disposal to increase the political pressure on the Federal government to force them to come clean." The spokesperson echoed growing fears that the artefacts could be some new weapon of mass destruction.
That’s it for Newsletter #76. As always, if there's anything in particular that you’d like to hear more about, or if you'd like to ask a question, then please contact us at

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Until next time, fly safe and Right On, Commander.

The Frontier Team
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